Tracey now walk around wearing a T-shirt with

A 47-year-of Briton, who was turned in to police in Thailand by a Scot posing as a barrister for an alleged offence of child sexual abuse, was today formally cleared of all charges by the Thai Supreme Court.

The court ruled that Ian Tracey, from Godalming, Surrey, should not even have been arrested.

The Scot, Brian Goudie, had used Ian Tracey, who was a prison visitor, to find clients for him in a local Thai prison but when he found out that Tracey realised he was a fake, Goudie reported him on false charges.

Tracey, 48, from Godalming, Surrey, had actually been acquitted of child sexual abuse at his original trial when the 14-year-old boy victim told the court they had the wrong man. But the prosecution appealed.

The 14-year-old  alleged victim completely denied the police account saying he had been ordered to sign a statement implicating Tracey or be jailed.  He had failed a urine test and would be jailed for drugs use if he did not.

Tracey never demanded any sexual services. It’s the wrong person,’ he said

Goudie mocked up as a barrister

Tracey met Goudie, whom he believed was a barrister, who told him he would sue the Thai police for millions for perjury, wrongful arrest. But first he checked with the court to find the prosecutor had appealed the acquittal without informing Tracey or his lawyer and new warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Goudie told  Tracey, who worked for a charity visiting prisoners in Nong Plalai Prison near the resort city of Pattaya , to move into his apartment for safety reasons and work with him to help find him ‘new clients’.

Goudie’s first major prisoner-client to his bogus ‘Alba Laws’ legal company had been Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday, who was in jail in Pattaya suffering from necrotising fasciitis, a flesh eating disease.

Halliday had allegedly  assaulted the manager of a local nightclub.

Goudie acquired all of Halliday’s property in Thailand (His property in the UK had been seized by the Serious  Organized Crime Agency as the proceeds of crime) by getting him to sign a Power of Attorney on his death bed.

Tracey discovered that Goudie,48, from Falkirk, was not the gentleman he claimed, but he did not know he was a lawyer or a former officer in the Royal Marines, as he had claimed , but a convicted thief under the name Goldie, who had been jailed in Australia for six years for theft.

And he warned a 76-year-old American woman Barbara Fanelli Miller, who had handed over an alleged US$250,000  to defend her schoolteacher son Gregory Miller, 45, on child sexual abuse.

His suspicious, he says, were aroused when as soon as he acquired Mrs Miller as a client.

“He told me we were both going to be rich. He promised me a million baht  (US$30,600).

“I was not in this for money. I knew that fake evidence had also been presented in Miller’s case,” he said.

When Goudie heard he reported his ‘client’ Tracey to police and told them to pick him up from his address in Pattaya.

He was recorded on tape by other clients talking about how he reported Tracey to police and saying:

 ‘Perverts. I am making so much money (out of them) . It’s like there is no tomorrow.”

An angry Tracy giving the finger to the media on his arrest at Goudie’s ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub.  Goudie is in the background
in checked shirt promising to act as his counsel.

Tracey was arrested on the premises ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub renamed from Halliday’s ‘Blarney Stone’ and spent 14 months in jail before Supreme Court judges ordered that he be released on bail.

Goudie later complained to the Press Complaints Commission, now IPSO, that use of the material breached privacy and clandestine filming regulations.

On tape Goudie he describes how he reported Tracey: ‘Nobody knows it was me who reported him to police,

But the PCC ruled that publication was ‘in the public interest’.

Mrs. Barbara Fanelli is Madison, Wisconsin,  has currently taken a private prosecution out against Goudie and he is on bail on a charge of posing as a barrister and former Royal Marines officer to defraud her out of 7.9 million Thai baht. (US$242,222).

A mistrial has been recorded in her son’s case. Her son had been jailed for 38 years.

Thai police have taken no action against Goudie despite numerous complaints from victims. They rarely act when foreigners defraud others foreigners.

The Supreme Court judgment ruled that Tracey’s original acquittal was correct. There was no evidence even for the arrest and the arrest warrant was in the wrong person’s name, the court ruled.

Said Tracey today: “Goudie knew I was innocent by shopped me because I warned Mrs Miller about him. 

As soon as I was sent to prison he was describing my arrest as a travesty of justice and promising to get me out. I believed him. 

“Now I plan to sue that rat, the authorities, prosecutor, police and even the media, who ran reports that I was a paedophile without reporting my acquittal. 

” I would say I am amazed by the Thai police have done nothing about Goudie or Goldie. But nothing else amazes me about the police now.”

