Flying Sporran Is Out Of The Loop

Apologies to readers. I am a but out of the loop at the moment. Am currently in Chiang Rai and heading for a village on the Burmese border on a breaking story. Well, it will be if I actually get to break it.

Meanwhile I am planning to subject ‘my photographer’ (He hates it when I say that) to several hours of Frank Sinatra, The Platters, Tom Jones and the Bay City Rollers on the next drive. That’s all they had in the shop I rushed in to. 

This does not reflect my musical taste. But I will shortly know the words of ‘Sex Bomb’off by heart.

It took us six hours from Pai to get here!

Andre (left)

When I am back hopefully I will bring a new story – but if the worst comes to the worst you can always have the testimony from the Drew Noyes libel court case in Pattaya where he is trying to prove that Andre Machielsen, a well known Pattaya Father Christmas, is in fact a drugs trafficker.

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  1. Well, not only you have a hard time verifying what's going around, my Wasp as well. It was difficult to get hold of people in the know so to say. Apparently DN employed another lawyer who appears to think it's a TV recording, lots of waiving of paperwork etc, a bit silly, but that is beside the point. DN changed his unofficial "plea" of "someone hacked my e-mail account, I didn't do it" which was highly difficult (read impossible) for him to prove and very easy for the plaintiff, to an even more unbelievable "all accusations in this slander are true" which is decidedly more easy to counter, my Wasp tells me. His "new" lawyer asked for a postponement due to a pretended non familiarity with the case, but was so long winded trying to appear smart that the last witness, the defendant himself, was postponed till the 8th of December. This is all very welcome……. for the defendant it is. My Wasp was told that “it’s not over till the fat lady sings” was an answer to DN’s apparent elation of how things proceeded. And that saying is time proven to be true. The Judge appears to understand that it has taken a long time and said it will all be wrapped up in December.

  2. Amusingly Mr Drew Noyes has accused me of being both Pat Angko and Mangus Evans.

    I saw a picture of me in a Public house in Jomtien defaced by someone just after copies of the Pattaya Times had been delivered (but the person was too stupid to actually spell 'Pat Angko'right.

    Then the 'hard of thinking' Mr Noyes accused me face to face of being Mangus Evans.

    The man really must be thick,

    1. Whaat, you are not me and you are not Mangus? Now I have to start all over again trying to figure Pat and Mangus, thanks you ruined my Sunday….

  3. If it's your own car can't recommend a mp3 USB enabled head unit enough. Carry 2000 songs on a 8GB stick. Aux-in and you can play from the headphone port of a standard mp3 player too. Solid state electronics so no skipping!

    1. David, if you knew Andrews taste in music I think you would not recommend inflicting up to 2000 tracks of his fave raves on anybody. Continuous "Agony Bags" (Bagpipes) the "Skye Boat Song" plus the Red Army Ensemble could be classed as torture. Andrews a great guy but his music taste is sadly lacking.

    2. What's wrong with the Russian Red Army choir? Sir Gordon or the Skye Boat Song. Ok I understand you're not a fan of 'Donald where's your troosers'but little Annie loves it to bits.
      Anyway my ruse on Andy backfired. He loved the music, with the exception of Tom Jones , but it drove me up the wall.

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