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People in court held back their titters but even the judge managed a smile as angry American Drew Noyes disowned what was claimed to be his mobile phone and number and said it belonged to staff and everybody used it.

Noyes, incidentally who has put up a website saying the author of this site has been sent to jail, was answering, or in the main not answering, questions about malicious sms messages sent to an English language teacher.

He sent messages asking for everything  he knew on British journalist Andrew Drummond and ‘his ‘conspiracies to defame people’, at which point he might consider withdrawing libel charges against the teacher whom, he said, ‘only because you are married’.


Noyes said the telephone number was not his or rather belonged to One Stop Service Center and every member of staff used it. The controversial message was sent after 11 pm

There then followed a debate as to whether he was the boss of ‘One Stop Service Center’ which he also appeared to deny to Pattaya Provincial Court.

Drew Noyes, boss of the now defunct Pattaya Times, admitted that he did not actually know the English teacher but the messages must have been sent by a member of his staff. His staff are obviously very diligent as this message was sent after 11 at night.

He was then asked well if he did not know the English teacher how did expect any members of his staff to know him?  No reply.

The Pattaya cases are historic. 11 out of 12 cases from Noyes and
associates have been defeated. The lost case is on appeal. The Samui cases
 have yet to be accepted. But a Noyes case against Ally Cooper
has been thrown out.

Noyes,59, a controversial American. who was exposed by the Morning Star in North Carolina for being involved in fraud, abuse of women, and bogus property dealing long before he came to Thailand, is suing a Bangkok English language teacher, who he claims was the owner of the internet forum SubZeroSiam, for libel and libel under the Computer Crime Act.

He claims a photo-shopped picture depicting himself and Scot Brian Goudie wearing leather pouches and little else in a gay parade, had ruined his reputation and business.  He was heterosexual.

Noyes – seething

The teacher denies being the owner of the website subzerosiam. And in fact the copy attached to the picture did not support the assertion that Noyes was gay if indeed that is a libel.

Noyes is notorious also for sending out malicious round robins using his email but in an earlier case brought by Andre Machielsen he also denied messages sent on that email saying also ‘Anybody in my office could have sent it’

Footnotes” If I were the judge I would have asked Noyes to bring out his phones put them on his counsel’s desk and press speaker ‘on’. – and then ring them. Noyes carries two mobile phones. The one in question usually goes to voice mail after which he will or will not call back the caller.

The lower courts in Thailand unguided appear to be getting closer and closer to making judgments on websites and now possibly newspapers based abroad. The SubZeroSiam site is an English language site which was registered and hosted in the United States, and which used to deliver to an English speaking audience.

The controversial ‘gay’ picture above is obviously photo-shopped and clearly taking the rise out of Drew Noyes (if that is the appropriate word). Nobody seeing it would believe he and Goudie actually took part in this gay parade together or indeed were gay. 

My interpretation, which may be wrong, is that the creator of the picture was saying that these guys are ‘ all fur coat and nae knickers’ or in English ‘all mouth and no trousers’.

The author of this website is also being sued by Drew Noyes for the same libel even though it was in a news story breaking the news that alleged boss of subzerosiam was being sued. That trial begins on April 21st.

But his cohort, former Melbourne brothel licensee David Hanks is suing Andrew Drummond on a case built mainly on a report in the Scottish-Sun. The question of course is are the Thai courts going to accept cases against articles in foreign newspapers which can be seen in Thailand. They really have not worked this one out.


  1. What with Goudie claiming lewd photos he took of his ex girlfriend were stolen by persons unknown then posted on the web by persons unknown and Goudie's latest claim that his email has been hacked – the defence of someone else is using my mobile/email/internet services and posting stuff in my names is becoming a regular line of defence.

    I wonder how many of Noyse's staff can actually string a coherent sentence together in English?

    Let alone include information which only Noyse could have been party too.

    Keep up the good work Andrew. Almost 430,000 views of this site – Drew Noyse dreams of wide circulation are coming true…. and the big stories are not in yet!

  2. What I don't understand is how someone being alleged to be a homosexual could be considered a blow to their public image or affect their business.

