Thai Police Deny False Claims They Are Hunting For British Journalist

The Royal Thai Police today strongly denied claims made by American Drew Noyes in the Pattaya Times that they were seeking to arrest a British journalist and close down his website.

Reports of the hunt for Andrew Drummond, a foreign correspondent in Thailand for nearly 25 years, were wildly exaggerated, and his website www.andrew.local was not the subject of any enquiry.

A spokesman in the office of General Phonpat Chayaphan,(left) Head of the Central Investigation Bureau, said that quotes attributed to Police General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart,  Commander of the Crime Suppression Division, in the Pattaya Times were not uttered by the General.
The spokesman added that quotes also attributed to unnamed cyber-crimes officers were also untrue.

‘We have spoken to the officers and department concerned and have been told that no such things were said.

‘Mr. Drummond can be assured we are making no attempts to close his site down.  Our enquiries show that a police officer in Pattaya wrote to the MICT asking them to close the site down. This is not the proper procedure.’

The Central Investigation Bureau, oversees both the CSD and CSD High Tech Division based in Chaeng Wattana.
The Pattaya Times newspaper, run by Drew Noyes, is currently running a story under the headline  ‘Cybercrimes Investigation of Andrew Drummond Begins With Backing Of Powerful Police General’.  It comes after another story saying strangely that police and private detectives are contacting the press world wide who are allegedly distancing themselves from this site.
Running next to the story was a picture of Drew Noyes posing with General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart head of the CSD, whom, he claims has ordered the website closure and arrest.

The General is reported to be absolutely furious and has been in full discussion with Drew Noyes, ‘a prominent foreigner in Thailand’ apparently to discuss what action to take against people like Andrew Drummond.
However the picture is now just one more of Drew Noyes’ collectibles.
The article states: ‘The Supreme Commander of Thailand’s most powerful police division, the Crime Suppression Police, has ordered the Cyber Crimes Division and the Information and the Technology Commission (ITC) to assist the Royal Thai Police in Pattaya and Bangkok, saying, ‘This is a very prominent foreigner in Thailand that this website is lying about for no reason except to hurt his reputation so close it down and catch the people responsible.’

The author, Drew Noyes continues:

‘We will kick him out of Thailand and he cannot come back,’ declared one investigator of the cyber crimes division when he read only a portion of the statements the blogger had written about the ‘police and mafia controlling newspapers,’ the representation of Pattaya as only a place of decadents and attacks on good people that were obviously just to hurt their businesses and reputations.

Drew Noyes, has been the subject of newspaper exposés both in the United States before he arrived in Thailand, and of course also on this website. 

The Wilmington Morning Star in Carolina Beach, NC., in 1995 exposed Noyes as a man of “myriad lies pursued by lawyers and unflattering allegations.’  The newspaper wrote that Noyes had been involved in bogus share dealing and fraudulent property dealing, and making up a phony resume.

On this site Noyes has been exposed for property fraud, falsely claiming to be a lawyer and broker, producing a newspaper by merely lifting stories of the net, and luring staff from the Philippines on false promises.

