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My apologies. I have been busy writing other stuff this week – which of course is sure to come to fruition here at some stage – dealing  with my favourite Pattaya Law companies – and on a treasure hunt.

Some of that time means spending long hours in dark rooms watching television screens. But the week has not been without its magic moments particularly with Drew Noyes founder of the Pattaya Times and now from One Stop Service Centre who stormed out of a court in Pattaya shouting to me: “Don’t you ever buy a condo in here!”

Actually I cannot write about the rest of this story until the weekend – but of course I am not going to buy a condo as it seems they are now building them as small as 21 square metres and calling them ‘luxury’ – and Drew’s council flats and government housing units do not appeal to me.

Brian Goudie – believes his own stories

I can however write about my second favourite fake lawyer though Brian Goudie jailed for six years in Australia for fraud under the name Goldie.  I met him in court in Pattaya. He has not been turning up for any cases against him but he has been turning up representing two foreigners who say they have been diddled out of condos in Pattaya.

I did ask his next victims if they had googled him and they said: ‘Yes’. So I left them to it as Goudie shouted back ‘have you googled Andrew Drummond!’

Goudie has been frantic on the worldwideweb this week trying, I think to discredit me. Having already put up where my daughter goes to school on the net (I have moved her now) he also this week published a picture of my office – well somewhere in the same building I guess.

Actually I have received writs from Goudie here.
Plushy Fleet Street offices? What planet is he on?  Near seedy Patpong?
Goudie’s office the Jaggy Thistle or Paradise in Jomtien IS  a seedy district.

And as for the two punters he had in court he put up a story essentially saying – This is the story Andrew Drummond won’t publish. It’s of course about another property developer in Pattaya who has failed to deliver.

You betcha – Its going to me!

Now I have a couple of rules here. I do not normally get involved in these property stories unless I am asked to and it’s a bit better than the normal run of the mill stuff. Secondly if I did all the property scams they would take over this site and people would switch off in droves.

But I will write of course when these two latest victims find out the deal they did with Goudie is not quite what it seems.

Goudie has issued me two writs by the way. I guess he had to hire a lawyer to write them but they do not look like they were written by one. His own lawyer has gone AWOL.

According to his report I was bewildered. Actually Drew Noyes was there shouting “And I’ll be
 your witness Brian” – The Thai national?  – Drew Noyes’ wife. An identical case brought by
Noyes has been rejected. By several
Goudie means three and two are his! Five have been dismissed.
Drew: “I’ll be your
witness Brian!”.

“And you’re getting another writ from Alba Laws – and that’s going to cost you,” Goudie added.

Poor old Alba Laws. It’s been ejected from two addresses and has no lawyers.  It (he) needs cash and its going for my overdraft.

Anyway I look at the writs, one under criminal libel laws and one under the Computer Data Act (My opponents have got together and think this is a good wheeze).

It seems he is suing over a story I wrote in the Sunday Mail in Scotland. The story was not on the internet. But it was the paper’s splash and spead for that week. So why is he not suing in Scotland where lawyers are eagerly awaiting his writs?

Ah but hang on, it is on the net, of sorts. He is suing over the photographs above and below which I used here. All you can read are the headlines and standfirsts which I do not write. And in any case newspapers like this do massive re-writing to fit their style.  His writ was accompanied by diagrams and arrow pointing to what the Scottish newspaper article said but nobody can read.

The spread in the Sunday Mail – I can only read the headings. Quite clearly not a lot under the kilt

So he’s going to have to go to court with a magnifying glass, perhaps like the one on the right.

“Aye but your Lordship if you grab yon glass with yer right haund. Aye look ye can see he’s called me an erse an ae glaekit bampot. An am urnay one.”

Goudie’s latest frenzy follows the story I wrote about him trying to a flog marina development on Bang Kao Bay, Koh Samui. He had changed his name on Facebook to Brian Boru and he had a new floosie in tow to whom he is engaged called Neung.

His old floosie is a shareholder in his ‘Jaggy Thistle’.

Now I had mentioned Neung, he said: ” The gloves are off. You asked for it!”

Maybe the engagement is off. I do not know – but I got this letter from one of Goudie’s former  fiancées – after I told her he was suing.

Best wishes on the fight against the charges. What a nerve he has – he attacks you because you have the ‘audacity’ to uncover and expose his lies and crimes. When will he realise the game’s up in Thailand, he has to move on to another nest since he’s well and truly shat in that one!
Stay high and dry Andrew!

