The Royal Thai Police have ordered controversial American Drew Noyes to remove their insignia and badges from his website thailandlegalservices.com.

The American former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper has also been asked to remove insignia from askthailandpolice.com.

The opening of One-Stop

All badges have been removed but Thai Police in particular the Crime Suppression Division may take further action against the website askthailandpolice.com as it encourages people to report crimes directly to the site – run by Drew Noyes’ and Wanrapa Boonsu’s One Stop Legal Service Centre, based in the Thepprasit Road. Jomtien, Chonburi.

On this site people too get to ask questions like ‘What do I do if Drummond has libeled me?’ and they get to read CSD answers in pidgin English.

Before the edit

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu are currently on trial for the attempted extortion on the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien. They are also under civil court examination for alleged misappropriation of 2.5 million baht from  Dutchman Theo van der schaaf.

After the edit

I am not sure if they have noticed the police badge on Drew Noyes’ car.

The Royal Thai Police are behind us all the way!


  1. The walls are crumbling around him. The Thai police are distancing themselves from him, the upcoming extortion trial, and allegedly Wanrapa has a new man and may be considering providing evidence against Noise to save herself a trip to the monkey house. And let's not forget the potential lèse majesté charges. My prediction, he'll be leaving Thailand before you do Andrew.

    1. I'm guessing it's the LM charges that Ms. Booth has leveled against Drew Noyes that finally has the police finally distancing themselves from Drew Noyes. The ridiculous websites that Drew Noyes started have been pointed out to the various agencies for months but for them to now take action speaks of deep currents under still waters.

  2. This once again reveals what a devious predator Noyes is. Constantly trying to portray himself as a man of influence with people in uniform. He is nothing but a cunning, cheese eating snitch who'd rat anybody out if it suited whatever perverted agenda he was running. Who starts a website advertising for people to snitch on their fellow citizen? Only some bottom feeder looking for a way to cash in or take advantage of the situation.

    It's an old game in Thailand. Rat someone out then appear as a white night at the Police station to act as a deal broker with the Police. These people never last too long and I'm surprised somebody hasn't stuck a knife in Noyes already. The fact he's still around reveals he's cunning in picking his victims.

    In Thai there is an old saying. "Having Police friends is like raising cobras- one day your going to get bitten."

  3. What a great blog they have at askthailandpolice.com. One real gem includes:

    Question from Brian G.

    As soon as I knew I was defamed I filed a criminal case in Thailand namely Black Case # 4734/2556 against a blogger in Thailand named Andrew Drummond. Defamation, libel and slander are criminal offenses in Thailand. What do I do if this happens to me and I lose face because someone wrote or said something to hurt my business or my reputation?

    Official CSD Police Response

    Yes, they are criminal offenses in Thailand. In fact, Thai Penal Code identifies the differences between defamation, libel and slander. Victims should go to the local police station and inform about the incident that took place to her/him. Moreover, the victim has to act in three months since he/she knew who is a perpetrator and the unlawful act has taken place.

    Whoever this Brian G. person is, he is clearly someone whom has already mastered Thai law, so why ask such a question of a police man? TIT.

  4. Didn't notice this on first read. Who is the gentleman on the back left in the first photo sporting the fetching tartan cap? One of Mangus Evanss' Thai operatives? Drew's attempt to infiltrate the tartan intelligence network? Conclusive proof that Mangus is a creation of DN himself? I'm fascinated.

  5. He;s Drew's fixer. Nice guy actually. I would not say he was a particular friend. But he does turn up on command. You should see him again shortly telling Drew who everyone is at Kamnan Poh's birthday party.

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