Two cases start in the Criminal Court in Bangkok tomorrow
(Monday) in which three expats are accused of plotting a massive internet
campaign against an investigative journalist to cover up their own activities
in Thailand.

Facing libel and Computer Crime charges are Brian Gerald
James Goudie (Goldie),
48, from Falkirk, Scotland, Drew Walter Noyes, from New
England, USA, and David John Hanks, from Girvan, Scotland, who, it is alleged re-invented themselves in Thailand.
Goudie and Noyes are also accused in a separate case in Bangkok Criminal
Court of conducting a campaign against Alastair Cooper, a UK oilman, and supporter
of journalist Andrew Drummond who has conducted investigations spotlighting
these men’s alleged activities in Thailand. 
Among the alleged libels against against Cooper are that he was a drugs
supplier and that he was a bar in Thailand when he should have been offshore.

In a separate civil case Cooper is suing hanks for 5 million baht for suggesting that he plotted to kill Hillary Clinton.  Goudie  produced a photo on his website of Officer Jason Trumbower, of the Florida State University Police,  with President Clinton stating that Trumbower (Hanks’ son son law a Florida University cop) had alerted US Marshals and the ‘Secret Service’ about Cooper.

Noyes and Boonsu

Currently Drew Walter Noyes, 59, former publisher of the notorious
Pattaya Times*
, and his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu, former editor, are on
bail of 200,000 baht charges with the attempted extortion of the Thonglor
Clinic, Jomtien. 

They are also defending a civil case for allegedly cheating a
Dutch national out of 2.5 million baht.
Drew Noyes was exposed in the Morning Star in Wilmington, NC, in 1996, as a man with a history of fraud, abuse of women, and dodgy property and share dealing, but he arrived in Pattaya claiming he was a lawyer, and investment broker who had been summonsed to help Thailand out of the Asian Financial crisis ‘by Royal Proclamation’
Brian Goudie, 48, is currently on bail of 400,000 baht for
allegedly cheating a 75-year-old woman out of US$300,000 baht. 
Under the name
Brian Goldie he had previously been sentenced to 6 years in jail in Australia
for stealing AUS$400,000 plus from his employers.
A former bank clerk he arrived in Thailand re-inventing himself as a British barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines and started up a controversial law company Alba Laws, which is also charged along with its Thai managing director.
David John Hanks,66, is the former licensee of ‘Masquerades’
brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne. Two years ago he sold his business to Chinese and says he has formed a company, registered
to the office of Drew Noyes’ One Stop Service Center, to repair furniture. However he has been active in Pattaya attempting to start up a business called ‘Cupid’s which does not appear to repair furniture.
It is alleged that Noyes and Goudie set up a series of
internet web sites including andrewdummondwatch.blogspot.com, pattaya-times.com,
meninsuitsandinfluential people.com, to impersonate or discredit British
journalist Andrew Drummond, suggesting he was a fraud and had no right to
practice journalism in Thailand.
Ally Cooper

Andrew Drummond  has worked for the News of the World (Scottish
Bureau Chief and Investigations, London), Mail on Sunday, News,  Observer (Foreign Correspondent and co-founder
of the Observer Film Company) Evening Standard (Foreign Correspondent)  Times (Foreign Correspondent)  Fox TV New York, ‘The Reporters’ and ‘A Current Affair’(Field Producer). He holds the Maurice Ludmer Memorial Award for ‘Investigations into Racism and Fascism’.

Officer Trumblower setting the Secret Service on to Ally Cooper

Drummond has also made several full feature international documentary
investigations including: ‘Burma’s Forgotten War; (BBC Everyman) written by; ‘No Man Wants
to Die (Channel 4), Investigation by; ‘Lord of the Golden Triangle’ Investigation by (Observer Films for ITV UK /ABC
Four Corners (Australia) Investigation by; The ‘Sex Slave Trade’ C4 Dispatches (Thailand Investigation by)

For the last 20 years he has worked in South East Asia
filing mainly to the British press and tv from Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia,
Singapore, Philippines, Korea, China, Japan, Fiji and also Australia.
He is the registered correspondent of the ‘London Evening Standard’.

Drummond said: “As a journalist I am against restrictive libel laws but I have no choice but to take action in the face of a deliberate campaign to deprive me of funds and the ability to work as a journalist. I think I can say on behalf of Ally Cooper that he also will not be intimidated.”

 *The Pattaya Times carried stories that Drew Noyes had found the cure for AIDS, had found a solution to the Gulf of Mexico Gulf spill, and even exposed one of its own reporters for overstaying his visa.

Comment: Google Search of Andrew Drummond and Bangkok. By frantically distorting Google (which Google says cannot be done) many of the anti-Drummond sites come at the top of the list. After this site itself comes andrew-drummond.watch.blogspot, Pattaya Times, onestopservices, and noyeswatcher, myriadofflies. 


    1. Noisey will turn up for sure, his FB page has become a large gallery about the influential people he's been photographed with. He's also won a medal for service to Thai society, love to know what that service was?

  1. All you've ever done is publish stories and facts about these people warning the public they are not the people they claim to be. I've seen some of these fake sites and on one they are clearly attempting to set you up on Lese Majeste charges. That is nothing short of despicable.

    Both Noyes and Goldie are shameless liars and frauds. Their resume's alone prove that. Then we have the numerous cases we have all followed where they have swindled people. Their pathetic and transparent attempts to set Andrew up only prove what devious vermin they truly are.

    It would be interesting to ask their families or childhood friends what went wrong with these guys lives to turn them into such pathetic deviants. Noyes in particular seems totally incapable of admitting he has done anything wrong and he seems to truly believe he hasn't. Brian on the other hand does seem to know he is wrong and appears quite proud of it. He thinks he is some sort of criminal mastermind and jail-house lawyer. They are both just two-bit conmen who carefully choose their victims.

    P.S Just got a news clip on my facebook page. The driver of that ten wheeler featured in the story a few days back has been arrested and charged with attempting to kill the other guy in the pick-up. He was in cuffs and they said he faced up to 3 years and a 6000 baht fine. That incident happened in December and the cops traced his rego from the film clip so those cameras can come in handy.

  2. I'm wondering if the "Three Stooges" will be able to find a lawyer to represent them. Apparently Noisy and Goldie have had problems in the past with their lawyers wanting to be associated with them.

    For Goudie and Hanks I'm guessing it will be a cash up front deal, but I'm doubting Noyes is going to get his ex "wife" to foot the bill for these series of trials as she's not involved.

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