Fake Lawyer Brian Goudie Sues Over Offensive Photographs


(A Flying Sporran Reader Competition)

Photo One – Fake Barrister

Phoney legal eagle Brian Goudie claims to have lodged two more cases against journalist Andrew Drummond under the Computer Crime Act. This time in Koh Samui.

On his pseudo legal website asia-case-watcher Goudie, born Brian Goldie on October 3 1967, a convicted fraudster, who is today waxing lyrical, and again using the royal ‘we’, states:

‘We cannot see there is any viable defence to this case, as the defendant clearly knew when posting he was posting an edited image. Since there are two photographs the defendant could face a maximum of six years in jail if convicted’.

The photographs published were “ likely to impair that third party’s reputation or cause that third party to be isolated, disgusted or embarrassed,” he claimed.

He adds in another blog: “The current case if  Drummond were convicted on all charges would almost certainly result in a custodial jail sentence, as it is a further case against Drummond following a series of cases being filed in other Courts in Thailand, and Courts in Thailand take a dim view of repeat offenders in defamation cases.”

Maybe Drummond is on a sticky wicket here. ‘Disgusted’ of Tunbridge Wells, has already written in to say: “I have seen the pictures on your site of Brian Goudie, or Goldie, or whatever that bounder’s name is.  And I am disgusted!”

Photo 2 – Fake Royal Marine

It is unclear which of the mocked up photos, which first appeared on an English web forum, are the subject of the charges and deemed to be offensive, so here they are again. You decide.

As for repeat offences he appears to be mistaken. Not one libel case against Andrew Drummond has succeeded in Thailand. This maybe because he exposes foreign crooks.

(He refers to a case brought against Drummond by a Pattaya Gay club owner called James Lumsden, part of the MacMafia. Drummond lost at Pattaya court, which was expected, and won on appeal.

Goudie claimed that the Bangkok Post settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. Not true. The Bangkok Post were found not guilty. This was an impossibility if Drummond were to be found guilty. The BP commissioned and published the work and put up the seemingly controversial headlines. ‘Lock Stock and two Smoking Boyz’ . No wonder he was acquitted on appeal).

Photo 3 – Fake Pattaya police foreign
volunteer? – with Drew Noyes

Andrew Drummond commented: “As a journalist the use of satire is quite legitimate and good cartoonists do it all the time. Both Abhisit and Thaksin have been depicted as Hitler in publications in Thailand and they can take the heat.

“However neither Abhisit or Thaksin have been to jail in Australia for fraud, nor do they quite misrepresent themselves in the way Goudie does.

“A couple of photographs here particularly one with a teeny glimpse of ‘erse’ could almost make it to the National. But he can’t be suing over those surely. Its in the other pictures that he is described as ‘100% fake!’

“Goudie has falsely claimed to be barrister at law and a former officer in the Royal Marines. He quite clearly has ridiculed himself.

“I have already been promised free accommodation on Koh Samui and as I live next to Bangkok airport getting there is a sinch. Its quicker than Pattaya on a wet Sunday.

Photo 4 – Runaway commando

“As Mr. Goudie has never been who he says he is I cannot see what he is really complaining about. He’s had us all guessing. “

“He also claims on his site that another ‘businessmen’ has brought nine cases against me.  As they are coincidentally on the same day I assume he wants neither to go ahead or will not be making an appearance as usual.

“But wait a minute? Does he not have a case in Pattaya on that day? Let me check?”

Andrew Drummond is being supported by the New York based Committee to Protect Journalists.

Shawn Crispin, the senior South East Asian representative of the CPJ said:

“CPJ has long condemned the use of criminal libel and defamation laws to stifle media criticism in Thailand. These laws, including the associated Computer Crime Act, outrageously allow for imprisonment for mere news reporting and have engendered a climate of fear and self-censorship across Thailand’s media.

“We stand beside reporter Andrew Drummond, whose investigative journalism is renowned for shining uncomfortable light in some of Thailand’s darkest places. We strongly support his right to report without fear of reprisal and categorically condemn the threat of imprisonment he now faces.”

Photo 5 – Botox Buttock – trusting in Drew Noyes
Photo 6 – posing as Brian Boru

As I said, its not clear which were the offending pictures, but readers thought that the one on the right here was pretty disgusting.

