British visa shop owner to stand trial for attempted murder this month.


Briton Sean Tinsley is to face trial for attempted murder in Pattaya this month and members of the family of victim Adam Pickles are scheduled to fly to Thailand for the event.

Adam Pickles, 41, married with a young son, was attacked in Pattaya last May in apparent road rage attack and has been in a coma ever since. He is now in hospital in his home town of Bradford, Yorkshire, and money is still being raised in an appeal.

He was Head of English at the International School of the Regents outside Pattaya.

Tinsley, from Wolverhampton, was granted bail pending his trial.

In the most recent charity event some £1,500+ was raised by a 60’s band which got together again to put on a gig in Keighley, Yorkshire.
Sean Tinsley, ran a Visa agency in Pattaya, and been arrested on a previous occasion in connection with his business.

Some people who had acquired Thai visas through his agency ended up doing jail time.

Court schedule: 21-22-23rd August Pattaya Provincial Court

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  1. Was Tinsley required to stay in Thailand I wonder? Given his history not sure he will stick around to face time ina Thai prison…

  2. This was another story that wasn't covered by the local press.. But when they later had some fund-raising in Pattaya, Balloon Chaser Colov couldn't wait to have his photo taken there.

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