From Andrew Drummond

Police in Britain have arrested the chauffeur and fixer of former British DJ and TV presenter Jimmy Savile on his return from Thailand.

Ray Teret, 71, was arrested by Greater Manchester Police at a house in Altrincham.

Manchester Police’s Serious Sexual Offences Unit is investigating allegations that he raped three women when they were schoolgirls.

Teret left Thailand earlier this month stopping off at Geneva on the way to visit friends. His last known whereabouts in Thailand were in Chiang Mai Province.

He had known Jimmy Savile, now the subject of  Operation Yew Tree,  since the early sixties when both worked for the Mecca organisation.

Operation Yew Tree is massive investigation into the sexual activities of Jimmy Savile,(right)  related television stars and BBC staff which began after scores of women came forward after Savile’s death earlier this year aged 84.

Teret shared a flat with Savile in Sale, Cheshire, and also became a chauffeur when for him when Savile became famous on BBC’s Top of the Pops.

He later went on to be a disco jockey on Radio Caroline – the pirate radio station which operated ships in the Irish Sea and North Sea.

Teret however soon fell from the limelight . He worked as a DJ for Manchester Radio Piccadilly, but in 1999 aged 57 he was jailed for six months for the statutory rape of a 15-year-old.  The girl had consented.

Ray Teret with the Beatles while working on Radio Caroline

More recently he had been living in Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern seaboard where he attended an internet course promoted in the Pattaya Times newspaper.

The seminars were held by the (name deleted by request) Success Academy and were promoted by the Pattaya Times newspaper run by an American called Drew Noyes.

Teret -back third from right. Noyes middle row – seventh from left

Shortly afterwards he changed his career to internet marketer and started selling ‘Slimtea’on the internet.  He also continues to do the ‘Ray Teret Show’ on an internet radio station called ‘Voice of Peace’.

Teret crossed the Thai Burma border at Mai Sai

He had recorded three programmes for the show in Geneva before flying back to London.

Manchester Police said the arrest was independent of Scotland Yard’s ‘Operation Yew Tree’ but the SUN in London is reporting that the three complainants also knew Jimmy Savile, which was confirmed by police.

Teret arrested – The SUN

Witch hunt or paedophile?

Correction: See letter from David Cavanagh. Actually obviously there are no prize winners at these seminars. Everyone who attends and pays gets a graduation certificate.

If you knew Teret in Thailand by all means contact this site


  1. Wow….I don’t think anybody saw that one coming…..So Noise is involved with the Jimmy Savile case too. It gets better!
    Thinking about this….Noise isn't a just hapless, criminal minded imbecile….he's mixed up in everything, all of it…..more like Blofeld or Goldfinger…..he’s a genius…..
    Well done Drew, I’m looking at you in a whole new light this morning….

    1. I might have to give D Noyes the benefit of the doubt on that one Ally. If he puts his nose into anywhere where he thinks there is money he is obviously going to meet other rum people.

    2. Obviously I was been sarcastic….but not about being a hapless, criminal minded imbecile……I'm serious about that…

  2. Andrew,

    I respect the fact that you're a journalist and also understand you cover stories that are of interest to your readers.

    I'm writing to you to set the record straight on a few things you've wrongfully stated here on your site:

    One – I have nothing to do with Mr Teret, apart from the fact he was a student who attended our course in Pattaya and I was his coach at the event.

    Two – Mr Teret did not win any prize at my course – the photo you have on your site is him receiving his graduation certificate.

    Three – Mr Drew Noyes has never once sponsored our course and/or courses, and he paid for his tuition as well as any other incidentals relating to his training with us.

    I'm quite sure he flew on Thai Airways or some other similar flight… I'm sure he stayed at different resorts… I'm also positive he would have eaten when he was here in Thailand… but there is no reference (nor should there be) of any of these third parties.

    I'm asking you to remove all references to myself, my seminars and my company immediately or I will proceed with legal actions against you.

    Thank you,

    David Cavanagh

    1. Nothing personal David. Nobody is suggesting you are in any way involved with Teret or Savile. I have clarified your point about 'prize winner''. Press are at the moment under legal restrictions in the UK but in cases like this they would indeed normally report everything to what brand of cigarettes he smokes and the colour of his underpants.

