Last night this website topped 250,000 readers in the last month which is worth having a small beer to celebrate. Today it also should top that amount. The counter resets itself each day at 7 am.

I think it will settle down at around this level. Good news all around. Although we are about three hundred on the list of most popular sites in Thailand I believe we are in the top five in English language news sites.

People come to this site because we actually report.  Alexa statistics show they stay on it longer than than both the Bangkok Post and Nation newspapers. People are confident in our news and investigations.

Our bounce rate is lower than both newspapers. That indicates that while more people currently click on the Post and Nation on a daily basis they click and scan and are off again while people clicking here on average stay 5.44 minutes.  (Bangkok Post 4.31 mins – Nation 3.08 mins).                                                            

Steve Mascari recently wrote in his report on Niels Colov the CEO of the Pattaya People Media Group – ‘If you ain’t making waves you ain’t paddling’.

Actually we are probably going fast on twin screws.  In a developing country this can create more than waves. One or two of our advertisers have been threatened by people exposed on this site.

We thank them for their support and for standing by us. And if anybody else out there wishes to show support with an ad don’t hesitate to contact us. Space is limited.

Meanwhile we want your stories. We WILL publish news and investigations you will not find elsewhere – and we WILL fight to defend the truth. The evidence is there in the Thai courts as time after time we are defeating people who are trying to close us down.

And we thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Relations Department of Thailand who have stood by us during these attacks.

This is however still a loss leading site. We make no money – advertising still exists to ease our burden. We have not finished fighting in the courts. We are there again tomorrow and we will win again but we still need help. Any contributions will be appreciated either clicking on the Paypal button here or by contacting us for local bank details.

Finally congratulations to Skippy Le Chihuahua who became our 250,000 poster. Skippy is an avid reader of this site and even came, wagging his tail to Pattaya Provincial Court, to lend his support, which included relieving himself against a car with a Lions Club badge on it.


  1. It isn't just your reporting that is appreciated and badly needed, but how you simply refuse to be intimidated and shut up. I really admire that and shall always attempt to emulate it. A thousand and one thanks, and another contribution coming your way tomorrow.

  2. Having gone through the list it looks like this…

    18 – Thaivisa
    139- phuketgazette
    189- The Nation
    223- Coconuts
    235 – Bahtsold
    301 – Andrew Drummond
    312- Pattaya Addicts
    393 – Pattaya One
    428 – Phuketwan
    461 – Teakdoor
    The list runs out, but I'll add a few of my own… – 2879
    pattaya people – 3102
    pattaya times – 3965
    onestopservices – too rubbish – no data
    askthailandpolice – too rubbish – no data

  3. I think I should state that is 1/4 million page views. Many people no doubt come back and back again. But it shows a good solid hard core of readership which is rising

    1. Solid and hard core. Think that would be the case if we were all gay and liked looking at Drews gay photo so often. In fact the more you look at it, the more your mind wanders…I was just admiring it and wondering if he has nipple rings. So not just readership rising.

    2. Thanks Lee, this is an Amazon Affiliate program that we are trying out, we get a commission on each sale to people that go there via the ad on the right. The Kindle is a great piece of equipment so it fits nicely with our advertising ethos, time will tell if we continue to publish these types of ads. Appreciate your feedback and support.

  4. This site is one of the more positive aspects of the internet. The first thing psychopathic predators do is isolate their victims with threats and intimidation. This site shows that one righteous person has more power than dozens of these toe rags. The victim can find a voice and get support, even if it is just a bit of emotional support. Many people feel powerless against these people and that is why they have been able to get away with so much without sanction.

    Noyes in particular has shown the lengths he is willing to go to tarnish and smear Andrew. Almost text book behaviour of the psychopath with a complete inability to admit wrongdoing. Without exposure on this site only God knows how many people would have become victims of parasites like Noyes. I sincerely thank Andrew for his selfless actions in standing up for the victims and their families.

    To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.

    -Abraham Lincoln

  5. Can you see the IP address of visitors? I'm guessing a certain Mr Noyes and Goudie(sic) would ironically be among the most frequent visitors…I suspect the irony is lost on the gruesome twosome though…

  6. Can you see the IP address of visitors? I'm guessing two of the most frequent would be the gruesome twosome although I suspect the irony is lost on them…

  7. AD,
    Get StatCounter, it's free and provides all kinds of info on site visitors including IP location , pages they visit next and where they came from.

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