Drew Noyes In New Libel Court Tomorrow –

The effrontery of it all!

Drew Noyes, the American businessman first exposed for fraudulent dealings by the American newspaper the Wilmington Morning Star and more recently for other matters on this site, will tell a court tomorrow (Monday) that he has been libeled in a picture caption which read ‘Going to Jail’.

He claims the ‘effrontery’of publishing the picture, which was taken of him when he was arrested with his wife Wanrapa Boonsu on a charge of trying to extort 7 million baht from the Thonglor Clinic, has damaged his reputation.

Beside Noyes and Wanrapa is another picture of Niels Colov, of the Pattaya People Media Group and head of the Pattaya Police Volunteers , who was captioned ‘Been to Jail’. This has not been contested.

A spokesman for the legal firm representing Andrew Drummond, who is being sued, after publishing the picture from the Mangus Evans Facebook page, said they would ask the court to dismiss the case.

Said Andrew Drummond:  “My view is that it is more likely that Drew Noyes’arrest for extortion and publication of that event in Thailand’s biggest newspaper the Thai Rath and the English news may have done more to damage Mr. Noyes reputation.


“Further this is a comment by Mangus Evans, whoever he is, and I would defend his right to speculate as to whether Drew Noyes is going to jail on a charge of extortion, after all people have been speculating for years whether a former Prime Minister of Thailand will go to jail.

“Personally it is not my view that Noyes is going to jail. If he was he should have been there a long time ago.

“If found guilty he should rightly receive a jail sentence. But he was given bail after a day in a police cell and even if convicted I do not rule out that he might be given bail again.

“The ease in which people are given bail on serious crimes is one which was recently highlighted by the father of a Dutch woman, who was beaten and raped on Krabi, who then produced a video and put it on the net in protest when her alleged attacker was bailed.

Mr. Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu are listed for trial on extortion on February 5th next year. On December 8th and 10th another libel court will sit again to hear allegations that he libeled Pattaya businessman, and seasonal Father Christmas Andre Machielsen by calling him a drugs dealer.

Comment & Footnote

The arrest of Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu was not reported in the Pattaya Times, or the Pattaya People, Pattaya Mail or Pattaya Blatt and was withdrawn from the Pattaya One news site after pressure from an influential person.  In other words this news was hidden from foreigners but not Thais in Pattaya. Clearly the owners of the foreign media in Pattaya are not properly representing foreigners. One exception was Pattaya Today.

Footnote: Mangus Evans is actually the creation of Drew Noyes who said he was a Scottish hotel owner  who allegedly wrote to the Pattaya Times calling Andrew Drummond  ‘wanker’ breaking new grounds in English language newspaper publishing in Thailand. 

The nearest Scottish equivalent to Mangus is actually Magnus, which is Icelandic and of course Evans is as Welsh as you could get. Later a person or persons unknown took possession of the name and created a Facebook page with it and subsequently attacked Drew Noyes on several levels.

The Facebook page no longer exists.

The gist of the alleged libel

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  1. Another one to be laughed out of court, but it is a bit of a dig against his best mate Colov, by presenting that image in front of judges. Colov being 10'000% more successful than Noyes would have more to worry about than Noyes surely, but yet he keeps his mouth shut.. Isn't there a distinction between jail and prison in the English language, I've been to jail for like 3 hours, but I've never been to Prison. So where exactly did Noyes go after that picture was taken?

  2. Well Lee i agree with you for several reasons :-
    1 Mr Colov has no right of abode in Thailand because of his past criminal record according to Thailand's Immigration Laws
    2 Mr Colov is not allowed to wear the Royal Thai Police Uniform because he has a criminal record and is an insult to the Institution

    Because they change the chief of police every 2 years and Mr Colov has this position it is easy to understand why his background is overlooked as they think that the previous chief of police must have done it, It time we bombarded the police, city hall, and immigration with complaints from our Thai spouses about what an insult it is to Thai people that a convicted criminal can wear the police uniform and how is he allowed to live here when immigration law says he cannot

  3. AD OT but pertinent to half the population. I was going to comment at your continued, too. Can I ask again?

    Gizmo, at what age are females, women? The assault was on an adult correct, This persistence n using girl for grown women is blatant diminishment, you may not realize this but language terms are suggestive merely through repetitive usage- deliberately. It's why I don't use the term rape, no need to qualify an assault.
    Perhaps you'll consider it?

    1. The thing is Christy. The term woman is PC. The term girl is not. But old men like myself unfortunately refer to fully grown women as, gals, gels,totty etc. etc. etc. Some women even like it. Has it actually been defined when a girl becomes a woman? Second post deleted on the grounds of treason.

    2. Christy, i just popped down to Tescos to get some bacon (smoked back i might add, it's got a lot more flavour)and out side the shop i got talking to someone on a mobility scooter who had a shih tzu on one of those expandable leads, he was telling me how much pleasure the dog gave him and how much he loved him.

      I couldn't stop thinking to myself as i walking back to my flat, what a nice "Old Boy" he was.

  4. Ouch all deleted, some was good ? Harsh judgement. Not treason, but caution.

    If it's " PC " to not be diminishing.,… then that is my argument.Do you consistently call 21 yo men , boys? Why not?
    "Girl" sexualizes young females- why use it? To refer to adult women as women , like it's dirty word, like it is too respectable? I don't get it, it's blatant sexism to me.

    1. Yes that's the thing Chrissy – when I say 'I am going out with the boys' it does not mean I am heading to Sunnee Plaza in Pattaya – it means I am going to have a few drinks with some less than sprightly old rogues one of whom I expect to turn up shortly with a zimmer frame. I do not think I am sexualizing them.

  5. "This persistence n using girl for grown women is blatant diminishment, you may not realize this but language terms are suggestive merely through repetitive usage- deliberately"

    The content is more important to me than how the reportage is worded. As long as it is factual that'll do moi! My advice would be not to think too much!

  6. My advice would be not too think too much. As long as the reportage is accurate the Reporter is getting his point across and that suits me down to the ground!

  7. Jessica, When one's mind thinks… have to go with it.

    Change the language, change the thought.
    Good Ol Boy is not sexualizing. It's respectful slang
    Using girl for a young women, consistently if she is attractive, is slang too, sexual slang.
    It ties her identity with her sexual quotient is my point.
    Any way OK OK I give up. no more "girl talk " use of slang ( which is like farang.. ) I'm surrounded by the most sexist men , and women, I've ever seen. Not to disparage sexism..

    So Mr AD (admin personage,) My comment about effrontery and being careful was deleted wrongly. I protest if possible and ask for review.

  8. I take it as a compliment if referred to as a boy – moreso when not preceded by old.

    I suspect the Bible Belt is the only place with close to 100% PC level. But then again that was where 'Good old boy' likely referred to the aged unpaid help meeting his quota of cotton…

  9. PC? you mean like not using the slang "nigger" anymore? That was a term in use for a hundred years to diminish an entire race.
    I don't see young men refer to as "boy" in reports. It use to be used in conjunctin with young black males however. The slang term girls is diminishing, and that's why sexist people use it.

    Sam seems to me inferring I am jealous? No, I have always lobbied against sexism even back in my youthful days when I was referred to as " girl".

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