      If you study this site you will see that Drew is our favourite person. I'm thinking he might need to go back to you for a refresher course as he is now allying himself with internet warrrior.

      Did you ever read the free copy of the Pattaya Times by the way?

  3. Andrew,

    These allegations have nothing to do with me and/or my business. I've got three daughters of my own in Thailand and in Australia and I understand your reporting of the story, although I still want ALL references to myself, my students and my course (including photos) removed immediately.

    Stick to the facts about the story at hand, and don't involve third parties such as myself when it's got nothing to do with me as you suggested.

    I will be proceed with legal action within 24 hours if this is not adhered to.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    David Cavanagh

    1. David: I think I need to clarify something. There is no libel against you contained in the story above. Nor there is or would there be any mention of your daughters in Australia and Thailand. You course was heavily promoted and in the public domain as were the pictures. Are you asking me to pretend if now did not exist?
      If you don't mind me saying so you sound a bit like the Brit bar owner in the pub in Vung Tao where Gary Glitter was a regular. I suggest you relax into the situation. It will pass. Failing that may I recommend you seek legal advice from either PAPPA or One Stop Legal Service in Pattaya. I am happy to assign copyright to the Pattaya Times.

  4. Tough one.

    On one hand I do think that it's not David's responsibility to vet everyone that signs up for one of his courses, whilst on the other Andrew is simply stating the fact that Teret attended the course.

    I really can't see how legal action would resolve anything other than making it higher profile. Andrew has not implied anything untoward and is quite within his rights to state facts. That said, i wouldn't like to have myself or my business mentioned in the same breath as this story either so I do empathise with David.

    I'm guessing that this might only be relevant to poke the thoroughly deserving Drew Noyes once again.

    Perhaps Andrew could remove the label or even the name of David's business so that internet searches don't automatically link him to this and perhaps David should remove the picture of what appears to be Teret looking over his shoulder on his own website. But then again maybe I should just mind my own damn business. 🙂

  5. My pleasure David. I will await the lawyer's letter. You might need to be prepared to send the same letter to a number of newspapers in the UK too. I notice from youtube that you are a specialist in controlling people's images on the internet and have even done a video to show how you can turn a lawyer with a bad reputation into a lawyer with a good reputation so this is a challenge for us both. But once again there is no libel and of course I will defend my right to provide any background on Teret that is relevant and you will find out in due course how he used his internet skills. I have noted the threat you have made in a private email.

  6. Indeed Michael. The thing is David is an instructor of how to get bag things off the internet. Actually this story is not that bad and does not reflect on the quality of his work, good or otherwise. But he adopted the wrong course of action by suggesting legal action in the first letter. This may have worked with a blogger. But I am a journalist. He could have taken the approach with which I might have agreed, saying, look I don't know this guy. This may not be good for my business, could you consider at least removing the name of my company. Certainly with a person of such a high profile as Teret may be newspapers will want every cough and spit and will have no problem with using the company name whether Mr.Cavanagh likes it or not. As an SEO 'expert' he will anyway be trying to drown out this story by now.

  7. Andrew,

    I teach "reputation management" where we help clients get rid of negative, unjust and unwarranted reviews.

    I don't in any way, shape or form, help individuals and/or businesses who are worthy of the bad reviews. If I've ever done that, then as soon as I know about it I make sure I steer clear of the said client (as well as tell my peers not to touch them).

    If a person or a business deserves negative reviews, then so be it – they should cop it sweet and wear the negativity for doing the wrong thing in the first place.

    In regards to "getting bad things off the internet" you're referencing my YouTube video where I did a demonstration video for http://www.PattayaSolicitors.com – a reputable legal practice in Pattaya, Thailand – to show reputation management, so it's not David Cavanagh attempting to deceive, persuade or make out that I'm supporting a local business who's "bad". Get my point?

    Imagine this Andrew – you're sitting in Australia doing a seminar (like I'm doing at this present moment) and you're informed from students and 2 clients that a journalist in Bangkok has written a story about a man who is a suspect for rape that happened 30 to 40 years ago and there were photos with myself, my students and written text about it all on the web.

