A judge in Pattaya, Thailand, has ruled that there was insufficient evidence to prove that Drew Walter Noyes, a man exposed by a newspaper in the United States for fraud, and not being able to recognise what the truth is, was guilty of libelling a local businessman and Christmas Santa by claiming he dealt in drugs.

That allegation was made in an email to a google blog site. Mr. Noyes founder of the ‘Pattaya Times’ newspaper, said in his defence that anyone could hijack his email in his office.

Today we look at some of the messages that have come out of computers apparently used by a man who once claimed to be the only American lawyer licensed to practice in Thailand. And we ask – Que?


A mysterious character using the email address of has been terrorising foreigners in Pattaya with internet threats claiming he is high society while his critics would soon receive their just deserts.

Posing as the real Drew Noyes the founder of the Pattaya Times newspaper, an imposter comes out at night from what he calls his ‘Bat Cave’ – a room with a bed, an open shower and a chrome pole – and becomes a man on a mission.                                                                                                    

Apparently many times he has managed to sneak into the offices of PAPPA Law in the eastern Thai resort of Pattaya, where he goes into a ‘frenzy’and  lets loose attacking perceived enemies, sometimes threatening them with his ‘ínfluential friends’ among whom he claims Pattaya judges.

The pole in the Bat Cave

This has caused intense embarrassment to the real Drew Walter Noyes, who describes himself as an upstanding member of the community, devoted family man (He has had four families) and the recipient of countless medals and awards.

He told Pattaya Provincial Court that rogue staff must have hijacked his email.

But could they be one and the same person?

Who is this imposter? Or who are they? What drives someone to such actions? Could you be a victim?

Take this for instance.

Here someone posing as the real Drew Walter Noyes, actually offers a man who is going to pay his U.S. Property Tax Bill the use of his ‘Bat Cave’ – also known as ‘The Shag-pad’.

The man, an American Indian (native American) finds he has bought 10 per cent of the Pattaya Times for 1 million baht.  That million baht is now worth nothing.

The deal they discussed was a perfect fit for the real Drew Noyes – on the left is what he had to pay in taxes. 
Actually his wife Nittaya had to as well , but as she was by now his ex-wife with no green card, consider her out of it – and out of her other properties.
Well that was a pal’s deal. But did the pals remain pals?
Seemingly not for long. The native American, whom I have referred to as Geronimo soon found out that all he got from his 10 per cent share was a press card, a Pattaya Times jacket and a work permit as a reporter (But he did not have to work).
Of course the Pattaya Times does not take copy by smoke signals.  Staff lift most of it from the internet – except the copy Noyes devotes to attacking his enemies, and commending local officials.
So Geronimo demanded his cash back and asked to see the accounts of the company.
This is the reply he got from the mysterious prowler from the Bat Cave:
Indeed. The Pattaya Times, which the real DrewNoyes boasted had a readership of 500,000 and would have sister papers in Chiang Mai, Phuket and Koh Samui, has bombed and remains a loss leader paying for Noyes reputation building, a way into meeting police and high civic officials, and for image damage limitation.

There is similarity between the email above and this below sent to Ivan Pedro Schiffer, a Brazilian employed as a reporter on the Pattaya Times who tipped off an American. Michael Green, who had handed over a lot of cash to Drew Noyes, that he was being ripped off.

You piece of shit. You want to play rough! You’d better be tough you spineless lowlife. I can tell you directly I am after you because you betrayed me and have no loyalty. Let’s see. You lied to XXXX about me so when I see you behind bars I can spit on you..unless something happens to you first.
‘Your drug arrest is being sent by my police friend to Horseshoe Point. Got  a copy of a letter to you from my friend at the USDA.  Much much more to come.
‘Make sure to tell whoever is stupid enough to lend you 20,000 for your overstay that they won’t get it back because immigration will hold you for other reasons. Still laughing? “

Mr. XXXXXX XXXXXX had invested in Cupid’s Gentleman’s Lounge in Pattaya – opening soon.

‘PS: You might want to ditch your sim cards. They ping making you easier to locate. Better hurry out. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai. Ohhh My!’

But the mysterious poster flew out of his Bat Cave again – this time to threaten a young woman called Rose, from the Philippines, who had answered an ad placed on a social website by Drew Noyes for staff for his Pattaya Times and PAPPA Law.
Rose flew to Thailand and found that the promised work permit did not exist. Her promised salary was cut from 12,000 baht a month (with plentiful opportunity to earn more) to 4,000 baht and she told how she was locked in a room with Noyes, who demanded sex and had also made her to watch girls dance naked  in a go-go bar.

