In a story billed as exclusive the Pattaya One website on the eastern seaboard has announced that the Royal Thai Navy has occupied Pattaya Police station – the busiest on the eastern seaboard – and the Colonel in charge cannot be found following  the Thai military coup.

The whereabouts of the Pattaya Police Chief, Police Colonel Supachai Phuykaewkhum, is currently unknown but he is thought to be somewhere in Bangkok with his wife, Khun Juriporn, who is reported to have close affiliations with the Red Shirt Protesters”. – PattayaOne reports, and Pattaya Trader is also going with the story.

The story also offers the following: Because of the Curfew, journalists were prevented from taking pictures at the Police Station and it is currently unclear if Pattaya Police Officers will work in conjunction with Navy Officers or if the role of policing Pattaya has been completely transferred to the Navy“.

Cue: All the nice girls love a sailor

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For there’s something about a sailor
(Well you know what sailors are!)

I’m hoping PattayaOne knows something I do not.  But it sounds like, because of the curfew the news site does not know anything. (Update: Not so according to boss Howard Miller- see his comment below).

Could Supachai have been one of the 100 or so others summonsed by the military?  Or is PattayaOne really going out on a limb? The story was posted at 12.47 am last night, so maybe I thought some one had found a tavern which was not closed. But the story was still there at 12.47 pm today and PattayaOne boss Howard is a teetotaler.

One thing is for sure is that Supachai is an old Pattaya hand. He was formerly No2 so knows how the system works,  but will be missed by two special people if he goes.

Both of them have regularly beaten a path to his door.

No 1 is #DrewNoyes an American businessman and his Thai wife #WanrapaBoonsu c urrently in the Pattaya Provincial Court charged with extortion, who keep turning up to give him flowers.

And No 2 is #NielsColov, CEO of Pattaya People Media Group, former Danish underworld figure, and group leader of Pattaya Police Volunteers.

Could it just have been Lt. Colonel Supachai’s day off?

Or did he just want to take a break from Kew Gardens?
Or were the Royal Thai Navy just providing guard duty as they have been doing at many police stations in Bangjok – even at the Narcotics Suppression Division where I was this morning?

I called up a couple of English language radio stations down there to see if I could get the report verified.

Silence!  Sometimes coups have their blessings.

On a more serious note there has hardly been a police station that I have been in in the last 12 months, and that is many, that has not had a portrait of Thaksin Shinawatra hanging somewhere or other. I’m wondering how many have been taken down in the last few days.  Pattaya Police station is incidentally one of them.


  1. I can assure you the information is correct Andrew. There was a lot more to this story that I wanted to publish but I was advised not to do so. It's very hard to report on anything here at the moment as there is little cooperation from the Navy but I will keep trying and publish verified information on Pattaya One when available 🙂

    1. Such as you were "advised" not to regarding Drew Noyse's arrest Howard??
      How does it feel been gelded and completely powerless? What's the point in having a "media empire"?

  2. Andrew
    I’m intrigued. Who is the rather aging individual, rotund (overweight) with greying hair, looking quite haggard, wearing the purple shirt with quite extensive “man boobs”?
    The first lady is however HOT….the second lady is defiantly not (HOT).
    Does this individual play any part in Pattaya’s affairs or even Thailand’s.
    Just a question from a curious subscriber……


  3. I love Noyes stalking pictures…. expression on the victims faces are always the same… That's probably why the policeman went to Bangkok – sick to death of Noyes stalking him with flowers. The 4 Million he apparently spent of his own money on the police station was probably for CCTV and an escape chute in-case Noyes turned up again with even more flowers.

  4. A spell of control of the police in Pattaya under the discipline of the neutral armed forces and a clampdown on the 'reputed' rampant corruption there(ahem) I think is a great idea. Well done general.

  5. Now he's sacked the Chief of Police – a Thaksin loyalist of course. The general goes up in my estimation more and more!

  6. As they are also rounding up academics ( B Post May 25, p 3 ) that support repeal of Lese Majeste Laws, I really don't think this is going to be a warm fuzzy coup, a la 2006, no matter if Noyes' ins are out.

    " First they came for the academics…."

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