Most readers of this site will be aware of Alan Hall the former ‘independent financial adviser’ – and I use that expression loosely,  based in Chiang Mai. But here’s another warning for Expats perhaps in other countries.

Beware of this ‘UK Expat Pensions’.
This is Alan Hall’s website and of course back home up t’north he is back to his old trade – well because being an independent financial adviser brings in pretty good earnings, and you never get to lose yourself  unless you put your cash in the same places where you put your customers.

Alan Hall took a lot of customers down in Thailand before packing his bags.

Alan Hall (pictured left)

So if you are thinking of sending money the way of UK Expat Pensions – Google Alan Hall and Thailand first.

He is now operating out of Nelson, Lancashire and rent a place in this business park.


  1. Run Alan Run, with your tail between your wee legs or better yet, get ready for the Rugby Match of your life. Like your beer do you?

    Folks of your ilk rarely change your Zebra Stripes eh?

    There are also a few ragged-toothed Lions lurking about in hunting mode – broke – but salivating for fresh meat..

    Happy, happy hunting

    1. Yes, Lawrence, it was – but it's now up and running again as per several weeks ago, as is its sister site, Tower Pensions. Neither seem to be registered with Companies House, nor, (of course), with the UK financial authority. Obviously, the websites are aiming at the huge number of new retirees who are now allowed to take all their pensions in cash rather than be forced to buy an annuity. Many in this category are expected to consider emigrating.

      In the UK, official warnings are being issued against falling for the same crap which hit expat investors in South East Asia and other favourite retirement destinations. It's a bomb waiting to explode.

    2. Like a weed Mimi, this Vermin has to be pulled up completely from the Roots, else the rat tail will reform anew. These guys are carrying on with impunity at the moment – rightfully guessing that their scam hasn't gone viral – so there are many, many more "suckers' for them to prey on as this is written.

      They are cognizant of that, as they sit in the locals swilling stale beer, whilst exacerbating beer bellies and ridiculing the "suckers" that they misled. They are biting the hand that feeds, over and over and over and over again.

      Tick, Tick, Tick.. as their blood pressure slowly rises to 145 over 95 and up..

      Karma Lurks

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