When she complained with another Filipina, both were thrown out into the street out of their Noyes accommodation in Keha Mansions, Thepprasit Road, Pattaya, and had to rescued by two foreigners.

Of course what he was doing in Pattaya employing the girl in the first place was highly illegal. But Noyes appears to have that sort of relationship with some officials in Pattaya.
This is what the mysterious poster wrote after she told her story to this site:
She replied:

drewnoyes@gmail replied:

Of course the man using was fantasising about his policeman specialist in computer crimes, The Head of MICT Investigations gave evidence against the real Drew Noyes at the Santa Claus libel case.

Rose replied
One of the most frenzied departures of all from the Bat Cave came when when Bat Cave man sent the following email to Niels Colov, the real Drew Walter Noyes’ former most hated enemy, who is now his best friend. 
This one is loaded with spit and venom.

Wife beating?  Pictures? Scott Gold of the Wilmington Morning Star who wrote the investigation into Drew Noyes was not fired by the way. The paper received no complaint and in any case Gold, now Science Reporter on the LA Times did not so much write about property but Noyes’ alleged lies, frauds and assaults on women.

The email continues.
And more..- People called Noyes and Colov ran Pattaya Expat Clubs.
Sincerely indeed. 

(Disclaimer: The above email contains some allegations for which no proof has been provided. In those cases you should take the allegations as being untrue. As an example Niels Colov, a Dane, was not convicted of blackmail and extortion in Denmark –  a charge which Drew Noyes is on trial for in Pattaya at the moment. Niels Colov, CEO of the Pattaya People Media Group, and leader of the Pattaya Police Volunteers was convicted of pimping, and offences of violence and dishonesty and received a jail sentence)

But there’s more:
G-Man flew out of his Bat Cave once again in a row with an American woman who described his services as less than useless and who called the real Drew Noyes a fake.  He had tried to impress her by at the end of year event of the Polo Club of Thailand at its grounds near Pattaya, by introduving her to Caroline Link, wife of Harald Link, a mainstay of the club.. She was not impressed  with Noyes and asked to be removed as a Facebook friend.
Bat Cave man’s answer was more muted than usual:

Well that was two years ago and she still has not seen any cases of substance from the real Drew Noyes. Thais don’t gossip?

Perhaps my all time favourite though is not an email exchange but a Facebook conversation between a person claiming to be Drew Noyes and another American, former publisher Stuart Furstman.

The radio station did not of course apologise. If you wish to listen to the interview it is here: or at the end of this story.

But then again the author of this site has received some remarkable emails too from Many years ago I was convicted (yes in Pattaya court) of libelling a Scots businessman prominent in Boyz Town in Pattaya. That conviction was overturned on appeal and I was vindicated of both charges. I noticed Noyes got hold of the information and was misusing it.  He failed to mention the dismissal – no surprises there. I duly sent him the record. This was Bat Cave man’s reply.

Clearly the sincerity did not shine though. This came later after I questioned Noyes’ biography  or rather resume.
Security team?  Tabulated searches?  and there’s those ínfluential people again!
Then came this:
I had to reply, It was brief. Needless to say I have never agreed to stop writing about Mr. Noyes. As a man who claimed he has been 14 years in Thailand by Royal Proclamation and in service to the King of Thailand for all that time it was not surprising I did not hear from the proper regulating authority.
Some  mistake surely?

Have you had a threatening email or Facebook message from Bat Cave Man?

 Below – What the Wilmington Morning Star said:


  1. The young man on Pattaya 105 seemed to be trying to wrong foot you, but an interesting video which set the facts straight

  2. Yes. I can sort of understand that. He was trying to be controversial. However the interview became the reverse of what he might have been trying to achieve in the initial stages. Interesting point when discussing British tabloid newspapers. Most Brits on the forums decry these newspapers. In fact Pattaya is full of Brit tabloid readers in self denial. In the old days the SUN/News of the World would set up a printing deal here for the holiday season – as they did in Spain and other places.

    1. Being controversial is fine. Most interviewers follow that line. But he unsuccessfully tried to trap you and wrong foot you. You put him right on a number of points he brought up initially raised by the Noise. And he kept talking about your opinions when you were actually providing facts. Towards the end you had him on the ropes in your quiet modest way..

  3. A small correction, please Andrew. I was not taken to the polo event by Mr Noyes, I was "invited" to attend as I did, and on my own. When I arrived it became clear it was a charitable affair and open to the public for the price of a ticket.

    When I some months later confronted Mr Noyes on his unprofessional non return of my calls- he offered up the introduction to Ms. Link as evidence of his, "help."

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