    This is Thailand, where the gay community is treated with acceptance and inclusiveness. There are gay anti-government activists that have challenged the might of the Western media as well as popular gay figures that are known and respected throughout Thai society.

    I've met openly gay teachers, both Thai and farang. If homosexuals are respected enough to educate Thailand's youth, then I'm guessing the courts wouldn't see being gay as detrimental to being a business owner.

    What I'm looking forward to hearing Noisy explain is how being alleged to be gay is demeaning in the enlightened Thai society today and the details of how his business has been adversely affected.

  3. It don't matter!! The more the judges are seeing Noye's mug in court, the more and more they will be inclined to get shot of him when they have the chance! The courthouse cat may indeed be rehomed soon, even if it is only for 2 nights like Goudie… I really hope sentencing is scheduled for the day before songkran holidays now that would be nice!

  4. I must say it is both disturbing and amusing to receive a "Noisy rant". I've had several over the years. Unfortunately he's now blocked me from all forms of messaging and chat…..mores the shame.
    Miss ya Drew, come on…..unblock me…lets chat!

  5. I see that OneStopLegalServices is now an official sponsor of Thaivisa and soliciting threads for new suckers – as recently as yesterday.

    Do the owners of Thaivisa simply not know or do they have no scruples?

    1. They don't allow you to unsubscribe from that site so people who joined up ten years ago or people who've joined under many names are included in their membership numbers.

      Every forum section has about one dozen or so regular malcontent's who hate everything about living in Thailand and never ever miss an opportunity to tell us about it.

    2. Time for exposé of the unprincipled characters milking TV for every baht…

      To promote such a controversial law firm shows what they think of their readers. And no, I don't have an account there.

    3. What I mean is that he is actively soliciting right now by participating in current threads. See here:

      The profile view for OneStopLegalServices on the forum shows them as having joined as a Thaivisa sponsor only in October last year.

      The guy that apparently has trouble finding a lawyer to represent himself in his own criminal trial still has the gall to present himself on a public forum as an expert on Thai law and charge large fees for legal services.

      I find it impossible to believe that none of the several dozen admins/moderators at Thaivisa have read this site and since they receive money from their sponsors they are at least partly complicit in the scams, cheating and stealing.

    4. He even has his name on the email to contact. Check out post # 10, " Something fishy with One Stop Legal.."
      Inexcusable Thai Visa, really beyond any kind of ethical behavior. Please, someone include them in a lawsuit for facilitating his attorney claims

      Another offensive feature lately on TV is adolescent models on the dating ads- " Try it now " ….Latest " it" looks to be about 12 yo.

    5. Appears some TV users are on to him. Here's a post that hasn't been deleted . . . yet.

      Posted Yesterday,

      And, despite all the proven allegations against him, and the audacity of obscene fee schedules, guess who advertizes right here on TV regularly?


  6. ## We charge a small base fee and get 20% of what we collect.

    He charges a fee PLUS 20% of the assets returned. Good luck getting anything back from Noyes. If they're letting Noyes give advice and post on their site it shows what they really think of their members.

    1. Does this mean he will be at all the yearly parties now ?

      He must have paid George a pile to have him work for him, deleting all the bad stuff to allow the good impression to stay afloat….quite sad really.

      And the Mods support it also…just goes to show once employed by TV…albeit for free, your morals and standards take a massive dive south.

    2. Drew is always 'tagging' George and others, including the guy who runs Pattaya addicts' in his Facebook posts. I suspect they tolerate him as long as drew doesn't threaten their interests.

      Question for a lawyer would be where does TV stand once somebody ends up angry and out of pocket after clicking on Drew's Ad. Given the idiosyncratic ways of Thai justice can TV also be sued?

    3. Thai Visa has a duty of care in relation to advertising that is exhibited on it site, directly or through third party providers, if they knowingly advertised a service or product that was defective, illegal or in breach of Thailands consumer or criminal laws they could be held liable.

  7. Somebody needs to hack into Drew and Brian's heads to find out what twisted version of reality they are living in. Unlike ET these two reprobates won't go home.

    P.S Check out my new profile picture featuring Brian.

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