Weekend Diary – Fake Lawyer Brian Goudie At It Again

Having been dealing with the awful mess which is the island of Koh Tao and the death toll there of foreigners I have been distracted again by the antics of Thailand’s most famous fake lawyer and vexatious litigant, Brian Goudie, who has been repeatedly exposed for his crimes in the western media, but whom of course the Thai justice system naturally cannot get to grips with.

Brian Goudie, sentenced in Australia for six years for stealing from his employers and 3 years in Thailand for cheating a 78-year-old American woman out of hundreds of thousands of dollars has now it seems been forced to withdraw another fictitious story about a judgment by the British Independent Press Standards Organisation.

This is the third time Goudie, who even has a documentary dedicated to himself in a series called ‘Serial Swindlers’,  has fabricated judgments from IPSO claiming on each occasion that Andrew Drummond (myself) had been censured.

In fact IPSO has not censured me at all in any of the judgments.
On the previous occasions Goudie’s concerned stories about himself.


Hanks, lawyer, Goudie

The latest case was one made by fake lawyer Brian Goudie for his colleague David Hanks, the former owner of the Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and it was not brought against myself,  but a newspaper in Scotland, the ‘Ayrshire Post’.

It related to a story which I had written and published on this site but had not sent to the Ayrshire Post because I do not normally send to local newspapers.

A former pimp, David Hanks had been charged together with a Russian with running a racket in Pattaya lending money to Russians at 60 per cent per month and holding their passports as security.


Hanks had made multiple complaints. They included complaints that Hanks falsely been accused of being held in custody and also had been involved in another fraud  namely: “that he and an associate “are said to have targeted American billionaire TV tycoon Bill Monson”, “allegedly” telling him that they could help him to access the frozen fortune of former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and that the complainant’s associate  (Brian Goudie*)“wanted a fee of £7 million.”  (*my note)

This was another story published on andrew-drummond.com and also by myself in a Scottish national newspaper. (PIC)

Although the Ayrshire Post newspaper published the story without permission I was happy to assist them. The initial details of Hanks racketeering case were provided by my Thai assistant from Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation.  It was reported as ‘Alexander Matusov’.

In fact on the court list his co-defendant was named as Alexander Komondorskiy. So that WAS a mistake.  I did not state that Hanks was remanded in custody. But I of course did complete an investigation into the attempted fraud made on Bill Monson.

Hanks in ‘The Sun’

Hanks was subsequently acquitted after his co-defendant and several Russian witnesses did not turn up to testify which is par for the course in Pattaya if defendants have fed the courts enough cash for ‘bail’ – no matter what the charges – even murder.

I duly published Hanks’ acquittal published on andrew-drummond.com and corrected errors. The Ayrshire Post did not publish contemporaneously but offered to publish his acquittal and also correct their inaccuracies.

The offer was not taken up. In any case as their article was the subject of an IPSO complaint – they waited for adjudication.

IPSO ruled that the newspaper should merely fulfill the obligation they had made. This was to record the acquittal and correct two inaccuracies. As for the other complaints they were all thrown out.

After it was pointed out to IPSO that Goudie was changing their judgments remarkably Goudie made some corrections and announced:



The original headline was: “IPSO censures Ayrshire Post newspaper over Andrew Drummond article.

This was changed to: “IPSO censures Ayrshire Post newspaper over article based on Andrew Drummond article.”

Needless to say he faked it again. His story was completely different to the IPSO judgment which of course did not mention Andrew Drummond at all.

Goudie’s states in his latest story:

“Drummond was twice convicted in Thailand before absconding whilst on bail in the face of a mounting number of criminal prosecutions under Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act.”

That sounds ominous. Andrew Drummond a criminal?

He does not clarify that there are two not ten prosecutions and they are actually libel cases and SLAPP cases at that, which have been taken by himself and Drew Walter Noyes, both convicted criminals and con men, whom I have been highlighting in Thailand for quite some time.

 (SLAPP: A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition)

The Thai justice system is a bit slow to grasp what is going on and slow is a rather flattering word here.



Drew Walter Noyes of course departed for the Unites states last year while on bail appealing a 2 year jail sentence for extortion. He left behind four children taking five with him.

Brian Goudie is on bail appealing a 3 year sentence for posing as a barrister and an officer in the Royal Marines to cheat Barbara Fanelli Miller out of 7.8 million Thai baht.

But both these Charlies have a string of accusations against them.

Goudie is also on bail for embezzlement and cheating two Britons and a German in the Thai resort of Pattaya, and a warrant of arrest has been issued against him for by his former Thai assistant on a number of charges. These also include libel allegations that Goudie, born Brian Goldie in Falkirk, Scotland, put up pornographic images of her on the internet and called her a US$6 dollar prostitute.

(Above – Noyes with current assistant in Pattaya – New Year – looking sheepish)

Drew Noyes has a felony history in the United States, where he was exposed by the Morning Star (now Star) in North Carolina by Pulitzer prize winner Scott Gold. Among the allegations in Scott’s report were property fraud, share fraud and even sexual harassment.

Both have multiple websites with headlines such as ‘Andrew Drummond is exposed as a fraud’ and ‘Myriad Lies of by Andrew Drummond’ and are actively optimising them in searches. He has also made umptten fake posts on ‘Liveleaks’.

For the full judgment see the following link:

The original story about Hanks. (Ayrshire Post story not available)
Story  on this site reporting Hanks acquittal
Other fabricated judgments of Brian Goudie


  1. On a point of 'coverage' it ought to be noted that Bwian's (AKA 'the wee scrote') postings on Facebook are addressed to his 58 Facebook friends (two of whom are the convicted pimp Niels Colov… so make that 57 Facebook friend). Plus or course the possible 1,000,000 + visitors to your own news blog.

    I only wonder, what do Bwian's 57 friends think when they see the never ending stream of posts on his Facebook of their 'friend' Bwian and his (not that so attractive) current moll declaring yet another claim of having filed charges – Charges that incidentally never relate to posts on the internet informing readers or Bwian's recorded convictions and incarcerations.

    When, I wonder, will Bwian's current moll learn the lessons of her predecessor?!

    And thank you Bwian, I have your phone number, I shall call when I am good and ready…. but will you be free to 'pick up'.

    57 friends on Facebook and not a family member amongst them….. I shall be in Falkirk this weekend…. who, I wonder, shall I meet?!

  2. Well…..you might have guessed by now….Brian isnt too smart.
    All his recent posts of threats of court actions that never occur make poor old Brian (and I do mean poor as in bankrupt) a very foolish boy.

  3. All the drama these days seems to be played out on the various protagonists Facebook pages. It's striking how few of Goonies so called friends can even be bothered to give him a like to his paranoid ramblings.

    Poor Drew must feel left out, he's barely updating his once prolific twitter account has gone quiet…

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