Photo shopped picture of Brian Goudie (buttock) and Drew Noyes (pouch)

The American boss of ‘One Stop Legal Services’ in Pattaya today called for an adjournment of a libel case in which he is suing the owner of an internet forum for using a photo-shopped picture of him at a gay pride gathering wearing a leather pouch.

He told the court he had no briefs available to present his case.

The picture he claims degraded him and made him looked gay. He had not taken part in any gay parade and he presented birth certificates of eight of his Thai born children as if to demonstrate his heterosexuality.

The defendant another American * looked puzzled in the court room but he grinned as the judge told Noyes that if he could not find a lawyer by December 11th, the agreed date, the case would be dismissed.

Noyes claims flies in the face of a new promotion he has put on the internet for But it is probably more accurate than the blurb above which does not state how many people in this picture are up on fraud charges. The satisfied customer looks uncannily  like a happy David Hanks {see below) after going through the full youth treatment at the Thonglor Clinic?

In a different room in Pattaya Provincial Court lawyers for Briton John Jepson were apparently surprised to discover that the defendant Brian Goudie, 47, a now infamous ‘fake barrister’,  had on September 3rd filed a request for an adjournment due to an appointment he had arranged for October 14th in Koh Samui court. The case had been adjourned to October 28th. Jepson is prosecuting him for fraud.

Meanwhile among the swaying palms outside Koh Samui Court Brian Goudie, formerly Goudie,  a former convict in Australia, admired the view and turned to anyone would listen to say how a case brought against British journalist Andrew Drummond would be short and sweet ‘as they do things quickly here’.

His sound legal judgment however seemed in doubt after he was told by the court that as Andrew Drummond had not received the summons he would need to serve it.

Drummond’s lawyer told the court he would accept the summons.

Goudie is suing Drummond for reproducing a story about him in the Scottish Sunday Mail which detailed his frauds. He is also suing claiming that Drummond falsely claimed he was ‘on the run’’.


At the court with him was David Hanks who is due in Pattaya Provincial Court tomorrow to sue Drummond for calling him a former pimp.  Drew Noyes is also due in the same case tomorrow to sue Drummond for using his name in connection with fraud, mia nois, oral sex, and the Buffalo Bar in Pattaya. The references were made in comments submitted to

COMMENT:  It seems that  has become sort of dating agency for foreigners up to no good in Thailand whose exploits are recorded here.

What on earth was David Hanks former owner of Masquerades brothel in Keysborough, Victoria, doing on holiday with Brian Goudie in Koh Samui. Was Goudie trying to sell him a piece of Bang Kao Bay?

What’s more Goudie was introduced to the Thai wife of Norbert Verwayen, (right) the former Gerrman dentist, turned property #@%$&!  on Koh Samui who has something like 30 cases up against his former clients! She begged to see Goudie out of a feeling of common suffering.


  1. Brilliant!!!!!
    If you could see Goldies FB page…..high five-ing it with flab and blab Wanks and an unknown Thai…..they really do not live in the same reality as honest, sane individuals.
    On a previous comment he’d stated "like a lamb to the slaughter" I thought I was being clever and wrote "give me a Goldie chop" then I realized…….he'd be like old rancid mutton…full of gristle and fat…..

  2. Another adjournment 🙁 hopefully something gets resolved…otherwise I can see them pushing out the cases as much as possible, can't believe they were granted a delay even though they initiated the case!

  3. I see the sleeping Poodle has awakened, after a month, and Wee Burney has now resumed blabbing utter bilge on his…”A Wee Jock gob shite on the loose and out of control in Asia”, watch hate site.

  4. Unfortunately we're going to have to watch what we say as certain people are going to jump on any opportunity where they think they have been liabled. It's utterly despicable when people use the law in vexatious and frivolous actions in an attempt to financially damage an innocent party.

    Some people spend their whole lives cheating, lying and generally being parasites on society. Some make rice farms on the backs of vulnerable woman to make money. It's the duty of the righteous to expose these people to protect the vulnerable and innocent from their schemes and scams.

    I sleep soundly knowing eventually the wheel of karma turns and these people must face the consequences of their own actions. All we can do in between is try to minimize the damage they do. All these people do is constantly reinforce the fact they don't deserve to live in a free society.

  5. I think the problem arises simply because of what passes for the Thai judicial system and the absurdity of their addicition to so-called libel law as a means of stifling competing business/political/social interests.

    If one provides a circus ring there will always be clowns and who could reasonably complain about their performance if afforded the opportunity of a venue?

    1. Most of the great Thai fortunes have been made by monopolies under the protection of political patronage. If you speak out against these oligarchs and the unfair advantage they have paid for, you are sued, harassed or even killed.

      There are no separation of powers anywhere in Thailand. The courts are lobbied by politicians, the police are under the control of local mafia dons, the military does whatever it wants and the civil service is hopelessly corrupt.

      Places like Phuket are really starting to see a drop in tourists because corruption has made everything so expensive compared to anywhere else in Thailand. The parasites who feature on this site have just slotted themselves into a ready made system, tailor made for devious characters like themselves. They have found a fertile place for their plunder.

      Unfortunately they are too cunning to try their scams on Thais and stick to the vulnerable or elderly. If they tried their antics on Thais they'd have been knocked years ago.

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