‘I will prove I am innocent’ says alleged ‘EVIL MAN IN KRABI’.

(Pic: ‘The truth is the truth’)

‘The Truth Is The Truth’ – says accused man.

Dutch television has been screening a recent video of the alleged ‘Evil Man of Krabi’ denying he had anything to the brutal rape attack on a 19-year-old Dutch model in Ao Nang on her 19th birthday.

The clip below would almost have come from Thai television.
The alleged attacker Chumpol Khaonuang from Koh Phangan, claims he will prove in court that he did not attack the model and his lawyers have applied to the court to have the young women to return to Thailand so she can be questioned.
The model identified Chumpol as the man who beat her brutally before raping her after she accepted his lift back from her birthday celebrations in a bar in Ao Nang.

Her angry father furious that police took so long to catch her attacker and then that he was given bail wrote and performed the song ‘Evil Man from Krabi’ which went viral on you tube.

The controversial case was marred by a senior police officer suggesting that as she had eaten with her attacker she was ‘up for it’.

A subsequent police video backfired and the RTP had to call in professionals to help with  damage limitation.

3 thoughts on “‘I will prove I am innocent’ says alleged ‘EVIL MAN IN KRABI’.

  1. Wasn't this scumbag convicted of murder a while back?

    Didn't the Royal Thai police blame the Dutch girl's behavior and essentially defend a murderer?

    Welcome to Thailand (Land of Smiles)

  2. Many of the problems we see afflicting Thailand come directly from the weak and self-indulgent character of certain Thai males. Thai women tell me they are at fault as male children are often indulged and rarely punished or held accountable for wrong-doing. This has led to a culture where it seems impossible for wrong-doers to admit they have done anything wrong. This is especially so for the upper classes who seem to think the law only applies to the phrai or peasants.

    How many Thai politicians have we seen caught red-handed in skulduggery? They make up the most ludicrous excuses imaginable. If caught in photos they are fake, if on video it has been doctored. This excuse making, scape-goating and outright denial are embarrassing when it's clear to everyone who is in the wrong. Real character is revealed when wrong doing is acknowledged. None of us is perfect.

    Arguably Chinese families are worse with the eldest male child given God like status in the family. Thaksin Shinawatra is probably the best example of this and he has got away with so much, admitting wrong-doing seems totally impossible for him. Until Thailand develops a more egalitarian legal system where justice is administered fairly and money cannot buy a verdict, nothing will improve. The system is just a reflection of the character of the people administering it.

  3. Same in the western world, including Holland. Only the upper classes are mostly invisible, and their wrongdoings more professionally covered up. Thailand is more simple and transparent. Generally a good thing. Thailand would solve this crime, simply by circumventing the legal system. The guy would be hunted down by the ones that really care. Not the ludicrous dutch way, but by guns. I'm just saying…

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