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Alys  A British Embassy consular official faces a Foreign Office inquiry for over-servicing a British subject while on consular duty. Vice-Consul Alys Harahap has been accused of over-visiting a British prisoner and giving him a comforting hug. The British newspaper the ‘Mail on Sunday’ even goes on to suggest she is having a ‘secret affair’ with the prisoner Julian Ponder …

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West Ham Defender Blows the Whistle On Corruption In Bali

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A FLYING SPORRAN INVESTIGATION July 20 2012 Peter ‘Butts’ Butler An Australian legal firm which has been handling the defences for some of the ‘Bali 9’ has been implicated in allegations of fraud, corruption, and conspiracy on the Indonesian holiday island. Austrindo, of Kuta Beach, Bali, run by former Perth lawyer Peter Johnson, 65, been named in the Supreme Court in …

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Cocaine! Just Like Giving Candy To A Baby.

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Now Thai Supplier Sought In Bali Drugs Case From Andrew Drummond, Denpasar, Bali May 30 2010 The British father of six-year-old Kitty Ponder broke his silence today to say Lindsay Sandiford set himself and his partner Rachel Dougall up with a damning haul of cocaine on the holiday island of Bali. As Bali police continued an investigation today into the …

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Tragedy of a 6-year-old cocaine 'orphan' called Kitty

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‘Hello, I’m Kitty. You know just as in ‘Hello Kitty’ says girl whose parents have been taken away from her for ever it seems. The drug busts in Bali are hitting headlines around the world. A recent one involving several Britons is hitting all the UK Press and elsewhere. These stories can be emotive. Even ITN abandoned its schedule to cover Aung San …