Elites Versus The Working Class? The Truth is…………..


As the world’s press continues to portray the current demonstrations in Bangkok as anti-democratic and one between the rich and middle class elites of Bangkok and salt of the earth working people in North East Thailand there are of course other considerations.

Well, one of course is the surfeit of pretty ladies currently demonstrating in Bangkok and also making their fashion statements.

A Facebook page ‘Mob stars‘ is the place to go if reading all those tweets and thousands of wordy opinions in Bangkok by foreigners who have been here anything from five days to five years and may not really know what’s going on – but tell us anyway.

Relax – let the Thais do it their way.

If they want to eat at Mac’s or find a cheeky little French restaurant convenient for their demo – well why not indeed.  

Meanwhile if you want any chance of getting past the first post, my advice to budding foreign correspondents, is that your first chat up line should not be : ‘Why don’t you want democratic elections?’.

This one is a real passion killer

Just pray to god that in two years there’s still a beach left in Thailand that has not been blocked with a new hotel by a rich politician of any denomination. 

So some Thais, maybe Thai Chinese, copied ‘western democracy’ and then changed the rules.

Why waste energy arguing the point? Let them change the rules again. Look at the, er, functional democratic constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.

Or, er, wait and see what the National Counter Corruption Commission will do, and see if anybody goes down for the rice pledging scheme, possibly one of the biggest cons in recent history.

Solicit the support of the poor farmers, promise them the world for their rice – then don’t pay them. In terms of incompetence and dare I say, probable criminality, this takes some beating. 

Meanwhile Miss PDRC Prajasong you can block my soi anytime.


4 thoughts on “Elites Versus The Working Class? The Truth is…………..

  1. Thaksin is such a blue collar icon. With his private jets, Patek Philippe watches and Louis Vuitton bags and accessories. Who can forget his road trip to Roi Et where he lived with is poorer supporters for 5 minutes. He was photographed wearing an expensive designer towel worth more than the annual wage of most people in Roi Et.

  2. Is the term women a slur or somehow obscene? I am hard pressed to find the word amongst Thai expat dialogues, but at least you've allowed full status adulthood with " ladies". [ sighs]

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