Goudie’s little whopper

Fake barrister Brian Goudie put in a dazzling display at Koh Samui Provincial Court today placing another case against British journalist Andrew Drummond.

Goudie, who was sentenced to six years in jail by the Western District Court in Perth, Australia, and served his time in Hakea Prison, also applied to the court for the adjournment of a case against Drummond scheduled for April 21st relating to a photo-shopped picture of him wearing leathers and a cut out bottom at a gay parade.

He asked for the adjournment as he claimed Drummond would not be available as he had to answer to bail on April 21st in Pattaya in an identical case brought by Drew Noyes.

Some mistake there. Andrew Drummond does not need to attend this case at all until it is accepted by the court.

Could it be that it’s because Brian Goudie, aka Brian Goldie, has to attend Pattaya Provincial Court on, er, April 21st?  He’s certainly a chancer.

Goudie is currently on bail of 400,000 Thai baht for allegedly defrauding a 75-year-old woman out of 7.9 million baht while acting as her ‘barrister’.

A civil judgment has already been made in favour of the woman Mrs Barbara Fanelli Miller of Madison, Wisconsin.

Goudie recently claimed on his blogspot site that he wished to use the money to help abused boys in Pattaya. His former client Greg Miller was jailed for 38 years for child sexual abuse.

6 thoughts on “Goudie’s little whopper

  1. Did anyone get a photo of his recent "prisoner" haircut?

    And was the young lady law student in attendance, or has she received council to her best interests?

  2. Ex-con Brian cannot get his "qualifications" and legal standing right on his letterhead, presumably typed by a Thai lady who has no idea how it should be spelt and approved by someone equally clueless.

    Message to Brian:
    "LLB (Hons) and Barrister-at-Law"

    Further Message to Brian:

    "Perhaps you could clear this up for the mass of public who believe you are fibbing. They would never use a "law firm" where the "Managing Partner" claims to, but does not, have a law degree or to have been Called. Posting these documents on the Internet for all to see would give you some cedibility."

  3. His address is a very tall and prestigious office block which houses prestigious international companies, serviced office space and …err…. "Virtual Offices".

    He does not list a floor number, a sure sign he does not have any office space, possibly not even a mailing address. He may have just a number that is answered by a lady and redirected. Costs about 3k per month and creditors cannot catch you there.

    A phoney office for a phoney?

    Message to Brian:
    "Law Firms with Managing Partners are not just a phone number."

  4. ALBA- A Load of Bollocks Actually or A Lying Bullshit Artist?

    So when Brian says he is BOSS of ALBA law, it really means Bag of Slimy Shit, A Lying Bastard Actually. You just need to understand the code.

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