Flying Sporran’s Weekend Diary (Noyes Update)

Wayward American Drew Noyes is currently in an internet frenzy as he awaits with his ‘Thai wife’ Wanrapa Boonsu the result of his conviction for extortion which is currently at the Thai Appeal Court.

Noyes, who with Boonsu, was sentenced to jail for two years, due in no small part to the assistance of this site. is currently going ape all over Facebook claiming I am on the run for accusing Pattaya businessmen of false crimes.

There is of course nothing false about the crimes of Drew Noyes, who was exposed in the Wilmington Morning Star in North Carolina twenty years ago and has not been able to work in the United States ever since. But who are all these other Pattaya businessmen? – He claims there are 30.

That would maybe about the right figure for Pattaya ‘businessmen’ exposed on this site but I have yet to see any writs. I would have to say Drew Noyes looked like a pretty guilty businessmen when he was arrested for extortion.

He also claims of course he came to Thailand by ‘Royal Proclamation’ and that he was an American lawyer. These myths were dispelled a long time ago – but as an indication of how enraged he is at his exposure one needs to check out his latest post which shows how frenetically he is tapping the keyboards, probably even banging them.

Last night for instance he made 11 edits between 6.54 pm and 7.19 before going out to tell everyone to read of the latest crimes of Andrew Drummond. 

I noticed he decided to delete the 100 crimes of Andrew Drummond and delete the 12 convictions.

However if you read the post he says among other things:

“Drummond was caught posting Trash for Cash by admitting he was paid to defame people by competitors.”

I admitted to Drew Noyes all this? I do not know what it is with this guy at all. He thinks every foreigner came to Thailand for the same bad reasons he did. 

And “Posting on the internet as real news stories altered photos to implicate innocent people of guilt in articles with fake quotes and false accusations.” More than 30 victims have criminal cases against Drummond including some children.”

Kids? Good god are Drew’s kids now queuing up at Pattaya court? If anyone should be doing that it should be the one he had by his wife’s 14-year-old niece.

“US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents as well as Homeland Security in the United States have been but (sic) on notice to detain Drummond before entry snd (sic) to notify Thai police. Thai Airways may provide a flight to return Drummond to Thailand to serve his sentences.”

Well there are no sentences to serve of course but I’m all for a free Thai Airways flight, or even something to increase my air miles.I don’t think Homeland Security are talking to Noyes – but the IRS certainly so.

This is followed by a letter from his former squeeze, Warichaya Pharawech, better known as Nam from the Buffalo Bar –  (The Buffalo bar site is under reconstruction after Noyes claimed his wife was pictured in their gallery of hostesses). She says in Drewspeak:

“Me and another Thai lady and her kids have criminal cases against this liar Andrew Drummond. . We all want the police to catch him. Andrew is a very bad man. He writes lies to hurt people to make him look big. I am a college educated and licensed Thailand Insurance Broker and he calls me a bar girl. Not polite. Not true. Very bad man from England who come to my country to make problems then run away.”

Seems like Noyes is losing control. Nam an educated licensed insurance broker?

Well Drew Noyes did give her a job in his Pattaya Lawyers, One-Stop-Service, One-Stop-Legal Service offices. And she is a more scheming educational step up from his ex-wife who could not even read or write Thai. But this is something of an exaggeration I fear.

 I have not a clue who the other lady is. But Nam is being sued I know.

#DrewNoyes apparently is offering US$5000 for my whereabouts’. For heaven’s sake take the cash first before you tell! You might even get the country right!


  1. "Psychopaths… people who know the differences between right and wrong, but don't give a shit. That's what most of my characters are like." – Elmore Leonard

    1. "..use of a condom…? Condoms have many uses, other than the one for which they are intended, as any soldier will tell you.
      (Keeping dirt out of the muzzle of your rifle; storing water in your bergen etc).
      Not sure what your post means though!

  2. Anyone will do for anybody providing they have the off 1-200,000 I reckon. I like the idea of surrendering to the Thai Embassy in Hanoi or Phnom Penh and asking them for a free ticket.