Andrew Drummond went to both the CIB and CSD High Tech Divisions after he read the reports in the Pattaya Times. He has presented information to both departments and lodged a report that a blogger had created a false Facebook page in his name which was disrespectful to the Royal Family.
Well no surprises here. Most people reading the stories in the Pattaya Times, incidentally somehow affiliated with the Bangkok Post, will have already come to the conclusion that they were utter tosh.
But the question is how did Drew Noyes managed to con so many people for such a long time?
The problem is I guess that nobody wanted any problem. When they were attacked by Noyes they never had any support except a few lucky ones who found Chris Hill.
Noyes almost certainly used pliable police for his own ends.
In my case he made a complaint to a Pattaya policeman saying that he had been libelled. But he did not say what the libels were. He just referred to articles on this site and on what dates they appeared. The Police Colonel then wrote a ridiculous letter to the MICT saying Pattaya was under attack.
The policeman broke a cardinal section of the Penal Code by aiding and abetting someone to destroy another person’s business (albeit in this case unpaid) and he clearly had not read what I had written.
Subsequently somebody at the MICT did contact my internet chappie. And last night Drew Noyes sent him a long sms demanding why he was not complying with MICT orders.  Then again coincidentally the MICT called my man asking for my address. I did however, get a name and number for the person at MICT and called him. The upshot of that conversation was that MICT are NOT investigating andrew.local, which is how it should be. I won’t go into details of the hilarious conversation.
But what has Noyes done to other foreigners? Well he hounded Chris Hill after he supported the foreigners who had been swindled by him in the National Housing Authority fraud.
Noyes merely abuses the country’s libel laws for his own benefit. Although his claims are spurious he counts on the fact that nobody will want to go through years of pain to prove their integrity. I will. I have done it and I will do it again if need be.
But then again of course Noyes clearly does not know the laws of libel as every story he has written contravenes them – and he is up in court again next month on a libel charge.
Picture Left: Drew Noyes and Keith Avery of the now defunct  ‘Optimists’ of Pattaya. Mr.Avery is reported to have been scammed see posts below. Noyes is reported to have brought down a few friends along with other victims.
Noyes and another editor Neils Colov of the Pattaya People have been enjoying an uneasy truce. But they both keep files on each other just in case. Their mantra is that they are there to protect the good image of Pattaya. But is that what they are really there for? Both have lawyers, both have or have had expat clubs.
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….
A lot of people in Pattaya need waking up. Perhaps its time for the ‘good guys’ to show themselves and take the reins.  Hope springs eternal.
Whoah. He’s at it again. Drew Noyes has now re-edited the last story to say that Thai police and investigators are calling all my newspapers etc and now says I am being investigated by…………Eric,  the East London builder (below right), who is as mad as a wet hen, from ‘’.
Noyes, claims that I live in a rented house, am an alcoholic, and that that a ‘former friend’ of mine says I snapped in 1983. Not many people knew me in Thailand in 1983. Must have been a good snap because in 1987 I was founder of the Observer Film Company having been a foreign correspondent for that newspaper. Anyway he claims my police general has been duped, which I am sure he will be glad to hear.
He also claims I have had to pay undisclosed sums for lying about boiler rooms (gosh! he even makes the boiler room guys look good) that I have been jailed, that the Bangkok Post have had to make out of court settlements on a story I wrote (yes that one has me especially bafflled) and that I am going off the deep end into a waterless pool.
Here are a couple of samples of Dirty Dog’s work by the way. You have probably guessed this is another imaginary investigation. But an investigation by ‘Dirty Dog’ is novel.

Above: ‘Andrew Drummond, learn to suck **** before you speak to me. How safe are your parents drummond?’
And below:
‘PPS: It us really irrelevant to me which part of his family gets hurt or injured. I really don’t care’
Sometimes I wonder if Thailand is attracting the right sort of Brit.

And below, he does not seem to be integrating too well.

Drew Noyes and myriad lies

55 thoughts on “Thai Police Deny False Claims They Are Hunting For British Journalist

  1. OMG! Keep up the great work, Andrew! What else do you do with a serial liar except investigate every single claim they make? Drew Noyes, do you have absolutely no shame?

  2. Its a bit like watching a train crash in slow motion. You know its voyeurism and wrong…. but you just have to keep watching.

    keep it up

  3. I bought that issue of the pattaya times and after reading the article twice, I had many question as to who (the article was subject) and why. It was so poorly written without specifics I went on the web and started researching,now I have come across this website with all the specific facts with references about the trickster Drew Noyes. I would have never known had he not put the article on the front page of his paper.
    All my friends will be warned about him in the american community here in pattaya.

  4. Stoppppppppp, please. No, don't… Drummond you deserve the P-U-litzer on this sad-sack saga. Noyes is KO'd in the 6th round !!

  5. Drew Noyes is a serial a**hole. Anyone who met him and didn't work that out, is one themselves.

  6. Andrew , just wanted to say Thank you for putting together articles that really needed to be seen by
    others, many don't have a platform to do the same
    and story's like this need be be publicised .

    Please keep up the great reporting .


  7. Hi Andrew,

    Why am I not surprised by this latest uncovering?? If he thinks he can intimidate an ' old hand ' such as yourself with his ' dark side threats ' he doesn't know you at all.

    I hope you carry on regardless and hope eventually this type of nonsense and bad behaviour ceases in Thailand, maybe not in my lifetime, but I hope in the not too distant future.

  8. It actually makes one hair curl reading about yet another failure in todays society! This beautiful land certainly attracts unfortunate misfits…He will get caught, without a doubt!.. just standing on the wrong feet at the wrong time will eventually end up with nose bleed all over his face.