Repeatedly exposed – this story ran in the Sunday Mail – but Thai police have done nothing

On his pretence legal website when the Supreme Court ordered Tracey’s release from prison, where he had spent 14 months, Goudie was reluctant to admit the signs and said: ‘Although he has been released Tracey’s convictions and sentence….remain in place.”

Then under a picture of Tracey he invented the evidence to read: “The victim identified his abuser as  ‘a foreign man with tall and thin figure, sharp eyes and prominent nose, white complex and blond hair’

Goudie was not available for comment today.

But on his internet site he is quite clearly still in action in Thailand planning to sue his ex-girlfriend a former bar girl for alleged stealing from the company he acquired from Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday.

Let Brian Goudie’s sms message to Briton Andy Mathews another client of his. Mathews who runs an estate agency claims he was ripped off of 27 million baht by a German realtor in Pattaya by the name of Rolf Haupt. 
He thought Goudie was an officer and a gentleman, helped him decorate the ‘Jaggie Thistle’ and lent him all his savings, about US$12,000. He did not get the money back. 
He remonstrated with Goudie who subsequently sued him for libel and threats. And Mathews was found guilty!

Are the Thai police stupid? When it comes to foreigners the answer is probably yes. They do not speak the language. When foreigners are in dispute with each other they do not know who to believe and do not want to go through all the hassles of translations. More often than not they will believe whoever has the most money. But they have no excuses with Brian Goudie or Goldie – the name he was given at birth and under which he was jailed as prisoner E0000274 in Hakea West Australia.
The Thai authorities from the Supreme Court to the Appeal Court, from elected government to military government, from police to DSI, have all been informed. In short they do not care about foreigners being ripped off in Thailand, providing a Thai gets the benefit. 


  1. It goes to show what a lowlife scumbag Goudie is. I'm going to guess Brian is going to be doing a runner soon before justice, Thai style catches up with him.

  2. Well Deadbeat Parent Brian is assuring his daughter will have emotional issues. A parent who turns up sporadically with gifts then disappears again only confuses the child. The child sees friends with their fathers and when they go to school it only reinforces their idea "if my father really loved me, why is he not here like all the other Dads?" The child feels abandoned. A female child's first relationship with a male is with her father and if he is absent or only shows up occasionally it is very damaging for the child's emotional development.

    In Brian's case it will be a lot worse when his child realises that instead of being there to take care of her, he was busy cheating and scamming people whilst running around with other women. This is soul destroying for a female child who needs to see the father as a protector and nurturer.

    Maybe that's why hates Drummond so much, Andrew is what seems like a doting Dad who puts his children's life, safety and education as his priority. Brian puts his own selfish greed and deviant lifestyle first. This is why he is a text book definition of a Deadbeat Dad. Add that to cheat, liar, fraud and fugitive and you have Thailand's most devious and slimy farang resident. I hope he's proud of himself.

    1. I remember many years ago I did my own private research into this. A HUGE percentage of bar girls I talked to came from families where the father was either absent or had many vices where he didn't emotionally or financially take care of the family. This is at the root of why so many of these girls end up ripping off the men they get involved with. There is a hidden fear of abandonment that creates neediness or possessiveness that can greatly disrupt any relationship. It also creates a pressing need for financial and emotional security as that is what has been neglected. These girls will often find material support but the emotional problems are deep rooted and they themselves don't understand why they do what they do. It comes from abandonment issues that creates these emotional issues. They self-sabotage over and over again without knowing why.

      In a man like Brian it will create a social parasite, a drifter and a person who cannot find stability as he chooses the wrong partners because he also had a dysfunctional relationship with his parents. Like a child acting out, Brian is proud of his deviousness and he loves one-upmanship. He desperately seeks attention trying hard to show how clever he is. All his problems stem from his dysfunctional relationship issues with BOTH parents. A father must teach a boy to be a man, have confidence in himself and a mother must give the male child emotional support and nurturing. If either is lacking problems result. Brian's depravity reveal to me he must of had a terrible upbringing. Why else would he bring such shame and scorn so publicly onto himself otherwise? It's because he is full of self-loathing and lacks any real confidence.

      Many men like this will be career criminals, join bikie gangs or team up with other malcontents in their hatred of the authority. They deep down resent people with good careers, stable families and loving partners. They are blame shifters and pathological liars. They also have highly developed survival skills as they've had to take care of themselves from a young age.

      From my experience these people rarely overcome their problems as they lack any introspective to understand themselves. What makes a psychopath so dangerous is he thinks he is normal and his lies and fantasies are all true. That's why they can fool so many people.

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