Bad news for a lot of young  Brits kicking their heels in snooker and pool
bars along Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road.  They
may need to join a boiler room – that is those who have not already.

The De Vere financial group is the subject of speculation
that its boss Nigel Green has been trying to offload the vehicle that brought
him millions bit by bit.  A name has even
been mentioned as a buyer. But caveat emptor.
 De Vere, a regular
feature of this site, has just been suspended from membership of the Hong Kong
Confederation of Insurance Brokers.
The committee directed that 
notices of the suspension be published in one English and one Chinese
newspaper in Hong Kong and the suspension was ordered  from today 12 May.
The suspension is believed to relate to multiple ongoing
investigations involving De Vere in in Hong Kong.
In order to be registered as an appointed insurance agent, a
responsible officer or a technical representative, a person has to satisfy the
Insurance Agents Registration Board  that
he is fit and proper and that he meets all the requirements, including those on
De Vere has already been put on a Thailand Securities
Exchange Commission investor alert.
 Unconfirmed reports
even say Nigel Green appears to have already sold out of Hong Kong – next stop
The good news of course is that this will do wonders for the
level of conversation in Bangkok’s expat bars, where other crooks are much
more interesting.


  1. So the rotten-to-the-core one-toothed wonder may get that pending dental work done after all..
    Only in Thailand you say? Ya bloody cheapskate Nigel!

    While you're getting that last rotten tooth sorted, you could address the root cause – and have your head summarily removed. There's many former investors lined up to assist you in this grisly task, with pleasure..

    I have a trusty, rusty cross cut saw that would do the job quite nicely, or perhaps it would be better done with my rip saw.

    Either way, you're a (pending) bloody mess mate, and it never looked better on ya..

    We're only making time…for Nigel..

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