Foto- Jan Jansen and Drew Noyes at the Lions Club!

It was supposed to be the day of reckoning. After three years of being jostled and pushed about and having my feet stamped on outside court rooms and constant verbal abuse by two fake foreign lawyers and a former pimp in Australia it appeared they had been finally caught out.

At a previous hearing at Bangkok Criminal an American Court Drew Walter Noyes, and two Scotsmen, Brian Goudie, from Falkirk and David Hanks, from Girvan, had been warned by a judge after a witness reported them for taking pictures in the court.

They had all been asked to produce their phones. The judge decided not to check their phones individually (at least one – Noyes – had two mobile phones). Instead she warned that if any pictures appeared anyway she would take the issue very seriously indeed.

The judge told Chris Gleeson, the co-owner of a range of language schools in Bangkok and Thailand’s eastern seaboard: ‘Tell me if this happens and I will take this seriously.”

Lo and behold shortly afterwards up pops my picture taken in court  on the website phuketnewsonline which is a bit like The Pattaya-Times very short on news, but full of material lifted from somewhere else.

The picture is under a completely false story headlined ‘An International News Agency Retracts False Stories by Andrew Drummond’ (that’s me) who the story later goes on to say is a convicted criminal.

Anyway I remonstrated with the owner of this site  a Dutchman called Jan Jansen. who denied that he was a friend of Drew Noyes and said it was a mistake made by a member of his staff, so he pulled it down.

But he refused to say who sent him the story, which was by now very obvious because searching his site I also saw other stuff sent to the phuketnewsonline from Noyes’ Pattaya Times online which was also in contempt of court.  And of course Noyes and Jansen were a lot closer than he made out. In fact the Pattaya Times had published a completely fabricated court judgment under the heading – ‘Drew Noyes Cleared of All Charges’.

Part of the totally fabricated ‘acquitted of all charges report’ published by phuketnewsonline.

(LEGAL NOTE: Andre Machielsen wishes to state that he does not have a criminal conviction for drugs nor are any of the allegations by Drew Noyes true. I am to happy clarify that for a second time and state that Machielsen has provided documentary evidence. I have directed him to the Drew Noyes and Jan Jansen sites).

Quite clearly Noyes has not been cleared of all charges. He is on trial in Pattaya for the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien demanding 2.3 million baht to stop a police raid on his premises, when presumably something illegal would be found and the Pattaya Times would publish a report.  While Noyes was cleared of a libel charges – contrary to his claims both the Pattaya court and appeal court refused his applications to counter-sue.

The original report in the Pattaya Times

His colleague Brian Goudie is on trial in Pattaya for posing as a lawyer to cheat a 76-year-old American woman out of 7.9 million baht (about £149,000) and the third man David Hanks, former registered owner of the ‘Masquerades’ a brothel in Keysborough,  an industrial suburb of Melbourne, is on trial for racketeering – working with what the Thai press described as a ‘mafia group’ lending money to Russians in Pattaya at 60 per cent per month. (These are the guys who recently tried to scam American billionaire Bill Monson),

Hanks – racketeering charge

Anyway back to the court case where my lawyer presented the evidence of contempt. It’s a different judge.

Did any of you take this photo and give it to phuketnewsonline?. No, they all say.  #DrewNoyes points to my Thai assistance and says: ‘It was her!’.

They all claimed their phones have been checked already.  Their phones had not been checked.

Attempts to contact the original judge appear to be unsuccessful. She had not written anything in her trial report of picture taking in court.  If anyone takes any pictures again, said the judge, it would be taken seriously. Cases can be taken against phuketnewsonline, she added.

Chris Gleeson gave evidence in my case (I cannot report this) and at the end he was asked if he wishes to say anything further. He states that he is very concerned over the contempt because the last judge had promised she would take action. He complains of the delaying tactics of the defence and says Drummond is a ‘famous’ journalist who is fighting for people who have been cheated in Thailand, and trying to raise three children at the same time.  This can be reported as it is in relationship to the contempt claim.