But this one is his copyright! And he put it on the net himself.

Then again a lot of people were also embarrassed by the poor wee girl called Neung, who cringingly described Goudie on her Facebook page as his fiancee.

He tried to marry (then re-marry) in Australia to get residency there but was turned down after the Australian Appeals Tribunal ruled he was not a person of good character.

He perhaps needs to get this girl pregnant so he can pull of a Ronnie Biggs – Raimunda style coup.

To me its the saddest picture of all. I hope she has a powerful family.

Photo-7- The romantic green fiance. Quite a few women
came a cropper in Australia as his fiancee.

First Prize: A night out with Andrew Drummond at ‘The Bar’ Bangkok

Second Prize: Dinner with Andrew Drummond at his lakeside home in Bangkok

3rd and 4th Prizes: Remarkable opportunities to contribute to over priced flights on the Samui virtual monopoly. So be careful out there.

For action pictures of Mr. Goudie – press play.

30 thoughts on “Fake Lawyer Brian Goudie Sues Over Offensive Photographs

  1. Andrew…..
    He states on his hate site…..
    The case has been allocated Black Case number 1269/2554 and set down for preliminary hearing on 14th October 2014, coincidentally at the same time as another case filed by another businessman last week.

    So, Andrew, by my calendar you have over a year to plan your defence and have a bloody good whip round…..
    GOLDIE….you're a bloody imbecile….you can't even lie convincingly….

  2. Any else notice how the "man of the moment" Rude Noise has been suspiciously absent recently? No comments on his hate blab…….Has he in fact been told to be a good boy, keep quiet and sit in the corner with his pointy dunce cap on whilst the adults battle this one out? Curious…..

    1. Hi Ally,

      I apologize for not responding on google. Apparently someone got my account terminated for not having a proper username. I don't know how I'll deal with the trauma.

      I'm guessing word has filtered down to Drew that the smartest thing he can do is fly low and slow and not to do anything to put him on anyone's radar.

    2. That's an easy one Ally. Drew Noyes knows something that Goudie does not. That's the problem when thieves make pacts. They can't help but break them as in the crocodile yarn. Noyes believes he can talk himself out of his US fraud charge because the award was a civil award for damages, but Goudie cannot talk himself out of criminal fraud. Noyes has been quite indiscreet about it.

    3. Drew Noyes has also taken anti drummond attacks off such websites as onestopservicesthailand.com, pattayalawyers.com, and as Goudie is powering up he appears to be powering down. Perhaps he senses something in the wind. There is. Perhaps Wanrapa has at last told him where to get off. He has nine kids in Thailand, four from a former marriage, and is also paying child support. The women must be concerned. But Noyes is a bit of a bouncing bog brush so I am not going to state that he is calling it a day, by any means.

    4. Those are the websites though that are directly connected with Drew. It's not like Drew can hide behind google's back when Drew has advertised the sites.

      I've been wondering for a while, is Drew's Ask Thailand Police CSD site actually connected with the Thai police? Have any police officials made any kind of public statement saying there is an official collaboration between Drew Noyes and the Thai CSD?

  3. "likely to impair that third party's reputation or cause that third party to be isolated, disgusted or embarrassed,"

    What reputation is Goldie talking about? His reputation for dishonesty and lies or his reputation as a fraud for impersonating a lawyer and Royal Marine?

    I'm disgusted and embarrassed a man who is so obviously dishonest can now claim to be a victim.

    I'm disgusted and embarrassed for all the decent and brave men who have been injured or died serving their country. The real Royal Marines!

    I'm disgusted and embarrassed the Thai legal system is being abused by this poisonous and vexatious litigant.

    Lastly, I'm disgusted and embarrassed at the level this person will stoop to cheat and scam his way through life.

    If he feels isolated, that is because of his own actions. He is only reaping what he has sown.

    ##Case closed

  4. I see in the bare chested image he is actually trying to hide his man breasts by putting them his arms.. Either that or there is something totally wrong with the placement of his nipples??

  5. Photo 3!

    1st and 2nd prize would be a true honor!
    However, 3rd and 4th. prize is also accepted!
    I also offer like to offer you full-board accommodation in a top 5-star private pool villa resort whenever you visit Koh Samui so I can have a beer with you!