  3. It must be getting to Drew. A while back, Drew was exposed for ripping off people who thought they were Drew's friends, sexually assaulting his staff after luring them from the Philippines with false promises, for beating up his American wife and spitting in her face and for being close friends with child rapist Brian Wright and Bobby Brooks.
    He didn't address these accusations, but instead cried that pictures of him had been photoshopped to make him appear gay and then made up that Drummond had accused his wife of giving out blowjobs to foreign men.
    More recently we hear that he has ripped off more friends, has been convicted of extortion and has fathered a child with his fourteen year old niece.
    But rather than address these issues he is making strange claims that his new "wife" Naam never worked at the Buffalo Bar in Pattaya, and was never a bar girl.
    Drew knows this is not true.
    Naam knows that this is not true unless she is suffering amnesia.
    Andrew Drummond knows this is not true.
    In fact everybody knows that Naam is a former worker of a Pattaya beer bar and now it appears Drew has given her a job in his fake law office.
    He can deny it all he likes, but this does not change her history.
    I have been trying to get to the bottom of all the facts concerning the 14 year old niece. Drew has told different people different stories. He has told some people that Andrew Drummond has made the whole thing up. He has admitted to other people that she was 14, but that the child was not his and he merely adopted it, out of an act of kindness. He has told others that the girl was seventeen at the time of birth,(16 at conception) but that the police were fine about it because the family was ok about it.
    My belief after speaking with many people is that the girl was 14 at the time of birth, and the family did not want Drew imprisoned because as he had 4 children already to the girls' Auntie already and he threatened to abandon them all financially if they caused trouble.
    I have also discovered that his wife ( the illiterate Auntie of the girl) did on one occasion stab him in the back in their Soi Siam Country Club home. Literally, with a knife. I don't know if this was related to Drew raping her niece or some other issue.
    I am gradually getting to the bottom of this, unfortunately because Drew is so good at causing trouble for people, my main witnesses don't want to be officially involved. I am still after a copy of the girl's ID card to get her exact age, I do have the birth date of the child already.
    I plead those who may have more information regarding this to do the right thing and please come forward, anonymously if necessary.
    Even if the girl was 16 at the time of conception, which I don't believe, Drew will have broken USA laws even if the Thai police are happy to turn a blind eye.

  4. Or perhaps Drew would like to give us all an Official version of what happened. But to do so would expose him for telling different lies to different people.
    How about it Drew? Are you game?

  5. Reading about this guy really blows me away as to how he has not been retired from business. Or is it divesting him of his bankroll is difficult due to requiring him or said bankroll is an ongoing process so he must be left to his thing.

    How is it a liar, cheat, thief and add a kiddy fiddling *********, is still able to continue this behaviour and its rarely being checked. Maybe there is honor amongst thieves.

  6. People keep informing me about Bobby Brooks' association with convicted pedophile Brian Wright and Drew Noyes.
    Bobby tried to use his position as an American Warden to influence the American Ambassador to Thailand in a pitiful attempt to cover up the arrest of Drew Noyes and one of his wives for the extortion they were convicted of and also along with Noyes, tried to use their 'influence' to get the charges against their friend Brian for raping the 12 year old girl withdrawn at the Pattaya Soi 9 police station and lock up. Despite being convicted, Brian is still not serving jail time.
    Bobby also teamed up with Noyes and Brian Wright in a failed court case against Andrew Drummond. But like Noyes, he avoided the bigger issue of child abuse and the attempted cover up, and instead claimed to be offended that Andrew Drummond used his photograph. Not even a photoshopped photo, but just an unaltered photo that he himself posted on the internet.
    Bobby claimed in court
    "The photos are attached to an article from a site that puts out hearsay and
    posts trademark images and copyrighted images with out the owners
    permission, there is a court order to remove the images from their site,
    but somehow they keep posting it under another link always with my image.
    These images other than the ones from our websites were not taken by the
    poster and they never asked or had the authority to use them from our site and use them for a personal blog."
    This makes about as much sense as Noyes denial that former bar girl Naam, was never a bar girl, and former pimp David Hanks claiming in court that he wasn't a former pimp. They are avoiding the real issues and are making ridiculous claims.
    Really Bobby? Is that the reason you wanted Andrew Drummond silenced? You didn't mention child sexual abuse. Why is that Bobby?
    Somebody yesterday brought to me the fact that Pattaya Auctioneer John Collingbourne is apparently supporting Drew Noyes "Foreigners who love the Thai King" royal family with his photo featured. He didn't suggest in any way that John had the same interest in children as these other three. But he did wonder why he would want to be associated with Drew Noyes, especially as it could backfire, as it is an obvious attempt by Noyes to take the heat off possible Les Majeste charges because of his fake claims of serving the Thai King for 17 years and working for the Bank of Thailand, when he was really just running beer bars and pimping out Thai women in Duck square and Pattaya soi 2.

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