With the continuing court actions against this site and Andrew Drummond personally, and increasing net attacks on him and anyone supporting him, cash is continually needed to continue the fight against foreign criminals in Thailand and SE Asia.

But rather than write an appeal himself. Can you do it? Can you contribute 200 to 300 or more words if the ink keeps flowing and even in Thai, to describe why people should support www.andrew-drummond against continuous attacks – anonymous or otherwise.

And Andrew Drummond aged 79.

Some of your support has been tremendous. Some of your comments have been great and uplifting. every time the pennies run out.

If you have a moment please take a moment and send your words to this site – either as a comment or a contact or by email direct to andrew(at)andrew-drummonddotcom.

Meanwhile thank you for recent contributions. You will also all be thanked personally.

Contributions along the lines ‘Why you should not give money to the fighting fund will also be considered if crafted intelligently  and do not contain phrases like ‘innocent businessmen benefiting the community’.



  1. Why not try one of them crowd sourcing fund sites and take the fight to a much wider audience…..gofundme or indiegogo for example.

    1. They're us based but same principle… Kickstarter of gofundme are both popular… I think if it was a specific goal such as 'fund x number of cases for x baht' people would be more inclined to donate as they'll have a stake of sort in the cases rather than a general appeal

  2. I've been a long time follower of this site. In this day and age it is rare to find investigative journalism. It is even rarer for a journalist to follow a case through to the end.

    Andrew has helped many people find justice in a system that will often do its best to deny it. Every honest expat in Thailand should get behind and support Andrew in his fight against like likes of Drew Noyes, Brian Goudie and David Hanks.

    These people are making all us farang's look stupid. Drew with his lies and resume with more fiction in it than a Harry Potter novel. A fake lawyer with this pathetic gate-crashing habit where he acts like some form of 'influential person groupie' clamoring for attention. Turning up at functions where it's clear he's about as wanted as a fresh turd in a swimming pool.

    Then we have Brian pretending to be a Royal Marine Captain and Lawyer. What an insult to all the real men who have served their country. My father was in the British Navy in WW2 so to see this fraud claiming service is a disgrace to all the fallen ones and Marines still serving.

    Lastly libel laws stop me revealing things I know about the brothel trade and the trafficking of Thai women in Australia. I know exactly how it works so someone who has profited off it to me is a F###ing scumbag.

    If these people just went on with their roach like existences nobody would care as forewarned is forearmed. To keep taking out their vile and vexatious litigation shows just how devious and ruthless these people are.

    Behind the cheap Tesco shirts and ties are very disturbed people. Phoneys, thieves and career fraudsters. We need to get behind Andrew and show these reprobates we are sick of their crap.

  3. I return to Jomtien on August 3. I offer to lend my assistance to a fund-raising event or two in Pattaya. I can certainly help to organize and take care of a few logistics. I certainly do not want to be the leader, but perfectly willing to help.

    Maybe a humorous MC, send invitations to Korlov, Noyse, and the other two as esteemed, prosperous and upstanding farangs. Name cards and empty chairs on the dais for the guests of honor. With a reasonable entry fee to your legal fund you might draw hundreds of people.

  4. If you don't like people who gatecrash events.
    If you don't like people who act as a friend to steal your money.
    If you don't like people who steal from charities.
    If you don't like people who rape children but portray themselves as family men.
    If you don't like dead beats who refuse to pay child support.
    If you don't like people who misinform and prey on the elderly.
    If you don't like rapists
    If you don't like wife beaters.
    If you don't like pimps who film underage girls performing sex acts to sell on the internet.
    Well then DONATE TO THIS SITE!
    The above is a description of just one of the creeps Andrew Drummond fights on a daily basis.But many others share many of his traits.

  5. Testimonial From Anon Koh Samui
    I have been a fairly regular visitor to Andrew Drummond’s website for a while but the story that really caught my eye was the revelation that an American, masquerading as a lawyer in Pattaya and with interflora on speed dial wasn’t what he appeared to be. I had earlier taken at face value the fact that the same man had organized a legal seminar for the Thailand-wide expat community that was to be broadcast online & duly tuned in. After a few mins I realized something was up when I couldn’t hear anything and all I could see was his fizzog! I had no idea who he was but was intrigued when Drummond enlightened everyone & set about exposing him.
    More recently I have found myself in the presence of the remainder of the 3 stooges by pure coincidence. I was having lunch & minding my own business when Bampot & False-face twice sat within earshot and proceeded to shimph (that’s one for the Jocks!) about activities in a nearby court. When they later saw me, suited and booted and with briefcase in hand, strolling along the same corridor in the court building they nearly died! They had no idea who I was but for a full 15 mins had assumed I was part of AD’s team yet I was tending to something else completely and had only ‘clocked’ them thanks to this websiteJ
    Please keep up the good work, and please thank “the Weapon” for his excellent caricatures!

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