  6. Oh dam Lee, I brought this up months ago…it is revolting….
    Chicken wing arms and misplace nipples on huge saggy man boobs……Man that's a box of freaks we just don't need to see……
    COVER UP GOLDIE….you're repulsive….

  7. Can a British Embassy official be called to court to confirm that Goldie/Gaudie are one and the same and that prior to entry to Thailand British national Goldie/ Gaudie served a prison sentence in Australia. Further can the British Embassy not notify such now to the Thai Government, if it knows such to be true, to end this charade or does such breach Goldie/Gaudie's human right if the embassy intervenes with what the embassy knows to be true. ??

    1. It is widely believed, perhaps unfairly, that members of the diplomatic corps in general in Bangkok and everywhere for that matter, work on the premis is you do nothing then you cannot get into trouble. They are protected by the house rules concerning confidentiality so are enquiries will be met with responses like
      (1)I regret that due to privacy laws, we cannot discuss any matter on any client. We cannot even confirm that the said person is receiving or ever received consular assistance.
      (2) We cannot and do not interfere with the justice systems of other countries.

      Of course when it comes to 'rendering', and 'whistleblowers', and many individuals cases I know concerning the sons and daughters of the establishment, these rules may occasionally fly out the window.

      In this case the following scenario is probably more applicable, which Goudie is playing to. (He has even got the Australian authorities to investigate how records of the Australian Department of Corrective Services got into my hands.)

      Australian Embassy: He's a Pom not one of ours. We got rid of him. Try Wireless Road.

      British Embassy: He has not committed any offence in Britain (warrant expired) ypou need to talk to the Australians.

      SOCA: We have bigger fish to fry.

      AFP: Our hands are tied mate.

  8. If Goudie is suing you is he using his real name or his adopted name?
    It begs the question what name is he using for his business interests and do
    the local police know his real identity and criminal background?

    Surely he could not be filing a claim in Thai courts using a false name?

    I like the pictures of Noyes and Goudie out on the town.

  9. An excellent blog post. Back to your old style. Keep this issue on the front burner. It is the soundest tactic against the way Thais look at defamation.

  10. This whole GOLDIE – Goudie identification business. Why don't I just pay for one of his Ozz girlfriens/ wife's to come over and positively identify him in court……sort of an identity parade…….It would be my pleasure…….

    1. The court date will be confirmed on prize day for the winner of the photo contest. Good turn out always welcome – even Norbert's victims – if they bring their zimmer frames 🙂

  11. The British Government still has a duty of care to its citizens overseas. Examples are the poorly worded document on what the Embassy can or cannot do in contrast to the now excellent country and travel advice for Thailand particularly in relation to highlighting road deaths, buses, motorbikes, jet ski hiring etc. There is as yet no document detailing what your overseas “rights” are. For example: if SOCA/Embassy is made aware of a British citizen who may or may not be engaged in illegal activity: is given sufficient evidence to raise concerns: does nothing about it (too small a fish) and then the said British citizen goes on “to con” an ordinary British/European citizen out of say £100,000 then SOCA/Embassy could and should be sued for their complete inaction. Within the UK, look at how police complaints to the IPCC are now taken more seriously and the work of Keith Vaz /Home Affairs Committee. The Chairman of SOCA failing to declare a Directorship resigned within 24 hours. “Test cases” for overseas Brits on what are their rights and the Government’s duty will dramatically increase over the next few years.

    1. Interesting thought that Accountability. This could cover all sorts of activity – the British boiler room guys whom SOCA are aware of; Donald Whiting paralysed in Hua Hin; no warrant sought for drugs defendant Darren Oxley etc. IPCC tend to look at big political cases though –

    2. Weapon – I'm wondering whether you might consider toning down your remarks against the B.E. or at least if you wish to generally slag off could you cite an example. Unfortunately they cannot defend themselves. These guys have rules to follow, Also unfortunately we elect the governments that give them the rules.
      Is it not enough that they have to slaver to every tin pot politician who sets foot on these shores regardless of personal opinion?
      If you are going to do them, do them for breaking one of those bloody rules. There's enough of them. Its just a matter of finding the rule book.

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