A story scheduled to appear in the spot has been held over due to yesterday’s attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris.

Satire is a vital and essential tool in a journalist’s very limited armoury. Yesterday’s attack reminds us all that there are some societies which tolerate freedom of speech but sometimes journalists pay the penalties in other ways.

I live in a predominantly Muslim area of Bangkok and have never felt safer.

However satire is of course contrary in many cases to Thailand’s Computer Crime Act and I myself am being prosecuted by convicted criminals for lampooning them in photo-shopped pictures.

This however is a mere irritant and pales into insignificance compared to the terrible events in Paris and I feel for the families of the journalists involved.

Back to foreign criminals later.

11 thoughts on “JE SUIS CHARLIE

  1. RIP Charb, Cabu, Tignous, and Wolinski and their colleagues – the key editorial and journalistic staff of Charlie Hebdo. RIP too the police that were on protection duties guarding Charb.

    The media as well as world leaders and the general public are supporting the magazine's stand for freedom of speech. Let's hope the satirical weekly can recruit and survive.

    Three of the four terrorists have been named and raids have taken place.

    As Australia's PM has said, if you don't agree with something, you don't read it. You don't go out and kill.

    Charlie was controversial on Judaism, Catholicism, and political parties. It was not targeting Islam. It satirized many subjects.

  2. I disagree – I think it was stupid to insult the religious beliefs of people with strongly felt convictions. The constant spouting of 'freedom of speech' in the West is bullshit – just try printing similar nasty cartoons about jews or so-called gays(I prefer the other term beginning with Q) or the scientifically proven fact that blacks have lower IQs not to mention a propensity to drug dealing and crime. Self censorship clicks in but not where the Muslims are concerned – they're fair game. Freedom of speech in the West is a sham and lie. On a par with the much vaunted 'democracy' the West boasts about. Big money and the elite decide who will win elections to further their interests.

    1. Re:I disagree – I think it was stupid to insult the religious beliefs of people with strongly felt convictions. The constant spouting of 'freedom of speech' in the West is bullshit.

      Burning American flags and showing disrespect on Remembrance Day is okay?? To receive respect you have to give respect and that's no bullshit, Murray!

  3. Je n'est pas Charlie. Charlie went too far. I am an atheist who thinks all religions are nonsense and only props for people who need such support in their lives BUT I would never insult someone else's religious beliefs. I would engage them in discussion and tell them what I felt but WITH RESPECT believing they had sincere beliefs. The hysteria about 'Charlie' is misplaced.

  4. "..This however is a mere irritant and pales into insignificance.."

    Because you are a humble person..What happened in France is beyond atrocious – but don't forget that you are in the trenches too, fighting for justice on other fronts..

    – Humor is a powerful messenger, as strong as the pen gets..

    – The original teachings of Mohammed are from a 1'st century perspective. His teachings cannot be the sole moral guide of Muslims in 2015, else all hell will continue to break loose. We ain't seen nothin' yet..

    The Muslim religion has been hi jacked by the radicals, as they use the ancient interpretations to suit their depraved agenda. Conservative Muslims are afraid to speak up, but they better start! WHY?

    Because although Christians did their atrocities ( still do in some cases), these radical Muslims have been PROVOKING society a lot – with no real backlash…

    They will say it is because of fear, so they have "us" on the run. Time will tell.

  5. "Je suis Charlie", appearing on many banners and being quoted, does not mean I am Charlie. "suis" (from suivre not etre) can mean :"follow"

    Jr suis Charlie is best translated, "I follow, support, Charlie"

  6. The "Je suis Charlie" banner and quotes do not mean "I am Charlie" Used here, it means "I follow Charlie" i.e. I support Charlie.

    It's the verb suivre not etre. In first person singular both have the word "suis"

  7. Observer: It's silly to compare burning a nation's flag with insulting a prophet revered by billions around the world. By all means lampoon the extremists who distort their religion and carry out acts of violence using religion as an excuse. Such extremists exist in EVERY religion and it is extremely foolish to deliberately provoke them for cheap laughs.

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