Drew Walter Noyes former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper which folded two years ago but which retains an internet presence failed to turn up at Bangkok Criminal Court today to face libel and computer crime act charges brought by journalist Andrew Drummond.

His partner Wanrapa Boonsu however did turn up and was bailed in the sum of 100.000 Thai baht.

Noyes, 59, had told the court through his lawyers that he was ill having just returned from the United States.

Lawyers produced a doctor’s certificate. He is expected to be ill until May 13th, said his lawyer.

The case was adjourned until June 16th when he will have to pay bail.

The following week Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu are due to start their defence in Pattaya Provincial Court on a charge of attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic Jomtien out of 7 million Thai baht.

Drew Noyes recently lost his appeal against a decision by judges at Pattaya Provincial Court to reject charges of criminal libel and libel against the Computer Crimes Act he had attempted to bring against Andrew Drummond for publishing a picture with the caption ‘Going to Jail’.

A similar case was also brought by Wanrapa Boonsu, which reached trial at which Drummond was found not guilty. She is appealing the verdict.


  1. Yet another delaying tactic. I'm surprised your lawyers didn't point out how many times Noyes has been sick on court dates or has shown up without legal representation in order to delay justice.

    1. I really do not care whether he turns up or not: His court expenses are greater than mine. Just means he has to hire lawyers for another day and come again. And I am certainly in no hurry.

    2. Did Noyes have a panic attack after he read that you are now going to stay on in Thailand and not going to return home Andrew? He has had a lot of bad news during the past few years but for him there could be nothing worse.

  2. The 3 stooges all act tough and legally smart. But look what happens when push comes to shove. Noyes gets a doctors certificate to say he is too frail after a flight. What a nancy. Last week we had his 2 tough guy friends, Plastic Fantastic Flabby Hanks and wannabe soldier Goldielocks. For the last 2 years they have spoken tough about what they would physically do to Andrew Drummond if they could catch him. When Andrew followed them what did they do? They ran crying to the police down on Pattaya's gay beach to snitch on Andrew for scaring them. Absolutely pathetic. None of these are are physical threat to any male or a legal threat to anybody.

  3. Congratulations to Hanks for getting his wife pregnant. How old is he? 68? Statistics show he will have passed on be the time the child reaches adulthood. But he can research Dad on the internet.
    gives quite a few details in the comments section about Dad and his friend. This site appears to be started by somebody who had a problem with andre. Now, to find out about Hanks you must scroll down through a whole lot of stuff promoting Drew Noyes until you get to June 23. There it details the alleged methods Daddy Hanks and Uncle Stevo used.
    With Drew meeting his girl at the BuffaloBeer Bar and Goldie meeting his in a Pattaya gogo bar, it makes me wonder where the former operator of Masqurades might have met his girl.
    Some criminals are admired by the public in some ways.For being staunch, refusing to answer police questions and sorting out problems themselves. However by running to the police that patrol Pattaya's gay beach, the 3 stooges will not gain any respect and god help them if any of them end up in prison again. For their own safety, snitches are usually housed with the kiddy fiddlers.

  4. Noyes is now claiming to be Sir Drew!!!!
    From his one man blog

    Drew Noyes is currently the Secretary of the Lions Club of Bangkok Silom, a member of the prestigious Siam Society, a Chevalier in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, a Sir in the Knights of Rizal, a member of the Foreign Corespondents Club of Bangkok, a Founding Director of the Thailand Table Tennis Association, a patron of the Thailand Special Olympics and helping many other civic associations.

    Is ANY of the above true?

    1. Well he's certainly not a member of the FCCT. He's not a gourmet eater. He is a member of the Indian Branch of the Lions, I gather. The Knights of Rizal in Pattaya have disbanded but that was just a medal for the boys and its a Filipino organisation and anybody can be a patron of whatever they like.

  5. Also on Drew's one man blog Drew looks to be claiming that Andrew Drummond used his influential friends to set him up. No mention of the gay Michael Jackson Doll defense.
    DREW SAYS 1. If it was not set up , then why was 100, 000 baht displayed in two rows of 25 stacks each stack containing 2 bills on an oversize brief case it appears to many that the briefcase is full of much more cash in the "Perp Walk" photo of my wife and me at the Press Conference?
    CLAES THINKS Wow that is a weak claim. I think sine the police were already in the restaurant undercover it was their idea to use the suitcase. Are you calling the Royal Thai police from Bangkok liars Drew? They stated to the media that they had listened in to a conversation between the beauty clinic and your wife regarding the payment. Are they telling lies Drew? Has Andrew really got such influential friends?
    DREW SAYS 2. If the whole arrest was not set up, then How the Police Station Press Conference organized for 10:00am Saturday morning when the arrest was at 9:30pm Friday night for such common case as "attempted extortion" which many say occurs hourly in Thailand?
    CLAES THINKS You really are not that important Drew. While you were spending the night at the police station, it was a friday night and most had finished work for the day so organised to get together the following morning for a laugh, take some footage for television and listen to what the senior policeman had to say about you. Also you say that extortion is an hourly occurrence in Thailand. This case was published in the Thai national newspapers and shown on channel 3 and 7 because it was interesting to the public. It is not an hourly occurrence for an American who owns an unregistered newspaper to allegedly extort a Thai owned business. Once again Drew, this is not a strong argument.
    3, Why did the Plaintiff, Thonglor Clinic's Dr. Michelle Golet, contact a journalist with the grudge against us, Andrew Drummond , first instead of going to the police if he really felt he was in danger?
    CLAES THINKS Well, Andrew Drummond had been exposing you well before you allegedly tried this on. He searched your name and Andrew Drummond's news on you came up. Apparently when you were arrested a local policeman was with you and he might have believed your threats of knowing influential people. That is why Drew. Andrew is an award winning INVESTIGATIVE journalist, so to me this seems normal behavior. I would also add that if your defense is that the respected Thai Police are liars I feel the judge might believe the police over you.I hope that clears up all your questions Drew.

    1. There is some total crap being displayed on that page… It makes me cherish my 100 Meters swimming badge! Is he so deluded that he thinks that such high awards in Thailand would be printed in English? and not simply a money collecting exercise specifically targeting self-grandiose idiots like him and Colov and whoever else thinks they have Para wings!

    2. Yes- all sounds a bit rum to me. Hope he has a better story for the court. One he is putting out was that he was investigating dodgy clinic to preserve the good name of Pattaya

  6. A very sick Drew reporting in from San Diego Zoo on Facebook… I hope he is being treated by a vet, at least he could be legally put down!

    1. So has anyone actually laid eyes on Noyes since his triumphant return from the states after checking on his many businesses and investments there?

  7. Would like to see the times and dates & places where the court sittings are held. Have turned up a couple of times,one time the sitting was held in obscure wing,missed it

    1. Sorry. Claes refers to this too.

      Something about Thai cop (s) said at first they listened in to telephone call, but then denied hearing it in Court.

      And yes Andrew, I think you are right if it was in English cops unlikely to understand anyway.

      I know I read it somewhere, just cant remember where.

      Does Noyes know something we dont and that is why he is back?

      If he walks on this I would imagine with all the publicity around it Noyes will be out for blood.

    2. Bria…..Sorry Flab
      Noise has more than one case hanging over him……one would be lets say unlucky but another fraud and multiple cases of criminal and civil defamation under Thailand's tough computer crime laws (where have we heard that before?)….well….make your own mind up…….

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