    Stories of this pathological liar are most entertaining!

  9. I do not believe every comment sent in here can be negative about Drew Noyes…surely there have been some good replies received by Drummond and he is not letting them through. He must have support somewhere.

  10. There's only one way to sort this out Andrew, forget all the powerful Thai cops that everyone has to call on, Get boxing with Noyes, 10 rounds stripped to the waist at the boxing arena on beach road!Fill the house up with all of people that have been conned and the ones who want to see justice done! all proceeds to Charity!
    I nominate the Camillians Rayong. They have very little there to lose!
    Seems you pair have an ongoing slog in cyberspace, so let's rumble in Pattaya! Go get it on !

  11. I agree with Thaiphoon. But Noyes is not the only one. Similarly motivated guys lurk in the depths of Thai forums and expat clubs and not just Pattaya. Maybe there are stronger links between them than is generally supposed. And TD Ajarn and Subzero are not the only examples by any means

  12. Well it's clear that there is a lot of talk around the town about Noyes and what is his inevitable downfall and ridicule across a wide cross section of the ex-pat communities. He can no longer be the vulture circling high above the expat clubs, he is no longer welcome at Hi-So events, the authorities have now seen through him.. This is unfortunately where he is at his most dangerous, he is losing his Narcissistic supply, which can be very dangerous in a person with such obvious personality disorders, there is also a fine line between 'sociopathic' and 'psychopathic' by the way, he retains his delusions of grandeur and irrational thinking (Hence the daft articles he printed that only served to attract more attention to this site).. He will snap, he will never in a Million years slip away quietly and move on.. What will Drew Noyes' last stand be?

  13. Why have the police not taken appropriate action to remove the articles and Mr. Drew Noyes in kind. What seems a bit odd is that overstaying a visa can warrant deportation but blatantly using, and abusing, the names of public officers of the Royal Thai police, amongst many others in public office, to vilify another Thai resident warrants little attention!

  14. Andrew – relieved to hear there aren't Wanted posters of you going up all over Bangkok, you desperado you. This guy Noyes, is he the full shilling? I only ask because why wouldn't he stay down on the canvas instead of getting up each time on the count of 9 only to be floored again and again? Seconds out! Plagiarising copy is one thing, but making up quotes … from senior Thai police officers? Either Noyes has got titanium armour-plated cojones or he's away with the fairies. Book him Danno. Confidence Trickery 1.

  15. The photograph of the Royal Thai Police General and Noyes together in front of the photograph of the Thai King and Queen, is an affront to each and every Thai. Noyes appears, it would seem, in many other photographs with high ranking officials in Thailand including senior US embassy people. There can be no other reason or explanation for this other than to, in a very overt way, deliberately seek to lend legitimacy to both himself and his operations in Thailand.

  16. Your articles won't make much difference except maybe saving someone from using his service but it won't go anywhere else. Why? 1) The police are in his pocket or his legal services would be bankrupt. 2) The expat clubs (Niels Colov and the other at the Amari where he allegedly scammed a few members) welcome him with open arms and roll out the red carpet. They know he is connected so that's power. People want to be connected to power, not have it against them. I am not a friend of Noyes but when we speak or on the few occasions I needed legal advice, he was very reassuring and it was free. I needed him when I was very stressed. He calmed me down, gave me useful advice, and wished me well. We have worked together as part of a childrens' fundraising group and he ""rallied the troops"" when our group lacked direction. All to say, Noyes isn't going anywhere and it's obvious why.

  17. Keith A: When seeking legal advice its preferable to go and see a lawyer. I will be highlighting some people who got the wrong advice.

  18. Sad part about all of this is that which is in the best position to warn foreigners in Thailand, who are most at risk, has steered clear. I can understand them being scared of libel claims, but when it comes to the stage where even the Thai CIB go on record to effectively say Drew Noyes has made it up then there is a strong argument for informing a wider audience.

  19. Thaivisa are in bed with Drew Noise, that is obvious from the legal seminar. TV does not wish to lose face now and they are somewhat embarrassed by their IT scandal with the pedo a few years ago. So close shop and deny deny deny as all the mods do to protect their employer….except they work for free and George makes all the money…also anything in the best interests of the farang public has not been high priority on TV.

  20. Mr. K. Avery said, ""They know he is connected so that's power. People want to be connected to power"". Is that what make you tick than? be connected to power. If I were you I would be careful not being used by him and make untrue statements to support him. You may regret knowing him. It takes some longer than others to see the true Drew, and believe me, its not a pretty sight.

