Pic: ‘Booked already?’ – A prison cell?

Fake lawyer Brian Goudie will star in the sixth programme in a 13 part crime series called ‘Serial Swindlers’ produced by Make Productions for worldwide syndication.

Goudie, currently on trial for fraud and embezzlement with a 7.9 million civil judgment against him, is renowned in Thailand for his activities as the head of a legal firm called ‘Alba Laws’.

But of course he was not a barrister or former officer in the Royal Marines as he claimed. Prior to arriving in Thailand he was prisoner E0000274 in Hakea Prison, West Australia.

Nevertheless this did not stop him fooling many foreigners and Thai court officials.

He has even appeared in court representing a client and told the court in all sincerity that he could not make certain dates as he had to appear as counsel in a case in London’s Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court).

Journalist Drummond right confronts Goudie in Jomtien (Dongtan) police station

Filmed in Bangkok, Pattaya, Brisbane, Perth, and Edinburgh, and Scotland, the half hour documentary, centres on Brian Goudie, born Brian Goldie, and his career, from the time before the first warrant was issued for his arrest by Scottish Police, to his jail time in Australia, and lately his re-invention in Thailand as a British barrister.

The production team, led by producer Julia Kirby-Smith, interviewed former girlfriends, police, lawyers, and even a criminal psychologist to profile the 48-year-old Scotsman from Falkirk, who has outwitted the Thai courts and police to run a successful criminal business in Thailand.

The programme is cut with Thai based British investigative journalist Andrew Drummond, who has been on the trail of Goudie since 2011, explaining how and when Goudie carried out his financial shakedowns.

Picture: Make Productions Pte Ltd

It also screens a showdown in a Thai police station as Drummond confronts Goudie over his identity.

With cases now being brought against him Goudie’s latest run may be coming to an end.

But that may not be permanent.

The criminal psychologist says that while criminals generally wind down as they get older, serial fraudsters are different, they always want to try something bigger.

The series ‘Serious Swindlers’ is expected to air worldwide with transmissions starting shortly in Canada.

Check out this site later for where and when transmission dates.


As Goudie did not want to co-operate with the production team his part was played by an actor which seems entirely appropriate.


  1. Here are a few prediction for the lying yellow coward con-man Goldie :

    The Thai courts jail him.
    Thai courts take away all his assets and worldly possessions to repay the people he conned.
    The Thai courts deport his miserable carcass back to Scotland after he served a sentence and i hope its a long and very hard time as i know he hated Hakea prison and was bullied daily and cried allot.
    Ends up in his mothers spare room without a penny to his name wondering where it all went wrong.

    Would be a fitting end to his cowardly behaviour.

  2. I would think there is enough material in Thailand for a whole series on swindlers. The psychologist is correct that these types rarely retire. Take Peter Foster the Australian conman as the perfect example, no matter how many times he has been caught, he's kept at his lame frauds which are usually some dodgy diet product. The modus operandi is always the same with these people, fake names, fake products, fake companies, fake resumes. Goldie's world wide exposure may create the usual knee-jerk, face saving action from the Thai authorities. The only time they ever act is when these people are exposed widely in the media making Thailand look too scammer friendly.

    I say Goldie's problems are the result of his damaged relationship with his parents. If you examined the relationship he had with his father I would guarantee it lacked any real warmth or bond. His relationship with his mother would have been no better. His welfare emotions were damaged as a child but he has developed strong survival instincts where he is prepared to cheat and scam anybody without any sense of shame or guilt.

    The catch phrase these people use is- "Why should I give a shit about anybody, nobody ever gave a shit about me"

    In my experience people who have been emotionally abandoned or abused when young rarely get over it. Their whole adult life is one unending story of failed relationships and emotional abuse where they often become the victimiser rather than the victim. They can be life-long transients or career scammers.

    Their only hope of getting better is to join a spiritually based group like AA where the nurturing, love and group bond can lift them out of their destructive ways. The field of positive energy the group develops can really help a person. It is similar to the energy this site has created in uniting people against these people.

