Publisher promises to bring out the dirt on witness unless
he testifies for him

Controversial Pattaya ‘businessman’ Drew Noyes has sent a
message to whom he believes is the owner of the now defunct website forum
SubZeroSiam saying he will bring out the dirt on him unless he testifies against
British journalist Andrew Drummond.
Noyes, who has so far had five cases of criminal libel and
libel under the Computer Crimes Act dismissed, has said he would implicate the
man, also American, in ‘sadistic photos of white woman and young Thai girls.’
While records and basic internet checks appear to show the man in question is not the
owner of the SubZeroSiam website Mr. Noyes appears to have a fixation about him
and is suing the same man for criminal libel and libel under the Computer
Crimes Act.

In his action he complains that he has been libelled because a photograph of him wearing a leather jacket and pouch at a gay parade suggests he might be gay but in fact he is a real man with eight children by three different mothers in Thailand.

In fact while the pictures are a ‘spoof’ the accompanying text makes this quite clear.

Noyes, who describes himself as the foreign advisor to the Mayor of Pattaya, claims that after a hearing on October 14th (when Noyes turned up without lawyers) ‘We informed the judge that we will have additional charges we will file against you.’

He warned the American, an academic, that Drummond was going to trial on the same charge of ‘altering a photo to defame’.

“Maybe if you are still here with Kanolkrat (sic) you can see his criminal trials in Pattaya tomorrow, Wednesday and next Monday, as well as the verdict against him on Thursday  (Case was dismissed) 

“His two criminal trials in the south in Samui will be in court there on November 17th. He has more cases scheduled in Pattaya and north of here in the next two months. It will cost him a small fortune travelling, paying lawyers, translators, etc. and much more when he loses.”

He concludes:

“If you are willing to admit what you have done and testify as to what you know about Drummond’s conspiracies to defame people for site traffic yielding income, we still stop additional action against you. Only because you are married. Talk to your wife. Take the offer.”

The witness has not been identified as he appears to be the subject of a blackmail threat. But the ‘Gay Parade’ picture he refers to is below. It is clearly photo-shopped and was not produced by either SubZerosSiam or the administrator of this site.

Readers of this site will of course know that Drew likes women, at least their bodies, abnormally so.

But he lied to the court when he said he gives them all houses and cars. A former girlfriend recently took him to Chonburi court (He claims he took her to seek joint custody of their daughter) and was awarded a child support payment.

The victim has confirmed that Drew Noyes sent the sms message from a mobile number Drew Noyes has called from frequently. However it is not the number he has called this site on regularly.

But when we called the number we received an unmistakeable voice mail message from Drew Noyes. “At the tone leave your name and number and I will get back to you.”

‘You can always send a text message to this phone for a faster response’.

Andrew Drummond is seeking dismissal of the latest charge today.

COMMENT: This photo-shopped picture above was not photo-shopped by anyone on this site but sent to us by a reader as have the classic pictures of Brian Goudie as Goudie of the Bailey, and Goudie as a Royal Marine, Drew Noyes as a radio personality, etc


  1. This is obviously black mail as was the attempt several months ago when Wee Burney attempted something very similar on Topper….I hope this time the authorities will be notified of an attempt at blackmail and then investigate and prosecute. The imbecile Noise also attempted to blackmail me by saying he was going to contact my Mexican boss if I didn't apologise….Dopey you stupid man……you don't know who I work for…..
    On a separate point involving Noise and his children….his FB page is now a testament to what a great father and socialite he's become..(only joking, its actually quite sickening) but he insists in using his surname for all of his children…now assuming he was legally married to the 1st woman then ok for the older children but how can he call the younger ones Noyes when he wasn't legally married to their mother/ mothers. I have personal experience of this, it's quite a fraught procedure to get the fathers name on the child's birth certificate, it just isn't a case of saying I'm the father they will have my surname.

    1. somewhat wrong. It is actually very easy to get your name on your childs birth certificate, I have done it more than once and not married.

    2. Well Sam…you obviously know something the officials up here don't. Without being legally married my daughter could not have my name, it wasn't until 10 days later and a civil marriage in the local government offices that a new cert was issued and her name changed to mine. They wouldn't even do that until my passport had been translated into Thai and certified.

    3. Local area poppycock. Many officials are so ignorant of their own rules and will not dare to be seen as wrong, specially to a foreigner and lose their precious face. Two kids, not married and both have my surname on all documents…..not ever questioned in fact.

  2. I think Noyes needs to find a lawyer that will actually represent him before he issues more threats and blackmail.


    Errr…link when available please? :-))

    More seriously I can't understand why this saga is continuing for so long, surely the Thai authorities must be tiring of all these unsuccessful libel cases and accusations wasting everyone's time? And yes I understand the game plan but I would have thought by now the Thai authorities would have had enough of the antics and taken a closer interest in the accusations that have been levelled at these characters.

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