Earlier she had written:

“Keep up your good work Andrew, don’t be intimidated (I am sure you won’t anyway) by this man who is all puffed-up bluff and big words.As verbose as he is, he is just a common crook, a thief, a con man, a liar and a non-payer of his debts.But may I say, in my opinion he genuinely believes his own myths, Andrew. And I think all this accusation and counter-accusation and trouble and strife in his life – is purely sport for him.This is what he does with his mind and his time. He thinks and conspires and then puts it out there as his truth – the game is on for him then – to try to outwit and outmanoeuvre and outlast (did that just sound like a Survivor trailer??). He relies on other people’s incompetence, mistakes, fear or lack of persistence to get away with his dishonesty or crimes.And he has had the most amazing amount of luck in that way!This is how he has rarely been brought to account or justice for what he has done time and time again – he simply stalls, points the finger, befuddles and deflects the situation – buying himself time to get away and reinvent himself as some other preposterous persona!”

The thing is will Brian Goudie know which fiancee this was? I doubt it. They all think the same.

 My favourite Goudie story of the week however was the one in which he claims I am under investigation by Australian officials.

God knows why anybody would want to go to the Australian Embassy for legal documents as Goudie claimed in the story that I did. Actually I merely stated that the Embassy could notarise the documents I already had!

My documents came from the Corrective Services and the Western Australia Court.

Well knock me down with a didgeridoo.  Wonder where I am going to do my time?  The Feds have got to be killing themselves.

Embassies as a rule do not comment on cases like this and would be very unlikely to comment to Goudie. They will however process a complaint as they have to. They are aware of  Goudie under his name  Brian Goldie. 

Nice pic of the Ambo though.


Brian Goudie/Goldie denies a warrant was ever issued for his arrest for defrauding the Royal Bank of Scotland – that’s not what the Australian Appeals Tribunal heard when they rejected him as a potential ‘Aussie’.

Former girlfriend Christina Spence in written evidence to the Australian Appeals Tribunal:

 “… As you know from your investigations earlier this year,  Brian Goldie  and myself were involved in a defacto relationship.
I wish to inform you now that in May 1997 the relationship between us irretrievably broke down and we have since parted company.
One of the reasons for the dissolution of the relationship was Brian’s admission to myself and others, of his guilt in relation to the accusations of company fraud which he had allegedly committed in Scotland prior to his arrival in Australia in 1992.
When Brian told me the details and admitted responsibility for the offences, I was deeply shocked. Due to this admission and others that arose at that time, I found I had no further desire to be involved with him in any capacity.
I wish to reiterate that prior to, and on the he day of your telephone interview with me earlier this year, I had absolutely no knowledge of  Brian Goldie  and James Cochrane’s involvement in the alleged fraud crimes. All of my answers to you were truthful and accurately reflected my knowledge of  Brian Goldie  at the time.
The reason that I have not informed you of these issues prior to now is that I am only too aware of Brian’s violent and vindictive temperament and I have feared reprisal from him. However, I believe from other sources that Brian is soon to leave Mackay, and I now feel secure enough to inform you of facts that I feel are relevant to your investigations.
Naturally I am keen to put everything regarding  Brian Goldie  behind me, however I am prepared to provide further information to you should that be necessary.”

Ms Spence went into more detail: 

8. Brian Goldie  then went on to explain the fraud to me however I admit that due to my confused and shocked state of mind my recollection of what he said is not complete. I do recall the following details.  Brian Goldie  told me that the fraud related to a company in Scotland of which, on the face of it, he was only an employee. He stated that the company was called Ecosse Mariner. He said that the company was set up by himself and the official directors were Billy Harrison and Jim Cochrane. He said that he had been wise to ensure that he was officially only an employee. I believe that he stated that the company was set up on the pretext of undertaking engineering contracts of a nature which he did not explain further.  Brian Goldie  told me that there were other companies or organisations involved in this company’s business dealings. Apparently the fraud was committed by way of Ecosse Mariner tendering for false contracts which involved the co-operation of other organisations. Ecosse Mariner was then fraudulently successful in being awarded the contracts. With these contracts the company was able to approach banking institutions for finance. I believe  Brian Goldie mentioned the Royal Bank of Scotland. The funds were made available to the company. The directors of the company were then able to draw on the money and distribute the funds back to themselves, Goldie and other interested parties.  Brian Goldie then went on to explain how this was possible and what part the other organisations played in the web of money movement. I admit however that I had become overwhelmed with the story by this stage and I did not understand the concepts Goldie was telling me about. All I was really concerned about was that  Brian Goldie  had been involved in an extraordinary crime of fraud. He stated that the sum of £93000 quoted by the Department of Immigration was very conservative and in fact the figure was substantially higher.

