An American businessmen, who boasts that he is the owner of Thailand’s largest immigration law firm in Thailand specialising in visas for Thai brides of American men has been jailed for 24 years for child sexual abuse.

Brian Wright, 57, was jailed by Pattaya Provincial Court. He had pleaded not guilty to child sexual abuse.

The trial has lasted over three years.

The decision was announced on October 28th, a spokesman for FACE – the Fight Against Child Exploitation Foundation.

Charged under his full name Edward Brian Wright, he however was bailed in the sum of 400,000 Thai baht (US$12,217) and told to report monthly to the court.

An immigration block has been put on his leaving the country.

He is next due to report on November 28th.

USA – illegal Thailand!

Wright, the court heard, had sexually abused a 12-year-old girl in Pattaya, who had been supplied to him by a woman Thai agent Jaruwan ‘Jaa’ Yothee.  The agent pleaded guilty and was last July sentenced to ten years imprisonment reduced to five because of her guilty plea.

Wright (Passport No: 445684202) from Block Island, Rhode Island, ran a company called USA Legal Thailand, formerly known as U.S. Immigration and Law, names used to conjure up of feeling of authority. But he was never a lawyer.

 He promoted his services on the website MyThaiFiancee.com. He specialised in getting women visas into the United States and claimed a 100 per cent success rate. He charged just under US$2000 for a fiancée visa and Green Card and boasted among his clients top US military men, FBI and Secret Service officers and even US Embassy officials.

Drew Noyes and Wright on a night out in Pattaya

From the company Wright also ran his “Thailand Children’s Charity’ and had wide access to schools.

In Pattaya his friend was another fake lawyer and better known American Drew Noyes, currently appealing a sentence of 2 years in prison for extortion, and they went out together at night.

Wright later became the godfather to one of Noyes nine children in Thailand

According to the Hartford Courant in RI

In March 1996, a Mr. Brian Wright, 39, of Block Island, R.I., was arrested  on a warrant charging him with first-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor child.

Det. Capt. James Gustafson, a police department spokesman said Wright, who turned himself in with his attorney present, was accused of assaulting the girl Jan. 28, Gustafson said.

The arrest warrant had been ordered sealed in Superior Court in West Hartford because of the girl’s age.”

Footnote: Drew Noyes has been seeking visa approval. On Facebook today he wrote
“Feeling relieved after incredible meeting 
— with Wanrapa Boonsu at U.S. Embassy Bangkok.”  The Immigration officials should do a google image check with Noyes to see who his real partner is.

Picture: The girl blurred in the title picture is not the girl subject to the charge. 


  1. So arrested but never convicted in the U.S.? I guess just another in a long list of appalling Westerners to wash up in Thailand. I shudder to think what the businesses and charities were fronts for. And a sentence of 24 years is pretty severe, so how can someone be out on bail?

  2. If Wanrapa was indeed applying for a visa to the US then she is required under US immigration law to declare any criminal convictions and arrests.

    Extortion is a serious criminal offence, a two year jail sentence is a serious conviction.

    I'd advise a pinch of salt on any claims 'incredible meetings'.

    I'm guessing but I doubt there were any photo opportunities with the ambassador.

  3. Amazing Thailand……..

    Here's the bottom line regarding serious crime in Thailand:

    Brian Wright, Drew Noyes' dear friend, has been convicted of child abuse, is free to continue to abuse children because he was able to buy his way out of jail.

    Drew Noyes, convicted of extortion and blackmail is free to continue to extort and blackmail because he was able to buy his way out of jail.

    Brian Goudie, on trial in multiple cases for impersonating a lawyer and swindling people out of money, is still free, still allegedly impersonating a lawyer.

    At what point does the judicial system start taking measures to protect the public? When are the judges going to start carrying more about the safety of the children in Thailand rather than how much money someone has?

  4. I wonder if drew discussed his close friendship when he was at the embassy today.

    Andrew – there's a way to see who visits websites by location. Can you see visits to your site by embassies or even from dodgy law firms in pattaya?

  5. So Drew knowingly asked someone facing child serial abuses, I don't know the timeline and if Wright hid his vice from friends, as godfather to one of his many children? Words fail me….

  6. To take it one step further…

    The Burmese guys ACCUSED of murdering two Brits are locked up in gaol, but a CONVICTED child abuser and a CONVICTED extortionist can still roam the streets.

    It's obvious the best thing for the guys accused of the Koh Tao murders is to go ahead and get convicted, that way they can get released on bail, that way they get out of the monkey house.

  7. The difference is the Burmese men do not have money or assets.

    It is a case of 'One Law" as it applies to rich and poor alike. For instance sleeping under a bridge is an offence for rich and poor.

    1. Absolutely, bail should be a right unless there are legitimate concerns of flight, being impossible to find again or reoffending or interfering with witnesses etc.
      But when you are as poor as a church mouse they may as well let you apply for a Thailand elite card – it is not going to happen.

  8. Well done Andrew. I feel this is another case that would have been swept under the carpet if not for your reporting.
    What a few days it has been for you. Noyes banged up, Kung banged up, libel cases thrown out of court and now Drew's best friend banged up for what is effectively a life sentence.
    Up to a few years ago, these 2 predators didn't even try to hide their illegal activities and were boastful and encouraged others to join them. Their activities were reported but nothing was ever done about it. Black and Coke Drew?
    Now they are both going to prison where they belong. Largely due to this site, but because of their own actions. Andrew has made Thailand a slightly safer place for children now.
    A lot of us in the Pattaya community were horrified when these two started their Optimist Club which was supposed to help children. We knew their form, had reported them but they still managed to use the optimist name. It was only because of the decent few in the club that resulted in Brian and Drew being ejected.
    Drew didn't feel he should pay for his membership, let alone donate any of his own money, which gave reason to expel him and his sick friend. Giving these two access to donated money from others and children was always going to lead to disaster. It wasn't about helping disadvantaged children for them, it was more about shameless self promotion, painting themselves as good guys and gaining access to poor disadvantaged children.
    I personally spoke to an American who took over who told me that Drew was also planning to skim about half the money from the money raised for "personal expenses." This was refused.
    That is 3 down now, with 2 to go. Well done sir.
    Drew trying to obtain an American visa for Kung after she has been sentenced is also worrisome. He usually travels with his good 'friend' from the Buffalo Bar leaving Kung to look after the children.
    And well done Ally, a really well thought out plan to give power to the powerless. These scum prey on the powerless.

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