    It might be too late to help Brian but we can help stop future Brian's from developing by making sure children are given the love, security and nurturing they need. In nature a tree or plant only thrives with the correct balance of sunlight, moonlight and water. That is like the father and mother with their love being the water.

  3. Will "Make Productions" consider making another episode featuring the biggest fake of them all "Dopey Noise"? He could warrant a whole series to himself……

  4. Sounds like a worldwide series of lawsuits by the man in the fake wig.

    Message to Brian:
    "Wait until broadcast, then whip out the degree certificates, the Call documents and the Commission. Sorted, innit?"

  5. AD,we can not wait to watch this one, especially you confronting Goldie/Goudie.
    Myself, Howard Thailand Law and Drew Noyes Thailand Law thank you for ridding us of Brian the fake lawyer. We don't need cowboys here.
    I attended the law seminar by Thaivisa at Pattaya city hall which qualifies me and all the others who attended to now become lawyers with law offices in Pattaya. Brian did not attend.

    I am now calling myself Howard Thai Law. I will be offering services that I have no education in, in a language I can not read. But, like Drew Noyes, I have attended a law seminar in Thailand.
    The Howard Thailand Law office has 17 Thai attorneys. Well, sort of. We have used this many defending our personal cases, but they keep leaving. We will occasionally use a real lawyer and then charge clients only about 10 times more.
    Services at Howard Thailand Law office, Jomtien Complex will include
    300,000 thb++ for divorces where both parties agree. ++ may include additional charges of 2.5 million thb, money that the client's wife did not need anyway.
    Contacting old school friends over Facebook to invite them over to Thailand in order to sell them outrageously overpriced condos.
    Jump in photos with influential people, claim to be their adviser and best friend, and name drop to protect yourself.
    Come in with your family for a 90 day visa, which we will ensure we get to you at least 2 days before it expires for only 100,000 thb.
    Attend Duke University and receive a journalism degree that they do not provide which will also somehow qualify you to become a doctor, a lawyer or an investment banker.
    Write a book with a Judge on libel laws and Andrew Drummond.
    Avoid the clampdown reported in the Pattaya Times, don't put property in your wife's name. You can put it in my wife's name instead. The common law wife, that is. My real wife doesn't talk to me anymore.
    Avoid paying those pesky ex wives for the children's food and clothing that you father. In Thailand and in your home country.
    Sell homes for the poor to tourists as luxury sea view condos complete with imaginary tennis courts and swimming pools.
    Take out newbies and set them up with underage prostitutes so you then have something over them if they later get upset when you rip them off.
    Punch your wife in the face and spit on her on numerous occasions, then we will go down to the preschool where she works and scare all the children, then try and run her over.
    Company set ups with no tax returns. Ever.
    Do accounting services for clients, advise them that they had better pay the large tax bill or face foreclosure, then provide a false receipt and pocket the money.
    Take money for closing clients companies but then resell them instead.
    Sell your company through Howard Law Thailand, many times over.
    Divorce is our specialty, done many, and even 1 or 2 for clients. We will even use your nickname on the paperwork.
    Sell bogus shares. No problem, pretend you are a doctor.
    Deny sexual harassment claims of staff. Get a little taste.
    Approach language schools and demand work permits.
    Have pests deported.
    Libel specialists. We will win one soon, one day, maybe.
    Resumes. Be the person you always dreamed of being, but never could be.
    Copy employers client lists and avoid those embarrassing public apologies in newspapers to people who really do have influential friends.
    Get on the Channel 3 news and in the Thai Rath with your wife.
    Gag the media reporting of your arrests.
    Find out where and when social events are being held and our crack photographers will get that shot for your office wall to impress future marks.

