Fake lawyer Brian Goudie has issued his own ‘cease and desist’ order from Koh Samui to stop the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand showing the film ‘Influential People and Men In Suits’ before a panel discussion at the club tonight.

FCCT officials are taking legal advice but they have confirmed that the programme on Thailand’s criminal libel laws and computer crime act would go ahead at 7 pm as scheduled.
Brian Goudie, runs a law firm called Alba Laws in Thailand, but it has no fixed office. He has claimed both to be a British Barrister and former Captain in the Royal Marines and has undertaken a number of legal cases on behalf of foreigners, using in the main very cheap Thai lawyers, but charging up to 50,000 baht a day.

He puts on a very plausible act as a lawyer and has fooled many respectable Thai lawyers and courts. He tends to keep cases going as long as possible, especially his own and has been quite successful at this too.

In actual fact he was born Brian James Goldie in Falkirk, Scotland, and was jailed for six years in Australia for fraud.
An earlier attempt to settle in Australia was dismissed by the Australian Appeals Tribunal. In the judgement he was described as ‘not a person of good character’..a very sound judgement as it transpired, as he then went on to defraud a mining company in West Australia.
The judge took into account his reluctance to return to Scotland where a warrant had been issued for his arrest in connection with another fraud allegedly on the Royal Bank of Scotland. That case has now timed out.
The video ‘Men in Suits and Influential People’ was scheduled to be shown before the panel discussion tonight.
Andrew Drummond, who features in the film as a British journalist being sued for exposing foreign criminals in Thailand said: “This is really good news. Brian cannot but draw attention to himself. He really does believe he is a lawyer.

“He is typical of the type of foreigner in Thailand the authorities, including the British, seem to have difficulty getting to grips with.

“Most people have already seen the film. Those who have not should watch it before the programme….as the FCCT may still be seeking legal advice. It’s is also available in Thai on the youtube channel DrummondinBangkok”.

(Videos Below)

Brian Goudie is currently attending Pattaya Provincial Court on two charges of fraud. The first case relates to a British estate agent on Koh Samui whom he allegedly tricked into believing he was a lawyer, officer and a gentleman.
David Hanks, Samui lawyer, Brian Goudie/Goldie. Hanks sued Andrew Drummond for calling him a pimp, then
admitted in court he was the registered owner of ‘Masquerades’ brothel in Melbourne.

The second case of fraud alleges that while acting as a lawyer he defrauded US$300,00 from Barbara Fanelli Miller of Madison, Wisconsin, on a promise to get her son out of Nong Plalai jail, Banglamuang, where he was awaiting trial on child sexual abuse charges. That case is also in the civil courts.

Goudie has taken six libel and computer crime act cases against Andrew Drummond. Two have already been dismissed. None of the others has yet been accepted by the courts in Pattaya and Koh Samui. 

Technically having served a term of imprisonment and being refused residency of another country Goudie is in breach of Thailand’s Immigration laws.  But he carries with him a statement from Scotland’s Procurator Fiscal saying he has no criminal record there, which is true. It has stood him very well so far.




Booked already – but not at FCCT – expect Drew Noyes to be his appointed representative
He loves that word ‘egregiously’ – but will the FCCT fall for the bluff? Probably


  1. FCCT don't have a great record on press freedom (Somyot)…hopefully they won't fold in the face of Goldie's legal threats…

  2. Unfortunately couldn't make the meeting as I had more pressing thing's to attend to (watching paint dry) lol.

    Saying that…just wondering if the meeting proved to be as lively as you suggested?

  3. It appears our favorite keyboard warrior Goudie is whinging on FB about people not showing up in person to confront him. Well with Plastic Man (aka Hanks) appearing in court in lieu of his sidekick Bampot, we can confirm that wee Brian is the biggest jobbie jabber of them all.

  4. Thanks Not Drew Noyes – Will put up stuff later today. It was great fun. DSI attended and Noyes was totally silent. Also good stuff in from Pattaya on Hanks representing Goudie in case against me.

