A British pensioner who coughed up over 340,000 baht to the Pattaya company ‘One Stop Service Center’ for a divorce has found that the company’s incompetence has rendered a court matrimonial settlement totally illegal.

Kenneth Blundell, 65, a retired heating engineer from Croydon, S.London,  has demanded cash back and says he has been promised a return – but despite the promises he has not seen one cent.

This comes after, to his horror, he discovered that ‘One-Stop’ had entered his abbreviated, not his real name, into the courts.

Banglamuang District declined to accept the court documents from Kenny Blundell so they could register the divorce.

One Stop Service Center, of Keha Condo, Thepprasit Road, Banglamuang, which has split itself into several non-legal entities one of which is  ‘One Stop Legal Service’ is run by American Drew Noyes, 57, and Wanrapa Boonsu, his ‘common-law wife’.

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu on their arrest for extortion

Both are currently going through the courts in Pattaya on trial for the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien.

Noyes nicked this divorce logo – from Fox TV’s ‘Divorce Court’

They also face civil charges brought by Dutchman Theo van der schaaf who also asked them to mediate a settlement between him and his former girlfriend.

Children’s cartoon film producer van der schaaf claims that Noyes and Wanrapa not only failed in their attempt (His ‘ex’ called the local police on them due to their heavy handed tactics) but they pocketed the 2.5 million baht he had sent in settlement without even offering it.

After van der schaff took a civil case out against (PAPPA/One-Stop) Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu Drew Noyes launched and attack on him describing him as a pornographic film maker.(below)

From the Goudie-Noyes andrew-drummond-watch blog website

One Stop Legal Service advertises that is specialises in getting back property from Thai wives when the marriage goes wrong.

Its advertising is wildly misleading.

Mr Noyes has no legal background, despite claiming to be an American lawyer and has with impunity screwed people on everything from divorce to property deals.

In divorce settlements they have the upper hand by bullying the Thai wife, who may not have the resources to find a lawyer of her own.

Obviously no Thais few would go to ‘One-Stop’.

Kenneth Blundell

He had to give up the pretence of being associated with the Thai Government’s One Stop One Start Service Centres, after his use of the BOI video featuring former Thai Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva was exposed here.

To find out where Kenneth Blundell’s cash went the original  story can be found here. Today he said he was seeking alternative advice.

.His wife Jan is supporting him. “I have agreed to a divorce. I will always stand by him if he has a problem. I will also support him in any action he takes against One Stop Services.  Kung (Wanrapa Boonsu) is never around when I call their offices.”

Mr. Blundell is seeking alternative legal advice.

A service for foreigners on the go by foreigner
on the run! Noyes has a US$72,000 judgement out against
him in San Jose, California for selling bogus shares

We put Mr. Blundells court papers and judgement to an independent legal expert. The reply was:

“Even if Mr. Blundell went back to the court and asked the judge to record the corrections, his papers would not be sufficient to get the divorced registered at Banglamuang. 

He would need to go back to Ubon Ratchtathani where the original records are stored.”

Reading this you might think One Stop and Noyes are supported by Pattaya City Hall, the Thai Government,
the Crime Suppression Division, the Mayor of Pattaya. Well we know they have been supported by Thaivisa,com


  1. You have to wonder…why in hells name would you pay over $10k for divorce when both parties are amicable and willing?

    Is it any wonder that clowns…gay clowns…like Noisy offer themselves up for services to the gullible and we all then complain about him taking advantage….how about some common sense and self preservation among ourselves.

    Unless this chap was suffering Alzheimers or such, well he really needs to take a good hard look at himself first and wonder why did he seek out such a knob and more so why did he contract him to complete the job.

    1. For the same reason everyone else falls for Noyes – until they find out to their peril. People do not want to talk to Thai lawyers who do not speak English. Noyes has a glib tongue and promotes a caring attitude. The only time he really loses it is when people start asking for their money back – and there are more than a few at the moment. Some very smart people in the line up I'm afraid

  2. The reason we have laws is to protect people from themselves as much as to protect them from vermin like Noyes and Goldilocks. 'None as blind as the righteous' can apply to many people who take people on their word. Unfortunately in life there are two distinct types of people. The person who on seeing someone in trouble, instinctively offers compassionate help. The other person seeks to exploit or profit from the persons problem. Clearly Noyes fit into the latter- a career parasite.

    Not everyone can readily spot the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' and even the bible warns about these people. 'Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.' This simple truth urges us to judge people by their actions and not just their words. Thais in particular need to apply this to their leaders. Ravenous wolves is a pretty accurate description of the character of certain politicians.

    It also shows human nature has changed little in thousands of years. Noyes would have offered to get Jesus off and charged him thirty pieces of silver whilst secretly plotting to sell him out for another thirty from the Roman rozzers.

  3. Noyes and the other knuckle head are extremely lucky at this point in their lives to be still drawing breath,its no small wonder that previously scammed individuals of these cretins have not taken revenge I would have wiped Noyes off the map

    1. You are probably right there Teddy, if he had scammed me he wouldn't be getting off so lightly, vengeance is surprisingly cheap in Thailand. Even if it meant buying the shop house next door with 24 hour security dedicated to the works of Andrew Drummond.

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