    Attend expat meetings to scout for vulnerable people new to the Land of Smiles.
    Sky diving lessons, without the plane and without having to jump.
    Lose condo deposits to corrupt officials.
    Print a phonebook with numbers copied from a former employer, hand out free copies and call yourself a best selling author.
    We can set up fake names to attack enemies and avoid the courts.
    Sell shares for millions, never pay any dividends apart from a fake press pass and cheap jacket.
    Trick pensioners into selling their houses for peanuts.
    Set up Tsunami donation tins on Walking Street and pocket the money.
    Official Sex Websites and Blowjobs for officials. And flowers.
    Meet Thai University Girls.
    Stalk ceremonies and creep up behind female Prime Ministers, tell people she asked you for advice,and then write them a letter claiming to represent expats. Hand delivered of course.
    Spread rumors about your wife and claim others started them to gain sympathy and discredit.
    Start a newspaper, call the owner of a 1 man blog a wanker, have the newspaper closed down for lies and then start many numerous 1 man blogs. My daughter even has a blog.
    Beg Culture Ministers for cash for Pattaya sexpats.
    Start children's charities with your friends charged with raping children but not make a single bahts contribution of your own money, but present other peoples money as your own to get the credit. Don't even pay your membership.
    Get voted out of the club that you started.
    Film sex acts with minors and sell them to perverts over the net in the USA.
    Edit out film when telling lies about Thaksin. Don't want to film that.
    Patent the cure for AIDS.
    Stop oil leaks.
    Attract investors to open a “ 7-10" store in Thailand that will never happen
    Con people that you will build a marina in North Carolina.
    Tell expats to invest with you to take over the “ Old Flamingo Hotel” on Soi 5, but never do it.
    Hoodwink suckers into giving you money to buy the 27th floor of Markland, but never do it.
    Tell potential investors you went floors 15 & 16 at Channel 3 Bldg in Bangkok to sound important.
    Develop the 2nd floor of Tops and abandon it once people have opened their businesses there.
    Bullshit people that you will take over all of the shop houses built next to Royal Garden.
    Start a radio station and TV station. Call it Big Tits TV and radio.
    Brag about building high rise condos in the Tops parking lot, but not do it.
    Sell investment loans on Lumpini Towers studios miles from any tourist areas based on renting it out for a prices more expensive than the Hilton.
    Extort local businesses.
    Our friendly Filipino unqualified staff are waiting to take your money, lock the door on your way in. Come in even if you just want to use our phones and computers to anonymously attack OUR enemies.

    1. Howard's list shows only a small percentage of the destruction this fake has caused. For everyone we know about there would be many others because the fake has threatened with his influential friends or violence or fake threats of jail, has simply ran away or lied his way out.
      If you run through each of 'Howard's"services you will find at least one victim, often many. He has caused destruction to hundreds of peoples lives. Countless sexual and physical assaults on women and children which will have scarred many them for their lifetimes, hardworking people losing their hard earned savings, children left fatherless and their mothers struggling to feed them, people being mislead and lied to, legitimate people being attacked and others hounded in the courts or even being deported for simply trying to warn others. Stealing money meant for disaster victims who lost their houses, jobs and entire families shows the complete lack of morals possessed. Money that had been donated by people who actually have a heart.
      This website was described as a hate site. It is in fact just that, and it's popularity shows how much hatred this fake and his friends have caused. Most normal people would be appalled that a close friend has raped a child, not do all they can to get them off.
      All this behavior driven by greed and self gratification.
      Not even the slightest bit of sympathy is felt by him, just contempt for those he perceives as getting in his way. Andrew Drummond should be awarded again for his bravery similar to when he infiltrated the Nazis.
      Others had tried to stop these vile men before but had been largely unsuccessful. Now with the constant publicity generated one by one these types are falling. We have Andrew Drummond to thank for thwarting their evil. Most people are now shunning him. Those who are not should be ashamed of themselves.
      God bless Andrew Drummond.

    2. Drew Noyes' Tits radio and tv never happened. It was just another of his perverted lies. He announced it at the expats club but it was just vile rubbish. It never existed. Only somebody who is sick would even think it was a good idea. The same sort of person that would come up with Official Or the type of person who would spread false stories about his own wife.

    3. Women develop at different ages. Some look younger than their birthdates and some older. If a woman consents to sex, whether it be for money or love or lust, it is not rape. Rape is sex where the woman does not consent. All around the world everyday teenagers are falling pregnant and in Thailand the figure is higher than most countries. These woman have not been raped.
      In Thailand if a girl younger than 15 falls pregnant then the done thing here is to ensure the man either agrees to marry her or agrees to look after her financially if he is already married. Happens everyday. Some parents get greedy when a foreigner is involved and cry rape if their financial expectations are not met when the reality is that it is a sin sot issue, not a consent issue.