    Would you sit back, relax and say "who cares?" or would you protect your reputation and say "I'm not going to stand for this?".

    Irrespective if you feel I took the right move, the wrong move or otherwise, the point is this – you wouldn't like your photos on the internet in connection with a story that is about "rape" "Pattaya" and "Internet Marketing" when you're a person with a high profile such as myself or yourself.

    There was no reason that you needed to mention me other than the fact of tagging it to something and/or someone in Pattaya, so the story was relevant to what you write and what your readers might consider "local news". Smart move, but of no connection and relevance to the story of Ray Teret and his arrest in the UK.

    So let's wipe the slate clean Andrew – let's move forward for the common interest of all readers of your site – let's do the right thing by each other and "agreed to disagree" – but as a professional to a professional, I'd like to ask you politely as a courtesy to myself and my Thailand and International business, to delete all references to myself, my students and/or my seminars and workshops and report the story as a story without involving any third parties. Fair deal?

    In summarisation to your last comment in your above post, I'm not in any way trying to drown out your story as I've got more important things to do than sit on the internet all day, so I ask you to do the gentlemanly (new made up word) thing and hopefully we can meet up one day in Bangkok (or in Pattaya with Howard) and have a coffee together with our families.

    Have a great evening!

    David Cavanagh

    1. Damage is done David, your portrayed yourself as a rash impulsive individual threatening court action in your first approach and bringing you daughters in the equation as well. Then, when calming down you follow Andrews suggestion make and make it appear as its your "lets move forward" mantra. Think before you write things down is my suggestion before you have to do some "reputation management" for yourselves. Smart move to borrow your words, or not really?

  8. Dear David,

    I know exactly what SOME reputation managers do on the net. There is plenty of evidence of that amongst businessmen in Pattaya – including one of your graduates. I am not suggesting anything as far as your own work practices are concerned.
    Look, supposing I had a guest house and Teret rented a room and it was later reported in a story I would not give a flying f@@k. I would have just thought: 'I wonder what I can remember about this guy'. Why should I be tarnished for renting him a room? Why should you be tarnished for accepting him for an internet course? Has the world gone crazy?
    Actually I have removed your name from the story now.

  9. Wow what an over-reaction!!!…. I now know that there's a bloke called David Cavanagh in Thailand who can teach me internet marketing, I had never heard of the bloke before.. I don't for one moment think any bad about the connection to Drew Noyes and the Pedophile (they were simply just students) but I do now know where to go if I want internet coaching! Wind your neck in Cavanagh!

  10. Incredible. Just four hours ago I checked into the only Yahoo group – Radio Caroline Fan Mailing List – I belong to and saw a message by one of its members relating to Ray Teret: "Ray Teret (Caroline North, Piccadilly, VOP)" – VOP in this instance being Voice Of Pop.

    QUOTE:"Very sad news indeed. Ray's weekly Sunday morning show on the VOP, which is
    normally posted here, is no longer on the VOP schedule. It shows Doug Wood now
    at that time instead. I also understand Ray was due to make an appearance as a
    panelist at Radio Day on Saturday 17th."

    So having never listened to Ray Teret before I just had to listen to his last broadcast. A link to the download was included in the post. I listened to the entire three hours – 10.00 AM – 13.00 PM. centering around his visits to two live music bars in the center of Geneva. Good radio – but his recent arrest kept coming to mind whilst I was listening and was incongruous and contradictory to what I was listening to.

    Then I checked into Andrew Drummond's blog and guess what?

    Most of his shows -if anyone's interested in listening out of curiosity – are archived on the aforementioned Yahoo group – membership of which is open to all and free – or here: http://www.thevop.net/

    Have got a feeling operation Yewtree – which is being overseen by Commander Peter Spindler is going to reach far and wide including South East Asia and particularly Cambodia and Thailand in its reach in the coming months.

  11. One of my best friends, a Thai lawyer, says that threatening legal action in cases like this is rather like Nostradamus predicting the end of the world. Nothing happens in your own lifetime.