  21.!? You must be kidding! They are too busy thinking about where they can fit another ad banner on the website than doing anything that requires backbone.
    If their repressive forum rules were only to avoid libel suits I could understand, but their level of censorship is truly worthy of Thailand.
    The following excerpts are taken from their forum rules page: 'In using Thai Visa [the user] agree[s]:'
    'Not to discuss moderation publicly in the open forum; this includes individual actions, and specific or general policies and issues.',
    'Not to post URL links to other forums',
    'Our contracts with our advertisers prohibit comments with regard to advertisements which appear on our forums.',
    'Discussion of software or other methods to block advertisements is not allowed.'

    They are the best online source for visa information that I know. Some very knowledgeable people are members there and those provide top-notch expertise on various topics, but as a platform thaivisa is VERY disappointing.

    So an even bigger THANK YOU to you for fighting this through!

  22. I think Sam has answered your question, AD

    But it's not just Thaivisa, the other forums are just or almost as bad. The admins and mods have a different agenda from the role of informing and warning

    I am aware of the libel laws here but there are safe ways of keeping posters informed and not stifling debate

  23. Seems Drew has written some more drivel about you on his Pattaya Times web-site. Truly, this guy is living in lala land

  24. It is calculated by the number of people who choose to install the alexa toolbar, this was pushed by some of the local forums previously, so the figures are probably exaggerated as they assume a percentage of global users have the toolbar.. but proportionally it will be spot on.

  25. Andrew, If you look at many of Drews articles you will notice an air of self importance. This imaginary state of mind can only be linked to a condition similar to that of the fictitious character “Walter Mitty�. Drew seems to think that Thailand as a country and Pattaya in particular, cannot function without his input and guidance. We read his captions that would lead us to believe that “people of importance�, or “prominent people�, or “influential people� all seem to request his input to make decisions. Apparently Drew believes these Thai Officials are Not Capable of making decisions on their own. As you read your article with the picture insert (and caption below) of Drew and Police General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart, one wonders, why, would anyone who has risen to the level of “Supreme Commander of Thailand Crime Suppression Division� need to discuss or even want to discuss ANYTHING with someone like Drew? The answer is, THEY DO NOT. That article of Drews’ insults the integrity of the General and the Office of the General. It also seems that Drew was, again, flaunting his “people of importance� against “bloggers� (like you and everyone here) who “tarnish� reputable peoples’ (what he thinks he is) reputations. The truth of the matter is that this type of “Openness and Transparency� shines the Light of Honesty and Truth on people with covert intentions. Does it appear that Drew Walter Noyes has a Superiority Complex?

  26. Kieth A., Free advice??? You may think “…it was free…� but “it� is not! You are paying for “it� now. You are supporting someone who has “con�vinced you of many things that are not true.
    You say: (to Andrew)“Your articles won’t make a difference�,…
    The Truth is: Andrews articles have already made a difference, look at all the people that are rallying to expose this fraudulent activity.
    You say: “The police are in his pocket or his legal services would be bankrupt�.
    The Truth is: The police are NOT in his pocket as he would have you believe AND he is supporting his agenda by his devious activities here; liquidating some inherited assets; and government subsidies from his country.
    You say: “The expats clubs welcome him with open arms and roll out the red carpet…�
    The Truth Is: Of course they do! They welcome everyone; that is in their charter; that is why they exist. He is a good speaker (no one has ever said differently) but the mixture of fiction and truth in What he says is the problem.
    He is a “Fear Mongerâ€?; as long as you believe he is “connectedâ€? YOU will fear him and do nothing to stop him. You say you are “… not a friend of Noyes …â€? – it seems you are a friend of “Deedâ€?, you have heard the cliché: “a friend in need is a friend in deedâ€?. He is “working youâ€?!!! As for the “fundraisingâ€?, … you have already seen, he has taken all the “Gloryâ€? trying to advertise that he is a good guy when we all know that is a façade. That is all of us except possibly you. You say “… Noyes isn’t going anywhere …â€?, don’t be so sure, he left his home country and family under the “heatâ€? didn’t he.

