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The 32-year-old Southern Thai man accused of the rape of a 19-year-old Dutch model after her birthday party in a Thai beach resort last year had previously been convicted and jailed for MURDER!

Chumpol Khaonuang, (left) from Koh Phangan, Southern Thailand, was jailed for nine years by a judge at Nakhon Sri Thammarat Provincial Court for stabbing another Thai to death and carrying an offensive weapon when he was 17 years old.
But he got time off and was released early in 2010 and given a conditional discharge.
Khaonuang’s secret past came out in documents presented to the Krabi provincial Court. And they make utter nonsense of attempts by the Royal Thai Police in Krabi to turn the story around and blame it on the the young woman’s behaviour.
Police in Krabi released stills from a CCTV camera purporting to show the young woman hand in hand with the Chumpol.  This came after the father produced a music video on the net called ‘Evil Man from Krabi’ which went viral.
But equally controversial was a statement from the Tourism Minister Chumphol Silapa-archa, who was reported in the Nation newspaper in Bangkok as saying the incident at the end of July last year could not be considered rape.
And the reason he gave for making that statement was that Police Major General Loi Inghaphairoj stated:

 “The woman had dinner with the Thai suspect and a foreign man. Later she told the foreign man to return to the hotel before heading off with the suspect.”

Above – The prosecutors statement
The case against Chumpol Khaonuang was originally listed for next year, but after representations, believed to have included  request from the Dutch Embassy, was moved forward and was scheduled to begin today (Friday).
Judging by the prosecutor’s comments (below) the Thai authorities are now taking a more serious attitude towards the rape.

Contacted in Amsterdam last night the father of the Dutch model was furious at the latest revelation. However he actually used terms which I cannot print here.

Above- the original ‘Evil Man from Krabi’ video which had 500,000 plus hits

The follow up video below

Police Rebuttal (in Thai)

Thai Police ‘The Truth’!

Comment: This however has not helped a 20-year-old Scots woman who fled Nakhon Sri Thammarat after she said she was raped in the city. She admitted that she was drunk at the time. Followers of the case might have got the impression that police thought she was fair game as she was comatose.

Finally one Thai view of the ‘Evil Man in Krabi’ video. He thinks the father should be arrested for making the video. Foreigners must follow Thai law. He thinks the father is Australian. And then says if his own daughter was raped in England he would not do a video which would damage tourism and harm the economy. He would leave it to police.  This is a classic case illustrating a massive clash in cultures. He is falsely under the impression that such a video would do damage in the UK (There would be no need to make one) and that the British would defend their country rather than the victim. He uncover his ears and then he will discover Britain’s fiercest critics are the Brits. Its a national pastime. In fact is there was an Olympic Gold for whingeing about one’s own country the  Brits would get it!