  12. Judging by the speed at which David posted when this article appeared, I would think it’s reasonable to consider that he was probably shocked and disturbed upon seeing his name and company being associated with such a story. Subsequently he, as would many others would, lashed out a bit irrationally and said some things that he would probably have not said had he slept on it. Rule of thumb in business: never send an email that’s been written under stress.
    He’s obviously calmed down a bit and is thinking more rationally and trying some damage limitation here. I can sympathize with the guy as I think many others can too. Could you not see your way to cutting the guy a bit of slack Andrew?

  13. I think he has, Nedrow.

    AD had made no libelous statements and was doing what all journalists do in giving that level of detail. I sympathise with David and you are right that it must have been shocking to see your name linked in that way. AD has taken the name out now so I think honours are even.

  14. Strange comment on the Pattaya Sometimes website..

    "Dear Drew, I would really enjoyed all you contributions during the workshop and thank you for helping supporting and encouraging David to keep betttering himself and the Academy. Also a big thanks for the publicity that followed. We look forward to sharing more time with you in March. Ross and Dianne Perry"

    Who was coaching who here? I can imagine Drew trying to steal the limelight as usual but Drew was encouraging David??

  15. Teaching 'reputation management!' I would of thought a good reputation was earned through right actions and behaviour rather than media manipulation. If he teaches what we've seen from Drew Noyes online I'd call that 'reputation destruction.' This guy was a little too quick with the legal threats for my liking. After what we've read about Pattaya lawyers lately, who's he going to use anyway? Goldie? Noyes? I would of thought Pattaya would be the last place you'd set up a business if you were worried about your reputation. Unless of course you were aware the place was full of people who needed 'reputation repair.'

  16. Maybe 10 years ago it could have been a good thing to attend and had the potential to earn you a good income, but the concept is so out of date now, all the opportunities have gone. If you would like more information about my thoughts, please enter your email address here (……………), but wait there's more – for a limited time only you will also receive my thoughts on the Pattaya Times worth $5 absolutely free!

  17. With regards to the hot air from the success 'coach'…an old proverb comes to mind especially when he sees fit to include testimonials from a certain newspaper owner on his website…

    Luke 4:23 "Physician heal thyself"

  18. Clearly Mr Cavanagh has just discovered that he doesn't actually have a libel case because no one has alleged that he has done anything wrong.

    It isn't illegal or even morally wrong to conduct lawful business with a paedophile or a serial liar,especially if you were not aware at the time of who they were.

    All I have found out is that if you Google 'David Cavanagh' you find that his web site is top of the list which pretty much establishes that he is pretty good at that part of what he does.

    However, by his actions, in threatening a journalist, in a public arena, to remove articles that are quite truthful and lawful I can only surmise that his knowledge of how to manage reputation is not at the same level.

    The worst thing he could do now would be to ally himself with Noyes in a 'get Drummond' mood because that would utterly destroy his reputation.

  19. You on a witch hunt against David, Tim? AD has resolved the issue. It doesn't bneed stirring with an inappropriate, out of context, quote in my view. And btw it is not a proverb.

  20. Is a " reputation manager " the same as a turd polisher? The latter of course is my own generic term for what passes for PR and in no way should be construed as a personal attack on anyone who claims otherwise.

  21. PS If Mr Cavanagh is still of a mind to seek legal recourse might I offer my chaps, Messrs Steele, Cheetham & Howe as a suitable firm. I previously used Messrs. Sue,Grabbit & Runne but ever since my timeshare scheme down in Yala bit the dust they seem to have ceased practising.

  22. Folks,

    You'll probably notice that neither Andrew Drummond or I are commenting on this thread anymore, so it's fair to say that we've said what we've said and we've both moved on. My issue wasn't with any reader(s) of this site, not should it be (or have been), and I wish you all the best of success and thank you for your feedback.

    Kind Regards,

    David Cavanagh

  23. One thing I'll comment on before signing off, is that Drew and Kung Noyes have attended my event a few times now (not just one as I've read).

    They've ALWAYS paid for my course, ALWAYS paid for all of their meals and refreshments and I've NEVER had a problem with either of them.

