A block by the Thai government on this site seems to have done little so far to diminish readership figures, indicating that many people in Thailand may have already set up VPN connections.

Page views are still hovering around the 10,000 mark and at the moment I am considering further actions to make articles more widely accessible. 

Views have been generally down to this figure since left with my children our home in Bangkok last year – and only in the last week have we settled.

But first I am seeking clarification from the relevant Thai Ministries to establish which article or articles they consider crossed their barrier.

Could for instance it be the story supporting the Bangkok Post journalist Justin Heifetz who appeared to have taken the mickey out of the Royal Thai Navy, who says he faced problems not only with an admiral but also his superiors and the Bangkok Post?

Could the Boiler Rooms bosses really have had enough influence to bring in such a block?

Our familiar American extortionist Drew Noyes has been claiming credit but his rantings are getting even more erratic by the day.

I was in the garden of a Wiltshire country pub on a sunny day downing an Arkells and watching my kids playing in the play area which so many British pubs provide now, when I heard the military government had blocked the site.  That was odd – only two weeks ago Thailand’s Public Relations Department sent along a representative to give testimony for me against Thailand’s most famous fake lawyer Drew Noyes.

I’m here in ‘elf and safety’ Britain and Wiltshire is allegedly the birthplace or family seat of the ancestors of Drew Noyes (who apparently won the Battle of Hastings) and have rather taken to it.

I have been scouring from Cotswolds to Ramsbury and am now settled in a small 3 bed-roomed house and my kids have been admitted to a good school.

Posts on my site have gone down recently because, well, I am a single dad, and I’m doing the nappy changing, cooking, dressing, washing ironing etc. and so they have been a little sporadic. I won’t be returning to anything like full time work until I can get my priceless Karen nanny replaced.

Thanks to the countless well-wishers and those asking from Thailand which is the best VPN to use. I’m not an expert. I have suggested a few.  Most people have tried and are seem to be getting through ok.

Perhaps those who can could help those who cannot on Facebook.

I have of course numerous options.  However the best course of action is to await the answers from the relevant ministries in Thailand to see what has caused them offence.

Meanwhile I will try to get the kids used to English cuisine while I continue on a diet of as much Atlantic or North Sea fish and prawns as I can take. I might even go as far as jellied eel.  So far I have only managed to sell the kids on strawberries and cream.

Meanwhile readers can expect to continue to receive the usual bundle of items they will not find in the Thai newspapers. I am in daily contact with Thailand of course.


  1. I think blocking this website about sums up the country in a nutshell.

    Unfortunately Thailand as a very long way to go before it joins the ranks of being civilised, where freedom of speech can prevail.

    1. Sadly Thailand is a mirror image of its own people and all their short comings. Thailand needs to grow up and mature into a first world country as it aspires to be, though will never attain as long as it impinges upon free speech and makes use of the abuse of LM laws. Like a dog chasing its tail, Thailand will continue to chase democracy only to get nowhere fast all because of its own stupidity. The sad fact is that its leaders can not even see it much less take remedial action.

  2. "A block by the Thai government on this site seems to have done little so far to diminish readership figures"

    Could that be because, err, the site isn't actually blocked? Not everywhere, anyway. I'm still browsing, and posting this message, with no problems at all in Thailand without using a VPN.

  3. Change is coming whether the Thais like it or not. The only person who has held the country together is going to die and it is certain people will pounce to try and marginalise the rest of the clan's influence. How it will play out is anybody's guess. The people who have had the power are all very old now and will die off. I doubt if change will come without bloodshed or suffering. It rarely does……………..

    As for the site being blocked, it is a blessing really as anything banned or blocked inevitably becomes more popular and sought after. It vindicates everything you have been saying about the Thai system. You have done nothing wrong so you have the the moral high ground already.

    With 3 young kids you are better off out of Thailand where they can get a real education and be critical thinkers. Thai people have so much potential but are betrayed by their predator ruling class who are just selfish self servers. Their totally corrupt system isn't going to change in our lifetime.

  4. I think you can rule out Noyes, he's all bluff and noise, though he likes to boast that he 'knows all the right people' the ones he does know only use him for the 'tea money' he pays them and do not have enough influence. These so called 'right people' couldn't even get him off the Pattaya clinic extortion charges! My guess is that the boiler room bosses are responsible.

  5. "Unfortunately Thailand has a very long way to go before it joins the ranks of being civilized, where freedom of speech can prevail."

    Yes the guest, we'll know for certain that there's complete freedom of speech and concomitant media freedom in Thailand when two things happen simultaneously –

    When Pigs fly, and saving face for (the majority of) Thais is no longer the paramount, all-encompassing, broad-based, sole-criteria, raison d'etre of inherent, dogmatic, ingrained Thai (cultural) life itself.

    Oh, never mind – when Pigs fly.

  6. "Thai people have so much potential but are betrayed by their predator ruling class who are just selfish self servers. Their totally corrupt system isn't going to change in our lifetime."

    Regarding potential, The Weapon knows well that (almost) any farang with a (large, extended) Thai family(through marriage) sees first hand the talent of Thai people.

    My Thai niece studied 3 years in Canada (Vancouver and Montreal) as part of her training to be a Doctor, and by the tender age of 33 she was already teaching other burgeoning young Thai Doctors in Hat Yai.

    Others in my Thai family are also top shelf, but don't credit me in any way shape of form, as I'm related strictly by marriage.

    Although it's true that the Thai Education system is currently sub par, there are some decent teachers and classroom settings sprinkled in, and some of the Thai (Chinese) kids these days work their butts off. Just having the ability to go out of the country for part of a Thai person's education is a plus – just ask AD.

    The niece who studied in Canada was blessed (or lucky) that her parents owned plenty of rubber tree land, where they have about 40 rented houses now. Talk about a little Thai gold mine..

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