Brian Goudie, also known as Brian Gerald James Goldie, surrendered to the Pattaya Provincial Court today on charges of fraud and was sent to jail.

He was forbidden to leave the court while his bail application was considered – but in the afternoon it was rejected.

He was later led in handcuffs with other prisoners from the court to a waiting Department of Corrections lorry to be taken to Nong Plalai Prison.

Waiting at the back of the court was Ian Tracey from Godalming, Surrey who said: “I just came to tell him that other prisoners in Nong Plalai will be waiting for him.”

It is alleged that Goudie trawled Nong Plalai  Prison posing as a British barrister offering the top legal advice at a price. But he was principally after their cash.

Ian Tracey

Ian Tracey, a prison visitor for a local charity brought a client to him, American Greg Miller, who was facing charges of child sexual abuse. The court had been told how he took Miller’s mother for US$300,000 on a promise of getting her son out of jail and back home to Madison, Wisconsin.

Miller was subsequently jailed for 38 years.

Later after Ian Tracey warned Barbara Miller to be careful with her money,  Goudie boasted how she shopped Tracey for child sexual abuse. Tracey was cleared of all  charges after the victim told the court the wrong man was in the dock.

An arrest warrant has now been issued for Andrew John Tracey, of Wickford, Essex, on multiple child abuse charges.

A warrant for Goudie’s arrest in connection with cheating Barbara Fannelli Miller was issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court on January 29th. Goudie has been staying at multiple addresses in Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samui.

Brian Goudie describing how
he shopped Tracey

Goudie, 48, from Falkirk is currently on trial on charges brought by British Koh Samui based estate agent, John Jepson, for posing as a lawyer and former officer in the Royal Marines to employ his legal services. It is this charge to which he had to surrender today.

Goudie is due in court tomorrow in the Jepson case. Journalist Andrew Drummond, owner of this site has been listed to give evidence against him.


  1. Well me and my big mouth. I previously offered to make book at 3/1 payouts (if it became legal to do so in Thailand) on Goudie running rather than submitting himself to remand here. Thankfully it remains illegal to gamble in the Kingdom and my money remains in my pocket.

    Just a question and maybe it's irrelevant, but it appears that quite a lot of the annoyance put forth by Goudie, Noyes and Hanks is related to filing in venues across the country and then failing to show up. Is there nothing in Thailand that dictates where one may file an action. I can't think of any sensible reason for Noyes to be able to sue you in Samui for example.

    1. I would have thought that a fake Barrister would fare better than a fake lawyer in court.. Hmm, wake up call for Noisy though… I bet Goudie regrets that passport pic he put on the internet now, that was pretty damning!! Can we have an update on Noisy's upcoming CRIMINAL cases, what are the dates…

  2. The only downside is we'll be deprived of his creepy selfies and self pitying updates to his blogspot site.

    Would love a picture of him being led away to a place he knows so well…

    1. I will miss the entertainment provided by Goudie's g+ and FB pages also. I'm guessing the GOLDIE g+ and FB pages will be around for a few more weeks in case he's able to pull something out of his ass that allows him to leave the monkey house. Although I think he'll be more concerned with things going into it now.

  3. I hope the anal examination on arrival went well for him, from what I have heard of that place he will be in with about 70 others sleeping on his side tonight… I hope they put him next to the toilet… Oh and I hope he keeps a place free for Noisy who will hopefully be joining him soon.

  4. Excellent news Andrew- the house of "cards" is about to come crashing down. For ruining so many people's lives, these parasites deserve to rot in Klong Prem… Kudos to you for facing down all this intimidation with such good humour.

  5. Well done Andrew…great news. And Dear 'The Weapon,' could we please have some more of your wonderful photo-shop pictures a la Shawshank, Cool Hand Puke and Midnight Sexpress please? Brian, the Royal Marine, should expect some rear-guard action tonight!

  6. Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey Noise, we're gonna get you too!
    Another one bites the dust

    Great work Andrew. It's not been an easy path but you did it.

  7. Is/ was Goldie so confident, arrogant or stupid that he didn't think he wasn't going to be detained?
    He's dropped the ball with this one.
    Can I take it Noise and Hanks are doing their best to spring him or will they let him rot in Nong Plalai Prison?

  8. I sent Andrew some pictures a few days back and it looks like it worked out exactly like the pictures foretold. I think things are only going to go down hill for Brian now.

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