    I've read through this site and have seen lots of negative comments about them (which is none of my personal business) but if a client pays for my training, acts and conducts themselves in a professional manner (and doesn't cause any problems) then there is no problem with myself and/or my team.

    Hope this also clarifies things 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    David Cavanagh

    1. Andrew,

      I don't write for the Pattaya Mail or the Pattaya Times, so this quote again has nothing to do with me.

      I think we can move on now, don't you?

      David Cavanagh

  24. Hi- my first post from a regular Thailand visitor. Enjoy reading this website.

    Some unfair comments about Mr Cavanagh who had every right to be perturbed by Andrew's original reporting. Simple and plain : Andrew got his facts wrong.

    However Mr Drummond has had the good grace to correct them promptly but surely he knows full well that if such mistakes had appeared in a newspaper, Mr Cavanagh would have Buckley's Chance of getting a correction.

    Given the nature of the allegations and the sensational reporting over this arrest, I think Mr Cavanagh has every right to wish to distant himself from a matter that is nothing to do with him.

    Perhaps those sending up Mr Cavanagh (and I had no knowledge of him before I read this blog), and his business and suggesting that "a good reputation was earned" may ponder on Lord McAlpine who indeed had an good reputation until a week ago but it was dragged through the mud by internet Twitterers and slack reporting.

    On that subject : not a single thing has been proven about Jimmy Savile yet and I suggest people defer judgement until Operation Yewtree is concluded.
    I know for a fact 2 high profile claimants will possibly face serious charges and another will need to answer questions about forged police letters.

    However I know nothing about the other alleged 400 victims so Savile may be proved to be a shocker.

    1. You under a misapprehension M. Daley. No facts were wrong. I removed Mr. Cavanagh's name from the original story purely as a matter of courtesy and sympathy and was under no obligation to do so.

      Further no comment was made about the reputation of his busines.

      As for Jimmy Savile I am afraid your plea will fall on deaf ears. Just too many allegations are being made now.

      And when the BBC admits it was wrong I don't think even Mr. Cavanagh's internet reputation skills will help.

    2. Andrew,

      Do you mind removing the "tags" that say David Cavanagh Success Academy please?

      Removing the name from the story was appreciated, but it's still tagged to me as you can see.

      Thank you,

      David Cavanagh

    3. yes I now see you did what you say Mr Drummond and you should be credited for that.

      Unfortunately too many journalists seem to dig their heels in when they make a mistake when it's just much easier to aknowledge it, correct it and then we can all move on.
      I'm watching the whole Savile matter with great interest but not even the police are claiming guilt-just yet.

      Surely people must realize that any person would be reluctant to find themselves associated with Savile particularly when there are so many degrees of separation.

  25. For someone that did not want the attention, he certainly is replying here a lot.

    I have a reputation, wonder if he could help me with it.

  26. "As for Jimmy Savile I am afraid your plea will fall on deaf ears. Just too many allegations are being made now."

    It's a bit disturbing when a journalist implies that allegations equal guilt. As far as I know British law is still intact : ie that a person is still innocent (even when dead) unless proved guilty.

    I look forward to a proper inquiry about the Savile matter and how Britain's tabloids actively promoted the man and his charity activities right up until when he died. Indeed the wonderful Sun newspaper wrote a beautiful eulogy to Savile from his grave side describing the weeping scenes with 30,000 fans. Now the editor at the time (who himself has been arrested) claims in the Huffington Post that he was aware of Savile's activities but couldn't publish them for fear of libel actions.

    That could be true but that doesn't explain why The Sun and other tabloids went on promoting Savile when their silence may could have said much.

    1. The contradictions of the SUN and all media for that matter are quite understandable Mr. Daley. Different sections of newspapers are always at war with each other. Certainly I knew about these allegations 20 years ago. There were of course constant threats against newspapers. Savile's public face was charity. Its very difficult to fight that image and influence. Stories tend to be black and white. You can't do a hero story about Savile and then add, oh by the way there are unconfirmed rumours that he has a sexual predator. The BBC would have been in a position to expose Savile though and they know it. I agree silence would have been better but is that not also acknowledging the allegations were true.

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