The news of the jailing of British journalist Andrew Drummond by Drew Noyes, the American former publisher of the now defunct Pattaya Times, who is currently on trial for extortion, may be slightly exaggerated.

Drummond was this week spotted in various places around Bangkok and Samui.

“I read the news I was in jail when I woke up yesterday. But the breakfast was good. I had oyster omelette, juice, coffee, then I could not resist a bit of gaffelbiter on rye bread,” he said, early today at Don Muang airport.

“Then I saw the story was written by Drew Noyes. Its right up there with his offer to cure AIDS and his patented contraption for dealing with oil spills.

“This is obviously Drew’s wishful thinking. But if there is a race on, I think he will win,” he said.

Drummond Goes To Jail – One

Contrary to Drew Noyes report Andrew Drummond says was not convicted for calling either Drew Noyes or David John Hanks ‘pimps’.

“No I believe I have repeatedly called David Hanks a former pimp,” which is true. The court has stated that I have not written anything myself libelous, but that I have allowed two posters on my site to post libelous letters. 

“It was not clear when the judgment was read what exactly were the libels so I am awaiting the judgment to see what the judge has defined as the libels. The court has already given leave to appeal.” 

Drummond goes to jail – two
On this website Noyes claimed to be writing as a member of the Foreign Correspondents Club
of Thailand. Alas he was not jailed, fingerprinted or photographed.

“I believe I have called him much worse things.

Drummond added:

 “As Drew Noyes is having a seminar on ‘How to prosecute someone in Thailand for defaming you on the internet and my case and jail term will be the case study, I’ll be lucky enough to pop along and contribute.  

“He says he has organised ‘many seminars’ with police generals and judges on the panel. Some mistake there I think. This should be a real humdinger because he and his compatriots have lost 11 out of 12 cases.  But if anybody could get he date I would appreciate it.”

Drummond goes to jail -Three



Andrew Drummond was talking at Don Muang airport today after the Khao Sod English language online version, which is sanitized for a foreign audience, ran as a lead a story on a claim that a woman flight attendant had been secretly filmed in a toilet in there.

Flying Officer Chaturongkapon Sodmanee, Director of Don Muang Airport was quoted as saying his aides had told him a small camera was installed in an air freshener.

(Above) No-one would leave a camera in the toilets at Chuuk!

But actually the camera has not been found yet so this is speculation.

“He stressed that the officials would resolve the matter as soon as possible, but warned that a thorough and detailed inquiry would likely take some time, as there are over 100 toilets in the airport facility.”

And there are so many buttons here no wonder the user is confused. Apparently you have to sit on it first – then guess!

But this is my favourite.

You can sit where no bottom has been before. 


  1. "bbgfgdfgffgfdgfdgfd"
    Not my words, but the impressive fact-filled text that is the sum total of the other articles on Noyes' boilerplate website. For some reason he's been too busy to update it for the past month…

  2. Is anyone taking this guy serious anymore?
    Does Thailand not have a law which allows Doctors to section people who are mentally unstable and are in danger of hurting themselves when they have run out of ideas on how to hurt others.
    Once people start believing their own fairy stories then it really must be medication time.
    The game is up Noyes. Well yours is. Some people haven't started yet. tick tock tick tock

  3. I wonder if the registered owner of one stop services knows her business website is being used in this manner? I'm guessing another lawsuit will be coming soon as she's the one with drew's money.

  4. Check out Drew's Google+ blog. Talk about a chronic case of narcissistic personality disorder.

    ## "Our good friend is the new Chief of Police in Pattaya. The corruption of 2 years ago is long gone, likely to never return!"

    This is of course posted with the mandatory shot of him with the poor unsuspecting cop who is unaware of what a psycho he is associating with.

    Then there is this little chestnut. ## "Drew Noyes receives numerous awards for 16 years of service in Thailand." Followed by a series of photos where he again is pictured with everybody from the Mayor to other try-hards like Colov.

    Unfortunately the Thais seem unaware of the damage this man does. It's not just the vexatious litigation. These people undermine people's confidence in each other. They make us all cynics. They cause disharmony and suspicion. Honest business people have to work even harder to gain trust and inspire confidence from others.

    They also erode confidence in the Thai legal system. There is already the perception justice can be purchased or delayed for years and these people like Noyes are just magnifying the problem by showing how easy it is to persecute perceive enemies with frivolous law suits.

    All three stooges have together done great damage with their evil acts. It's not just the financial damage. The lies, the cheating and devious back-stabbing just re-enforces some people's idea that Thailand is a place inhabited by foreign deviants who are all out to rob and cheat others. We all get tarnished by these rodents.

    1. Yes, I'm sure the honourable labour minister Chalerm will look into the work permit issues for us. DSI boss Tarit will also be real interested in helping. On blue sky channel yesterday there were protesters outside Tarit's house and his house was surrounded by heavily armed police dressed in black kit. The reporters were asking why were the police armed with military weapons. I guess he has more pressing issues than Noyes and Goldie. Yesterday I see the tuk tuk guys got the local police chief in Patong beach removed by blocking a few roads. Yes, I'm sure a stern letter from me will get the wheels of justice turning. ROFLMAO

  5. Now why do you think that Noise hasn't mentioned the fact the only people to have actually gone to Jail/ been arrested in Thailand are GOLDIE, Hanks and errrr well……Noise??? That's a real puzzle. I think I'll conundrum that one at my desk today…..
    Any news on Hanks racketeering case?

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