  5. Also Noyes is suing Ally – a regular here – whom on Facebook Noyes accused of being a drugs dealer. Yah just can't make it up. The judges are also cottoning on to the multiple case strategy of Noyes and Goudie. And Hanks is whinging that he is innocent of racketeering down in Pattaya (money lending to Russians at 60 per cent a month) That's his DSI case. Seems the cards are falling.

  6. You have to have a giggle at his antics, it is a panel discussion on misuse of libel laws in the journalistic context and what does he do? Writes a letter threatening just that and highlighting the very issues confronting journalists.

    That he does not understand contempt of court in the Thai context just exemplifies how dangerous a fraudulent lawyer can be.

    Law in Thailand is a reserved occupation, he has no legal qualifications, the right to practice or correct nationality to hold himself out as a lawyer in Thailand.

    The only foreigners who can do so in Thailand are a few geriatrics with grandfather rights.

    1. Jules,

      I agree, by threatening legal action, it only highlighted the problem the Axis of Evil poses to journalists and ensured that anyone who hadn't watched the film has watched it by now. After all, when someone says, "I don't want this to be shown." it's only human nature to look to see why they don't want it shown.

      I would have expected to see an article by now titled "Men in Suits and Influential People" – The Film THEY Don't Want YOU to SEE!

  7. It appears they are going after anyone who posts under their real name. As we have learned from Goldie/Goudie/Boru and our favorite fake American lawyer, it's better to mix it up a bit, be a little more anonymous. I encourage everyone to use "NOT" user names: NOT David Hanks, NOT Wanrapa Boonsu, etc. I'm already laughing envisioning Bampot's rants, "NOT Drew Noyes is a one legged, blind dwarf that eats children!. Beware!"

  8. Quite extraordinary that the courts are only now cottoning on to the absurdity of Messrs. Noyes, Hanks and Goudie using them as a scattergun against their critics.
    The foolishness of the courts indulgence to date in allowing these clowns to air their fantasies was pretty well apparent to anyone with any nous months ago. The problem of course is a systemic one and I suppose the Thai are loathe to give up their daft libel laws as a weapon of choice when all else fails. To deny idiots such as Noyes the opportunity to mount vexatious and malicious claims might represent the thin end of a wedge undermining the principle many Thai would be very sorry to lose.
    Nevertheless, that these ghastly litigants are permitted to play out their buffoonery on the stage of what passes for the Thai judicial system is really nothing short of a disgrace and diminishes further the already tarnished image of Thailand's dubious rule of law.

  9. I’m still chuckling at the thought of the imbecile taking me to court after he accused of being a drugs dealer……
    Where to start….
    Well…..firstly why this is happening in Koh Samui?? Because the Pattaya courts will not accept any more of his ridicules self-indulgent meaningless cases…..I also have to ask why?? Is it because of my great looks, cutting wit and intelligence or my cute English accent or because he panicked like a little bitch on Sunday after I read his accusations on FB and threatened him with legal action…..not a nano second later he blocked me….Dopey….just because you blocked me doesn't mean the conversation was deleted…it’s still there fool!!!! Anyway, good luck with serving the writ…..try delivering it by a "slow boat to China"…theres a clue for you…even you should be able to pick up on that….oh and I wasn't in Topps (whatever that is) and I certainly wasn't at "Paddys Bar" in Pattaya……
    Now for the wee Jock Gob shite……..The Balm Pot….Prisoner E0000274….Brian Gerald Goldie
    He really is delusional….not only the barrister and Royal Marine officer deceit but now he's so delusional he also believe he's a Glasgow hard man….some people’s expectations really don't match up to their abilities……so if you and the "Babysham girls" (well actually he's calling his club of low life’s the Martine crew…can you believe that??)……want to come up to Nong Bua Daeng as you’ve stated on FB…….up you come ladies……
    Low life classless scum…….

  10. They did not show the film in the end. But actually had they done so the programme would have been far too long for many. It was of course ironic but when I asked the audience who would contribute to the FCCT's legal bill to counter libel and CCA charges only one person raised his hand,

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