    4. It is quite obvious that Somchai is not a lawyer. His statement that: "In Thailand if a girl younger than 15 falls pregnant then the done thing here is to ensure the man either agrees to marry her or agrees to look after her financially if he is already married." Wrong. It is RAPE and i would refer you to the Thai Criminal Code, Section 277, which states:

      Section 277 Whoever, has sexual intercourse with a girl not yet over fifteen years of age and not being his own wife, whether such girl shall consent or not, shall be punished with imprisonment of four to twenty years and fined of eight thousand to forty thousand Baht.

      Thai law recognises that a child aged 14 may very well look physically mature however she is a child mentally, intellectually and emotionally and she needs the protection of the law against disgusting old men who would take advantage of her. It is rape.

      I find your comment that it :Happens everyday" quite abhorrent. Murder happens everyday does that make it right?

      How would you feel if you have a 14 year old child and somebody took advantage of her?

  7. Isn't this just a bit too much attention for these low lifes.

    I mean, fame goes to their head awfully easily.

    1. Right you are, they hate this exposure and Andrew's work is essential to finally put an end to their truly evil ways.

  8. Do not despair, the best episodes of the No-Yes comedy is on the editing table, just need a few more interviews to be completed, it will deliver incredible satisfaction, fun and "soul washing" entertainment…

    1. Thanks for the right definition, the word "comedy" was used related to some takes on footage me and friends were watching best described as a "comedy of the absurd" with the obnoxious main clown delivering some more of his bullshit, as a whole "sadistic horror" is one of the best expressions to describe such sick idiot's acts. Maybe there isn't yet in any psychology book an appropriate name to diagnose this dirt's disease….

  9. Essentially, these cases simply bring what passes as the rule of law in Thailand into disrepute. Rather than actually deal with the swindlers in a proper manner befitting any civilised criminal jurisdiction, the Thai system simply ignores them until there is absolutely no other choice but to do something and then it is invariably too little and too late to help the victims.
    These con men and shysters will come and go but the dysfunctional Thai system will always be with us.

  10. Gerry, if you look back at comments made by others on this site only a year ago you will see the concensus of opinion was that AD would be taken to pieces by corrupt judges who would be influenced by DN and his hi-so contacts. As I predicted, it did not happen and the judges made firm, pragmatic and sensible decisions (except in one case where it seems "pimp" has become "cockroach" in translation).

    The judges are not stupid or uneducated, they are university graduates with years of service and difficult and demanding jobs.

    If you look at what is happening in the courts you will see that cases are wending their way through against these people, they have not been simply ignored. There are challenges in improving the Thai system, same as any other country, but it is not as some people would have you believe.

    Check back in 12 months on which of these characters evaded justice.

    1. None of the 3 stooges are in prison, the boiler room boys are still at it and the Harlequin fraudsters are still free. Where is Brian Wright? Gerry is right, in any developed country they would have all been punished by now and exposed by the mainstream media. The odd libel laws here have protected them.
      Thank Christ for Andrew Drummond.

  11. The word "maeng da" in Thai is the horseshoe crab that is a bottom feeder. The word "malaeng sarp" means cockroach, The phrase needed to describe a pimp in Thai is "making a rice farm on a woman's back" there will be no misunderstanding of what that means.

    The best word is "Gar Fark" which is a creeping vine that wraps around and leeches off a bigger tree. To call a man "ai gar fark" is like calling a him a f@@king leech.

    Then you have "pha yart" for parasitic worm or "norn" for maggot or worm. You can call a snitch or rat "norn bon sai" which literally means "maggots inside" or "worms inside" meaning a rat or informer in a gang.

    A very subtle or polite way to say some is a nut is to say. "Mai khoi Sabai" or not very well. If you point to your head and say the person is "not very well" people will know you mean the person is a total fruit loop.

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