Never a barrister

A bail hearing in which a British foreign correspondent was charged with libel under Thailand’s Computer Crime Act for publishing a photo shopped picture, among others, of a fake barrister, who claimed he practiced at the High Court and Old Bailey in London, – was today adjourned until November 13th.

Andrew Drummond, author of this site, former correspondent for ‘The Times’ and ‘Observer’ in Thailand and now with the London Evening Standard, did not attend the court in Koh Samui.

The action had been brought by Brian Goudie, formerly known as Brian Goudie, an international con man who has a programme ‘Brian Goldie – Swindler Scot’ dedicated to himself in the television series ‘Serial Swindlers’.

Drummond exposed his activities in Thailand in the Scottish Sunday Mail and frequently on this site.  A libel case brought by Goudie for libel against Andrew Drummond in the Pattaya Court over Sunday Mail exposé has already been dismissed.

The current charges do not relate to any words Drummond has written but purely to pictures lampooning Goudie, causing him to be offended. The intention behind publication of the photographs was indeed to expose him as a fake lawyer and fake Royal Marine, among other things.

Goudie is currently on criminal trial in Pattaya for posing as lawyer to cheat 76-year-old Barbara Fanelli Miller of Madison, Wisconsin out of 7.9 million baht (US$243,000) . Included in that amount was bail money for her son on child sexual abuse charges in Nong Plalai prison, Pattaya.

Andrew Drummond had written to the court saying that while he was surprised the court had accepted the charges he would of course be contesting them. He further requested the court to send writs to his lawyer, not to addresses Goudie knew he had long since left.

Goudie is co-operating with Drew Walter Noyes, an American who also claimed to be a lawyer to get cash from foreigners who has also taken a case, based on photo-shopped pictures only, against Drummond in the Pattaya Court.

#DrewNoyes is currently on trial in Pattaya accused together with his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu of attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic out of 2.3 million baht (originally 7 million) on pain of a police raid and bad publicity in his now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper.

Drew Noyes – Fake lawyer

On his phony quasi legal blog site ‘Casewatch.Asia’ (Noyes and Goudie have created about 20 anti Drummond websites and flooded the internet that he is a fraud and a criminal) Goudie states:

 “Andrew Drummond, 63, a convicted criminal who was convicted of criminal defamation and sentenced to four months jail  (suspended for one year) in February 2014 in Pattaya Provincial Court will tomorrow face Court on the Thai island of Koh Samui and is expected to be forced to post what Plaintiff’s expect will be a ‘substantial’ bail bond – even if Drummond can persuade the Court to release him on bail.

Never an officer

It is rumoured that documents have been filed by the Plaintiff in tomorrow’s cases, Brian Goudie, objecting to Drummond being released on bail as Drummond now faces at least three criminal trials early next year, or alternatively requesting the Court to set tough bail conditions such as a higher than normal bail bond, confirmation of a residential address, travel restrictions and surrender of passport.

Following a preliminary hearing in case numbers 1269/2556 and 1826/2556 filed by Goudie last year, in which the Court found a prima facie case existed to go to trial, Drummond has been summonsed to surrender to bail and answer two indictments in two separate cases tomorrow that list eleven separate breaches of Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act.

Drummond has been ordered to surrender to Court officers at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning – or face the prospect of an arrest warrant being issued.

A spokesman for Goudie said today:

‘We expect the Court will set bail conditions commensurate with the level of offending in these pending cases, which would almost certainly attract a long custodial sentence if Drummond is convicted at trial. Mr Drummond faces eleven charges that each carry a penalty of up to three years imprisonment, so it is a very serious matter indeed’.

The spokesman for Goudie, is, er Goudie. Those rumours turned out not to be true. Goudie turned up without a lawyer.

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Footnote: Many thanks to all who have contributed to the bail. Report will follow about how the appeal fund went. But it is really very encouraging that I have the support out there in this tediously long fight merely defend foreigners against fraudsters in Thailand.


  1. Thai law at its best. When will they ever acknowledge this madness whereby a convicted fraudster and a foreign national to boot can lodge a frivolous claim with no merit whatsoever which coerces an innocent man into wasting money defending this entirely spurious action that carries an absurd sentence on conviction? How on earth could anyone in their right mind consider this to be a criminal action in the first place? Why should there be a bail condition attached to a matter which scarcely qualifies for definition as mere trivia?
    The absurdity of this country never ceases to amaze. It would be quite amusing if it wasn't so tragic.

  2. So you're being taken to court over pictures that show a person that has already had to forfeit property he illegally obtained by defrauding a person by impersonating a lawyer, is currently on trial for defrauding another person by impersonating a lawyer and has another trial coming up for defrauding another person out of money by impersonating a lawyer.

    Thai law. What a joke. Have you ever thought of getting your story translated into Thai and published in the Thai newspapers?

    Perhaps when these alleged foreign criminals, one of which resides in the Kingdom in defiance of Thai law gets some Thai newspaper coverage, the Thais will realize one reason their court system is so backlogged.

  3. Andrew, about the fund raising.

    I regard it a privilege to be in a position to be able to support you in your fight to be allowed to speak the truth.

    I'm sure I am not alone in realising that when not distracted by your struggles with Drew Noyse and the ex-convict Brian Goudie (Nee Goldie), you provide arguably the most reliable, investigative journalism in Thailand.

    The reason I donate is because I do not wish to see you cowed out of telling the truth.

    On that front, any news on how Drew Noyse's criminal case before the courts is going?

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Currently we have the Goudie case (above) then we have the case brought by Noyes's friend 'Naam' this Thursday. She claims she was not his 'mia noi' this (Bail already paid). The Drew Noyes 'gay picture case' is scheduled to be heard next hear (as will the Nam case) and a case brought by the Aussie former brothel owner David Hanks has not yet been accepted. Thanks you for your comments.

    2. Incidentally this came in on my mobile phone Sunday night from Drew Noyes under a photo 'International Asshole Day. Share if you know an asshole'. 'As you can imagine I thought of you. Enjoy spending/serving time in Samui starting Monday. Is it just the beginning of what they have in store for you as a result of your bad actions and lies. ' etc etc.

  4. hahaah, I can laught at the antics but that is only because I am not you. You have my sympathy Andrew, these people are a menace.

  5. The Thai "police" cannot catch and deport a criminal that is known worldwide? They must, one would assume giving Thailand's reputation, are being paid off. That is also ILLEGAL in Thaialnd.

    The Thai "junta" cannot catch and deport a criminal that is known worldwide? They must, one would assume giving Thailand's reputation, are being paid off. That is also ILLEGAL in Thaialnd.

    The conviction carries 5 years in a Thai prison. Thai law clearly states that.

    Who is going to prison?

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