  27. Dont believe that Keith A. is Keith Avery that is mentioned in the report. This is Drew hiding behind the name Keith A to make it look like Keith Avery wrote it without actualy putting the full name. Several years ago Drew tried to convince us to invest in what he described as the best location in Pattaya which was the 2nd level of the Tops store in Pattaya second road.He had an office there. Drew told us of grand plans that he had. None of these were true. We nearly invested there but had to wait for funds from the sale of a property luckily and by the time we got the money the Tops project was already a failure. Keith Avery was the biggest loser of this Noyes scam at a period of his life that was when he should have been retiring after a lifetime of hard work. From memory he lost about half a million THB ""key money"" that went straight into Drews pocket that he refused to refund. The fitout of a shop, plus wages and rent,plus other costs pushed Keiths loss to over 1 million THB. I have since lost Keiths phone number due to losing my cell phone but will endevor to catch up with him when I am next in pattaya.He is a nice guy and at the time my wife and i really felt for seems the nicer a person is ,the bigger target they come for Drew Noyes.
    To Drew as i know he reads this. You nearly fooled me, and if you had, my wife and my retirement would have been ruined.It looks like everything is now catching up with you.
    Anyone else out there who fell for the Tops Scam, plase come forward TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM THIS CONMAN.
    Warm regards Peter Healy

  28. Ah, the second floor of Topps, a brilliant low-budget variation of selling beer bars in the middle of nowhere. You open a ""retail store"" in the ""best location in Pattaya."" As a respectable business owner, you are now entitled to a work permit, solving your immigration worries and you can even register your home under the same corporation. Your girlfriend can spend her days happily minding the shop and staying out of trouble. Drew handles all of the transactions relating to the corporation, work permit, etc. at exhorbitant rates. In reality, you get a tiny kiosk that is nothing more than an open frame display in the middle of a ghost town. That's if you were one of the early investors because the whole thing collapsed in record time and nobody got their deposits back.

  29. Net Pflug: i don't know whether its the mug of hot milk and Famous Grouse I am drinking (I have a cold) but your last post set me off on a fit of hysterical giggles. You have just given me one episode of the sit-com I am writing P-A-T-T-A-Y-A mainly featuring Brits, a couple of Russians, Germans and now almost certainly an American. So far only the Thais are hi-so but I can squeeze in a Somsak or two and definitely the girls. We have many fine Thai actresses in the UK now.

  30. Good news is:

    The Domain Name:
    has an Expiration Date: 2012-08-08 16:33:36
    Yeah! Next year in August!

    The Creation Date is: 2008-08-08 16:33:36

    I hope that this guy, Dew Noyes, will find an end with his lying website!

  31. Obviously Andrew has more substantive claims to investigate than the following tidbit;

    'In 1968, at the age of 12 he trademarked with the Secretary of State of North Carolina’s office the name “Pleasure Island� which included Carolina Beach, Wilmington Beach, Kure Beach and the Civil War historical site Fort Fisher. He thought the towns were too closed to cooperating with each other and the island would be stronger if under one name, yet keep their town identities. He was right.'

    Such a precociously talented youngster.

    I'm thinking Andrew also won't have time to investigate whether that pallid complexion is natural or if he borrows some foundation from the wife prior to any photo opportunities.

  32. Andrew,

    Why write a sitcom when you've already wonderfully constructed a reality soap opera far more absorbing than Coronation Street will ever be?

    The irony is that whereas Corrie is make-believe, the circumstances you've brought to attention are horrifingly true.

  33. More not necessarily important Noyes idiocy. As that great English philosopher, Ian Brown, said, 'You tell lies, when the truth will do.'

    Noyes Realty Drew Noyes Real Estate Development 613 'Geen'(sic) Valley Drive Noyes Realty Building Wilmington, NC 28428.

    Have a look at the first link, or on google maps for a satellite view of the 'Noyes Realty Building' at 613 Green Valley Drive, Wilmington, NC 28428.