9. Since I know Jim Cochrane personally I challenged  Brian Goldie that Cochrane was mentally incapable of constructing such an elaborate scheme.  Brian Goldie  boasted in response that this was indeed the case and that it had been himself who devised and organised the whole scheme and that Cochrane and Harrison were only responsible for signing the cheques. He said that further evidence of his cleverness was that he remained officially an employee of the company and that if their fraud ever became detected he would rely on this point to absolve himself of any misconduct.
10. Later that evening,  Brian Goldie  contacted, by phone, Cochrane who lives in Townsville.  Brian Goldie  told Cochrane the contents of the Department of Immigration letter and told him that he intended to `disappear’.  Brian Goldie  told me that Cochrane was naturally very worried about this turn of events. Cochrane had recently been granted citizenship here in Australia and he feared that it may be revoked if the Department of Immigration caught up with him also. Apparently Cochrane told Brian Gold that he didn’t want any further contact with him. This upset  Brian Goldie  as he had wanted support from Cochrane but instead Cochrane had abandoned him now that things had gone sour.” (Exhibit 3, pages 2-4)

Former wife Jill Weiss giving evidence to the Australian Appeals Tribunal: 

67. When she got to the door, she was met by Mr Goldie who was wearing just a towel. She asked if she could go in but he held his arms out. Ms Weiss said that he was her husband and she still paid part of the mortgage so she ducked under his arm. 

She saw Ms Spence in their bed under her doona. Ms Weiss said that she tried to rip the doona from her as she was so upset. Ms Spence ran into the ablutions block and Mr Goldie started to yell at her and to push and punch her. 

He had her on her back, holding her by the hair and pushing her head back onto the concrete. Then he stood back and said that they should all calm down. Ms Weiss said that all that she wanted to do was to walk away. Then he became angry again. 

68. Mr Goldie then dragged her by the hair to the concrete floor and smashed her head into the concrete. He had a knife in his hand and holding it as if he was going to throw it. His gun was still in its case but he was very stressed.

And this again from Jill Weiss:  

During my relationship with  Brian Goldie  I became aware that he had been involved in fraud in the UK.  Brian Goldie  told me that he had a grudge against the Bank of Scotland from a time when he worked for the bank. He also told me he had played a trick on them with Jim Cochrane and Billy Harrison. Details of the fraud emerged over time.  Brian Goldie stated that he had set up a system called “cross-firing” where he was able to trick the bank out of a lot of money. He said that the scheme was very clever. He also said that he made sure that Jim Cochrane and Billy Harrison would be incriminated if they were caught. He also said that he could not go home to Scotland because of the fraud.  Brian Goldie liked to refer to the fraud because he considered that it proved his cleverness. He stated to me at one point that he considered that honest people were stupid.” 

And finally from the Tribunal Deputy President: Ms S.A. Forgie

 176. Looking then at all these matters, I have concluded that Mr Goldie is not of good character. The lack of honesty and integrity which he has displayed in his dealings with the Department and his lack of integrity (in the sense of wholeness, soundness and uprightness) in not confronting the allegations of fraud in Scotland are not outweighed by the good reports he has received from some of his past employers or Mr Grant’s personal commendation of him. I accept that he has, over years and except in relation to one position, displayed diligence and efficiency in his workplace. That is not enough to overcome the personal qualities he has displayed.
177. If he returns to Scotland he will presumably have to face the outstanding charges but that is a matter which will have to run its course under Scottish law and is not a matter which should sway the exercise of the discretion in this case. Taking all these matters into account together with the findings I have already made, I have concluded that the discretion should not be exercised in his favour.
178 For the reasons I have given, I affirm the decision of the respondent dated 29 May, 1997.


  1. Andrew
    You ever thought about perusing legal action regarding the Drummond hate site one or both of the imberciles have obviously had a hand in….I spent a little time reading it today, it’s an utter disgrace…and….typical of such low life Pattaya desperate scum……..

    1. Difficult to prove who's fingers were used in typing the articles (ref: Santa V Noyes 2013)… and unlike Drummond they remain anonymous although it doesnt take a genius to work out the crew behind it!

  2. I have Ally but two things stop me.(1) The website is so silly I am actually beginning to look forward to their next ridiculous post. Anyone who actually believes the stories – and I have not found one yet – is not going to be in my circle so to speak. Moreover it confirms to the general public (what few read it) just what they are and drives them to this site where they find the truth. Noyes. Would I for instance tell a judge – don't worry my case is paid for my readers? Its so daft.(2) It would be a waste of money – but there will be counter suits of course. Noyes is going head on trying to drain me of cash as I will explain in the next rather drole story 🙂

    1. Also Ally they make claims that I charge for services, take commissions off lawyers etc.
      This is what I do not do. If I have to travel long distance I have asked for petrol money and help with accommodation – but that has only happened a couple of times. Of course I wish sometimes people who I have helped might make a donation though! (But some do I see later)Tis site loses money but its worthwhile in many other ways. The point is that this is exactly how Drew Noyes and Brian Goudie operate and they are pretty good at it. In fact they pay the lawyers and keep the most for themselves. I asked Drew's lawyer if he got part of van der schaff's millions – Sure he did not.
      I see they say I could go to jail for 12 years today.

  3. Drew Noyes and Brian Goudie/Goldie's blog site gave me a laugh this morning….

    Here's the quote:

    "Andrew Drummond is known as Drummon's investigator Bangkok to has illiterate readers."

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