The American managing director of US Immigration Law in Bangkok, also known as My Thai Fiancée, in Bangkok, is due to testify in July on a charge of child sexual abuse, after numerous delays in the case.

Edward Brian Wright, from Block Island, Rhode Island, USA,  is charged with abusing a 12-year-old girl. The hearing had been delayed due to a witness going missing. The witness was located and testified.

The latest delay was at the request of the defence.  The hearing  in case no 8899/53 is now scheduled at Pattaya Provincial Court for July 22th at 1.30 pm.

US Immigration Law and My Thai Fiancée, specialize in getting visas for Thai women wishing to marry US citizens.

Noyes and Wright on a night out

In March 1996 The Courant newspaper published the statement that in West Hartford (Connecticut)  a Brian Wright, 39, of Block Island, R.I., was arrested on a warrant charging him with first-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor child.

Det. Capt. James Gustafson, a police department spokesman  said Wright, who turned himself in with his attorney present, was accused of assaulting the girl January 28th

Gustafson declined to answer more questions, saying that the arrest warrant had been ordered sealed in Superior Court in West Hartford because of the girl’s age.

Wright was presented in Superior Court after his arrest, and was freed on $15,000 bail, police said.

Block Island has a population of about 1,000.

Wright was a business and social friend of the controversial American Drew Walter Noyes, the former publisher of his self promoting Pattaya Times  newspaper on Thailand’s eastern seaboard. Like #DrewNoyes, who boasted that he was an  American lawyer, Wright also gave people the impression that he was a practitioner of law.


  1. What was the outcome of the case in the US, Andrew? If guilty and the same person how the hell did he gain entry into Thailand?

    1. Exactly! The best indicator of present behaviour is past behaviour, especially if it involves sexual deviants. It is very rare for these people to reform. Many are serial offenders as shown in the recent Royal Commission in Australia regarding sexual abuse by the clergy. We can only imagine how many of these people are roaming free in Thailand.

      What makes these people so insidious is their ability to manipulate themselves into positions where they can commit their crimes.

      In regards to the Catholic church, if any other organization was found to be infested with as many child abusers as they obviously have been – they would be closed down and banned forever.

    2. He gained entry into Thailand because disclosure of felonies, arrests, etc. is a self-reporting obligation. Unless your passport is flagged or you give them some reason for suspicion, the chances of an independent inquiry by immigration that would exclude you from entering Thailand is virtually nil.

  2. Sad thing is, my wife and I used him to help get her K1 visa.
    Had I known then 9 years ago we never would of used him..
    Never knew he was hooked up with Drew either untill I started reading you site.
    I knew he was in property deals. but he never pitched any of it to us..

    1. Hanks lost a lot of weight on Monday sitting in KS Samui court but not called as witness for Goudie. I'm holding stuff on BG and Flabby for a rainy day this week.(including posts made here which have not yet been published.) Hajghton will return like a bad penny

  3. Drew's drinking buddy from Jomtien complex. After Wright's arrest Drew was down at Soi 9 police station on Beach road trying to use his influential contacts. Then Drummond was informed and broke the story. Then Drew tried denying knowing him. Then admitting knowing him, but he 'is not a friend, he is a business competitor.' claimed Drew.
    Then they were exposed together as founders of an 'illegal' children's charity along with another American porn producer, Wright was arrested and Drew voted out and refused to pay his membership. It was said that despite being the founders neither were ever seen giving any of their own money. They were happy to be photographed presenting the money other people had kindly given. What other reasons might these 2 have to help poor young children?
    Then Wright was exposed as the godfather of one or more of Noyes children. And then they teamed up in a lawsuit against this site I believe.
    And a mysterious poster has previously posted here that the alleged sexual assault on a 12 year old had been a misunderstanding and the charges dropped. Seems like the poster was having a bout of wishful thinking.

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