  34. Thoeni -Do you think it will last that long. I believe he is already trying to sell its 'good name': This for instance he sent a local publisher yesterday:

    ""We operate a real newspaper website and publish a broadsheet newspaper in Pattaya . The Bangkok Post is our partner and we strive to write the best of Pattaya as you write about the sweetness of Phuket. Please cooperate with us to promote Thailand and our cities in a positive way. Getting rid of tabloid journalist who demean Thailand and its people as Drummond does is more helpful that a few positive stories. Once he is gone, the positive stories no longer compete with his negative profiles of life in Thailand.
    Best wishes,

    Drew Noyes

  35. Thanks Aulurker,just checked out that site. Drew lists CEO James Noyes, PR. Carrie Noyes and office manager Walter Noyes. They are 3 of his children, ages 1,2 and 13 years old. also annual revenue 20 to 50 Million Dollars. Yet Koon and her kids live in goverment housing.Looks like another web site of his has been""hijacked"" LMFAO

  36. Andrew>> You mentioned in one post that Drew claimed that he was 'invited' here 'by royal decree'. Can you find the source for this, in clear English? Hopefully with backup of the source (or links to Wayback Machine or other internet website history site)? Claiming to have been invited by HRM when infact he wasn't is a foundation for a LM charge against Drew.

  37. In some places he says he was invited by Royal Proclamation in other says he was invited under the Treaty of Amity. In other places he says he was an advisor to the Bank of Thailand. He still maintains he is a Thao government advisor. Where do you begin? I do not want to go down the LM road. The Thai authorities have seen this. They just think he is one sandwich short.

  38. More from the shallow end of the empty pool – I can't recall if Andrew has displayed Mr Noyse's 'family crest', but there's an image here;
    Multiple double-crosses and a bird crapping on someone's head; so it's obviously in the genes. Family motto – nuncia pacis oliva, which may translate to 'And hold the olives'.

    Maple Leaf – nice work, there seems to be some actual 'Noyes Realty' sites, but none listing a James, Carrie or Walter. Now we know why.

  39. A THEORY: These wild lies Drew has posted on the web are for THAI consumption (possibly in translation) to impress Thai officials an important people. Even Drew, who views every other member of humanity as a potential ""mark"", cannot really believe that other Americans or Europeans could fall for the crudely constructed lies on which claim that the ""Noyes Family"" is a major real estate developer in New York City and North Carolina and lists Drew's 1 to 14 year old kids as the Board of Directors. Thais, on the other hand, are viewed by Drew as provincial fools who revere anybody who ostentatiously displays power and wealth. I shudder to think of what monstrous lies would turn up by searching ""Drew Noyes"" on the Thai-language web.

  40. I think that, "" Royal Proclamation"" was extended to any and all experts to assist in the financial crisis. In typical Noyes fashion , he worded it so as to make it seem it was a personal invite. It's the badges and other made up citations I think a possible LM charge could stem from.
    He's obviously trying to play the, "" I'm better for Thailand than Drummond's truth, "" card. Hence the Pattaya ASEAN hub article and phone spamming. And he may well prevail because of it, aesthetics being so much more important than substance in this culture.
    ( Whoops, something negative about Thailand…)If he has already left Thailand on a scheduled trip, somehow, I don't think he'll be back- he's obviously guilty of lying,libel, scamming and fraud and there may well be a LM charge in there, too. Surely, even in his deluded mind, he must know wrong he is.

    Mr. Noyes,
    Are you a lawyer? Are you the only American lawyer in Thailand registered to work as one? Are you really accredited with the USA SEC ? Because that's what you've led people to believe and it is a lie, through and through .

    Note how he never, ever addresses those core allegations, not to mention the fraud and scamming.

  41. Starfighter: His pretence that he is doing good for Thailand while I am doing bad may wash with a few officials in Pattaya but nowhere else. One of the main aims of this site is to improve conditions and expose injustice. Yes I know that sounds a bit like the 3 Amigos. I do not attack Thailand but I do point up stuff when it goes wrong or bad. Many senior Thais are aware of this and indeed help out.
    As for suing him obviously all those things are with lawyers. I fear there are a few people ahead in the queue 🙂 and all I will get is his old Teana replete with all his police badges.

  42. It looks like the Drew Noyes motherlode of links, for those interested, is at Looks like 20 or so different links to profiles. I like that he can't spell his own qualifications – 'Education Bachlor's (sic) of Science in Journalism , Journalism & International Marketing University of Tennesee, Post Graduate , Graphic Design & Layout Royal Academy of the Arts' from or perhaps 'Education: 1983-1984 Royal Academy of the Arts, London – holographic photography Learned from one of the most eminent holographic photographers about this incredible art form at the Royal Academy or the Arts in London.' from Actually, the winner would have to be his claim from the same link that the Noyes' are actually a separate race 'Known, on the whole, as an adventurous, quick witted, fun-loving race, the Noyeses have, in many cases, displayed a far above average intellectual ability and a capacity for leadership. These characteristics, combined with their natural strength of body and will, have brought them to the fore in many fields, including science, law, and literature.'

