Friends and relatives of Adam Pickles the Head of English at an international school outside Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern seaboard have reacted with fury to the release of his convicted assailant on bail to appeal to Thailand’s Supreme Court.

Though it was inevitable that Sean Tinsley, who operated a Visa agency in the resort, would get bail for the appropriate cash the reaction not surprisingly has been of anger.  Adam Pickles,41, a teacher at the International School of the Regents has been in a coma since the attack in 2012.

Tinsley, 43, from Wolverhampton, who was shown on CCTV apparently boasting about the attack was acquitted at his trial. The family changed their lawyers from a duff one  on the British Embassy list, and appealed.

Just over a week ago Tinsley was jailed on an assault charge and also fined £114,000
At the time his mother Adele Pickles from Thorner  near Leeds said: ‘Justice has been done’.

Now the family want their lawyer to counter the appeal with a submission to re-instate a charge of attempted murder.   Tinsley is alleged to have attacked Adam, who was married with a young son, with a wheel brace after Pickles is said to have brushed his car scratching it.

Adam Pickles with his mum and dad

It is common for foreigners to flee Thailand during the criminal process have paid large bail bonds and it is a common belief that the courts prefer the cash regardless.

Comment on the Adam Pickles Funding Raising Facebook page range from:

“I don’t have any word to act on this, except what an absolute joke. Do they not see that he failed to turn up to his court date?! Where will he go this time ? Do we have any news about the conviction maybe being changed to attempted murder ? I’m appalled.”


OMG, how is this possible???

And from:

What? How does this happen? How can someone be convicted, given a pathetically low sentence and yet STILL be granted bail? Bail for what? He’s already been convicted and imprisoned. How can you serve a prison sentence on bail? So sorry to hear this. I’m disgusted at the Thai justice system. They don’t deserve tourists or visitors.


Yes, This Is Thailand. Corruption and money rule in the parts of society that should be leading the nation to a better and fairer future. Constant news like this makes me feel ashamed of living here. Corrupt Police and Army staff being moved to ‘inactive posts’ whilst still being paid after being exposed for blatant wrong-doing..and politicians working hand in hand with them. All that pain, hard work and money invested in the face of simple justice amounts to fuck all. Best thoughts and love to his family, friends and supporters.


It could take 10 years.for a supreme court judgement. By that time most people have moved on run out of cash or died. Its the Thai way……Thai and justice is an oxymoron..

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    1. How could the British Ambassador become involved in something that, whilst assisting one British citizen, would obviously be detrimental to another, i.e. Tinsley, regardless of the latter's guilt?

    2. Having worked in a British Embassy temporarily with an embassy post as a cover I can tell you that the diplomats I came across were nearly all the same – self absorbed in salary, allowances and other perks and snobs to boot.

    3. The British Embassy has already acted – by providing the name of a duff lawyer. Consular officials even turned up for this lawyers office party, He screwed up for Jack Hansen -Bartel and had to be removed from this case.

  1. I think that this cannot be helped, but surely anyone on bail for appeal for a murder conviction would need some or all of the following: to report daily or often to a police station; surrender a passport: be required to reside at a registered address; seek permission for travel; warnings issued to border posts; etc.

  2. So glad you appear to have sorted out the comments problem, AD. Andrea Sisaran, who feared in an earlier story that he /she had been blocke from reading comments, was not the only one to be worried!

  3. Let's just remember that there is nothing unusual about Thai or alien persons, whether found guilty in a lower court or not, being given bail pending a final result in the Supreme Court – provided they can put up the bail cash. The Thai papers have such cases virtually every day, including a rich assortment of Thai politicians including former MPs. Such bail requires the permission of the court to go abroad lawfully and the court holds your passport in the meantime. Correspondents' anger on this site is understandable, but decisions in the lower or appeal courts are rarely final in Thailand for serious criminal cases – unless your money runs out of course. That's the system and always has been.

    1. Only a moron would expect the person to return to face incarceration in Thailand, so as someone mentioned the bail is just a form of tea money… Maybe.

  4. When my father in law was killed by a drunk driver who had the financial means to avoid prison family members were encouraged to contribute to a justice fund according to their income. This was administered by a Thai uncle and payments could have been
    Made accordingly.

  5. Once again I am puzzled as to why I am not reading this story in the UK tabloids Andrew. They will pay you for the story you print here and it will highlight the way the Thai legal system allows the likes of this scum to abuse their legal system. I have yet to read a Goudie story in the UK or USA newspapers!

    1. I think the family are succeeding quite well publicity wise Jay but they usually take some time to reply to me – and the news becomes old. Also I have pretty much retired – but keeps things going unpaid to warn people of scammers etc.

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