‘Dumb and Dumber’ American ‘has date’ with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

A Pattaya expat, who was sent in to the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien to try and set up the part-owner Dr. Michel Goulet,  has been short listed for a new ‘Dumb and Dumber’ category in Andrew Drummond’s annual awards.

Hanks and Noyes as ‘Dumb and Dumber’

He went to the clinic to seek treatment I guess for an ‘image’ problem – technically his condition is subject to a confidentially agreement – and engaged Dr. Mike in conversation as to what treatment he could receive.

Clearly triumphant with the information he had gathered he then sms’d his boss,  presumably Drew Noyes, with the good news.

“He’s toast!”  the prospective client told whom he believed was his boss thinking he could now prove that Dr. Goulet was dishing out medical advice.

So who did the under-cover sleuth really send the sms too – Dr. Mike Goulet!  The sms has been preserved for posterity.

Actually Dr. Goulet was merely acting as a sales person for his clinic’s services and does not perform any sort of surgery at the clinic.

Drew Noyes has of course been charged with Wanrapa Boonsu with the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic.

Now he is claiming that the 7 and 2.3 million baht demanded was nothing to do with extortion but damages to the face of David Hanks – the former owner of the Masquerades brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne, who checked into the clinic a week or so before Noyes was caught in a police sting.

But never mind. Drew Noyes has announced to his friend Stan Longley that he has a meeting with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra early next year. So all his problems are over.

Who’s toast?

Wrote Stan:

 “The PM’s office staff have been in contact with PAPPA re a letter Drew presented to PM Yingluck when she was first elected. She spoke to Drew and he wrote to her on behalf of foreigners living in Thailand and what changes could be made to make their lives easier. A meeting has been arranged for early next year in Bangkok. And despite a serious health scare a couple of years ago, her brother Thaksin has fully recovered and is fighting fit.”

I’m glad to hear that as Drew Noyes’ ‘Pattaya Times’ reported Thaksin’s death. But in this context who cares whether Thaksin is fighting fit or not?

Actually Stan also informs us: “Drew is friends with all the top people in Pattaya and is personally invited to the Mayor’s birthday at his private residence and many other functions.
Niels and Drew are now friends again, Niels apologised and Drew graciously accepted.”

My recollection is that Noyes had to apologise to Niels Colov.

There must be a connection to Noyes’ ludicrous letter to Prime Minister Yingluck about ‘foreigners rights’ published in the Pattaya Times and on Thai Visa in 2012. The Thaivisa  thread deteriorated and had to close as more and more people were commenting on Drew Noyes rather than the topic in hand.

Of course, er, this meeting with Yingluck may be pure fiction.

Stan also says that when Dutchman Theo van der schaaf employed him and paid him 400,000 plus baht and another 2.5 million to give to his girlfriend so he could get back his house ‘Our staff were left feeling sorry for the woman because of the way Theo, Drummond’s friend, had treated her.”

Hmm. That all makes sense. I guess that’s why Noyes allegedly pocketed the money Theo had given him for his ex girlfriend. He’s so sorry for that he called her a mamasan on his website. Added Stan:

“Drummond, Theo and their lawyers should learn how to read a contract. Clauses 12 and 14 CLEARLY state that if Theo’s bar girlfriend does not agree to mediation, and a criminal or civil cases are required, then there will be additional charges. Drew tried negotiating and the woman concerned didn’t seem mentally stable so therefore further action was required.”

Needless to say – see below – Clause 12 and 14 say no such thing. All extra charges would have to be authorised by the client. In any case Noyes did nothing else except go to his bank.

So be careful out there. If you employ “One Stop Service Center’ or any company connected with Drew Noyes – they could end up working for your opposition!

In the picture above by the way of David Hanks and Drew Noyes with two Army Generals the General on the left (actually they are brothers) when asked said: “Who is Drew Noyes?” – this was on the front page of his Pattaya Times. Noyes was having some down time with them.

LEFT  –  Noyes apologises to Niels Colov

BELOW -The second page of the agreement between van der schaaf and Noyes. Looking at paragraphs 14 and 12 I cannot see Noyes’ get out!.

       P.A.P.P.A has not paid any tax since 2009.

7 thoughts on “‘Dumb and Dumber’ American ‘has date’ with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

  1. How very kind of Drew Noyes to give his friend access to all information regarding his business, court cases, past and personal life.

    I am certain Noyes will have him appear as a character witness anytime soon.

  2. David Hanks might scoop up a few awards this year. He must be a certainty for the 'Keyser Soze criminal mastermind of the year award.' I have him front runner for best 'Henchman or lackey' as well. Stan gets my vote for 'best new character.'

  3. Andrew,

    Perhaps you could clarify, or correct if misquoted, one sentence when Stan is reported as saying "Our staff were left feeling sorry for her….."

    Is this what Stan typed in an email to you?

    Secondly, having referred to PAPPA staff as "ours" has Stan seperatly confirmed he currently works or has worked for P.A.P.P.A. Co. Ltd or associated companies? Is he a satisfied customer, personal buddy of DN or an employee or business associate? Has Stan confirmed his status in this matter?

  4. Yes he referred to 'our staff' – I don't think we need be fooled. Stan says he is a satisifed customer of PAPPA. He does not say what service they provided. If you have read any DN testimonials they all read the same.

  5. Didn't Dre……err Stan say:

    "They [the judges?] have seen through the lies this site produces, spoken to the senior policeman that was eating with Drew at the time of the arrest that was set up by junior police from Bangkok who were mislead by false and defamatory reports and established that it was all a vendetta to attempt to extort money from a successful and popular community leader, Drew Noyes Sr."

    Then why didn't the judges adjourn the case? Maybe Dre….err "Stan" forgets what lies he's spread to whom.

    Andrew, did you ask Drew Noyes if he knew "Stan" while you were at court?

  6. Sorry, the material is too good….

    "Drew is friends with all the top people in Pattaya and is personally invited to the Mayor's birthday."

    Birds of a feather?

    Is he going to MC the party like he's claimed in the past or is he going to be there to tie balloons into animal shapes and give everyone someone to point and laugh at, would you suppose?

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