  43. Mapleleaf,not only does Drew use his children to misrepresent people he also uses his dead mother. He writes ""Drew Noyes is the son of childhood star Ellen Kirpatrick Johnston who appeared in legendary, US short films ""The Little Rascals"" and ""Our Gang"" comedies during the Great Depression – which have survived in syndication as cult icons like Star Trek – and she later authored the internationally-acclaimed novel, Jacob's Ladder, under the name of Kathryn Johnston Noyes. The novel was a best-seller in Poland.""
    Records show that nobody by that name was ever in the movies he claims though a lot of people have been caught out saying that they were. Childhood star she aint. She did write a fictional poor selling book. Maybe thats where Drew gets his wild imagination from. Interesting she used a name that wasnt hers.
    Regarding his father ""Commander Noyes was praised by his crew and their families. Amazingly, not a single man was lost from his crew during the five landings of troops, tanks and armaments during the Normandy Invasion, D-Day landings on 6 June 1944. No other ship landed as many times as most of the initial landings had crew fatalities as high as 95%."" Hmmm,sounds like he was not really in the thick of it.
    They must be rolling in there graves.tHE LIES NEVER STOP.

  44. The Dirty Dog looks like an absolute geek. Looks like Dirty Dog and Drew Noyes are friends with each other as nobody else wants to be there friends.Losers hanging out together not because they like each other but just so it looks like they have a friend. Is he part of the Thai Polo set or does Drew only use himwhen he needs him.

  45. one of drews more ridiculous claims is that he is related to actress Drew Barrymore. He states in his serving the thai king story that he is related to ""screen actor John Barrymore and American actress Drew Barrymore, whose first name they share because it is a family name as well. The Drew family has married many Noyes and Barrymore namesakes."" Sounds a bit incestuos and weird.
    So by having the same first name he is related. That leads me to the conclusion that in fact DREW barrymore,DREW noyes and anDREW drummond are all in fact are from the same family.
    anDREW your brother DREW is a complete nutter. What is he thinking writing up all these lies is a story about the Thai King. King number 11 by the way. I didnt realise number 9 had passed on as well as number 10. Hey, but it must be true because I read it in the Pattaya times newspaper owned by DREW. Nutter,a complete and utter nutter.
    He adds ""Drew Noyes is a descendant of Alfred Noyes 1880–1958, famous poet most well-known for ""The Highwayman."" Another blatant lie. Tell your brother if he is going to lie, at least do some research. Took me 5 minutes to discover the truth on that one.

  46. AD, you know the old saying about messing with someone else's rice bowl in Asia, right? Keep it up and either Noyes or DD will have their way with you. Sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut, even though you may be in the right. Especially in a country where you have zero rights and we all know just how easily someone can get banged up for absolutely no logical reason at all in Thailand. All you have to do is piss off the wrong person.

  47. Keyser,

    That is quite correct but also highlights what a closed society Thailand has.

    Investigative journalism is unwelcome in Thailand if it harms those with power or connections.

    Which in a way is why we need maverick journos stirring matters up, as long as they act with some integrity and ethics.

  48. Was at the teppasit night market and saw the pappa office with a cheesy picture of Drew Noyes on the window. He makes me sick with his fake smile.He claims to have pattaya's biggest law firm, thailands largest advertising company and 30 oversees educated journalists doing his flagship pattaya newspaper. So at least 100 staff.
    Well,I could only see about 5 chairs so they must be small people working for him.

  49. Police General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart, Commander of the Crime Suppression Division ordered this site to be closed down a year ago, according to Drew Noyes and the Pattaya Times. But it is actually getting bigger and better with more readers daily. Drew was lying again. Meanwhile, with immigration and the Land registry office refusing Drew Noyes' clients, perhaps this is aimed at closing down Drew Noyes instead. Drew continues to mislead his clients telling them they can buy property using his loopholes. ONLY THAIS CAN BUY PROPERTY IN THAILAND. Gettid? Drew will tell you anything to get his hands on your money. He will even tell you he is a lawyer, a doctor, a journalist, father of the year, an expert etc. etc. and family man. Whatever he thinks will work on his next victim. Drew told Andrew that he would use his 'influential friends' to close down this website. It never happened. Was this because Andrew has more influential friends or was it because Drew doesn't have any friends, let alone influential friends?

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