However these statements do not in exist in the court records, but neither was a lot of what he said under cross examination. When he complained, he was told, that as he had said those things in his evidence in chief, it was not necessary to repeat them….and that I am afraid is the Thai system.

There is no verbatim record of evidence.  It is up to the judge what he or she writes down. It is easy to see how this is open to not only abuse but serious miscarriages of justice. Although there is no suggestion that this is happening in this case.

Goudie – fraud charge

Once again it was pandemonium in court as #BrianGoudie and company kept remonstrating.

‘What on earth is going my assistant?” here asked my assistant?’ and then explained to the judges what really was going on. The judge apologized.

Goudie had tried to accuse me of contempt of court by presenting a report in which I merely updated readers of court dates!

Goudie, who stars in his own episode of ‘Serial Swindlers’ ‘Brian Goldie – Swindler Scot’ – he changed his name to Goudie before coming to Thailand – is, I have to say, fooling all the Thai courts.   ‘It’s sair to bair’.

Everything of course was lost in translation the continial changing of judges in these cases means that each time it takes quite a while for them to realise what is going on because of course they do not understand English.  Hence whenever I go to testify and Goudie says ‘sh*tface’ or ‘ c@nt’ it goes over their ears.

Meanwhile this case in which I was returning libel charges

brought against me by this trio has been adjourned to a date in December – when perhaps we might here an hour’s worth of actual evidence.

And I guess I will not get my kids back to school in the UK for many years to come.

Meanwhile tomorrow in Pattaya Court Brian Goudie will fight an application to have his bail withdrawn on his cheating charges.

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  1. Now there's a telling photos of lies, deceit and perjury. The old bloated fraud is sat there grinning like a retard with a guy he doesn't know and a woman who's NOT his common law wife….it sums up the whole situation with the Thai system.

  2. Sorry Bill, that is the system used by most judges in most courts around the world.

    The poor souls do not have the time or shorthand to act as a recorder of every uhm and ahem and cough. They only take notes in their book of the relevent evidence.

    In English courts you often will see a judge writing in the right hand side of his book as the case proceeds, the left hand side will be filled in later with his consolidated notes which will form the basis of the reasoning behind the judgement. This will be aided by the skeleton arguments in writing from counsel and by written evidence etc. However it is the judge's notes of what was said and how he viewed the weight and admissibility of evidence that will often hold sway.

    Can you imagine sitting for four hours a day, keeping a verbatim transcript of everything that is said and then writing it up at night? Impossible.

    In some countries where money is no object they employ stenographers and some courts even record hearings. Personally I see little value in recording, tapes are infuriating to review and a transcript is marginally more useful but awfully long.

    1. No bill. Courts in the fully developed world pretty much all have verbatim records of what uis said. They certainly have in the UK for as long as I have been a journalist. Singapore video records everything. It is not difficult and of course the stenographers have their special machines and are well trained.

  3. I wondered about PhuketNewsOnline as it seemed to be filled with only links entirely lifted from other sites. Now I know why.

    The Weapon,
    I had the US Citizens Services help me out quite a bit on July when I was assaulted and police refused to take a report, and then being forced to take the report, refused to enter details about the assailant's ID. A call to to the USSC office and the police finally appeared on the site, and on their toes- although of course, nothing further has happened.
    BTW great letter in the BP last week !!

  4. Andrew, could you be so kind to print the copy of my US Visas and the letter of my government stating a clean record which I sent to you several days ago in your article as well? The false statement in this Phuket "newspaper"where I and my son are named may give others a wrong impression which I like to clear this way. I trust you understand my request.

    1. Andre I do not think anyone believes the allegations against you knowing the source and we have repeatedly stated your case on this site and even run a separate story showing how the Pattaya court refused twice Drew's application to counter sue you. Quite frankly that tells us that you were right in the first place. Merely printing that you have a clean record is unnecessary and actually does not go with the main thrust of this story. If Noyes or Jansen write in to contest this claim – we will print the documents.

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