A burned out house , a not so missing vehicle, and frozen stiffs cut up for disposal.

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Had my breakfast interrupted this morning by a call from New Zealand, a follow up to many calls I have been receiving from there and Australia recently. It’s all to do with the Three Stooges.

This website has long since broken the ‘you cannae make it up’ barrier with the likes of Drew Noyes, and Brian Goudie but the latest calls and emails have been regarding David Hanks.

It seems that David John Hanks who is suing me in court over this story in the SUN (He is not suing the SUN) is not quite the limp wristed and wronged waif with an impeccable background that he has been telling judges down on Koh Samui. …Some people down under are spitting fire.

Viewers of this site will already know that he has been revealed as the former state licence holder of ‘Masquerades Brothel’ which specialized in ‘Asian Hotties’ in Keysborough, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, which he sold on to some Chinese a couple of years ago.

This is something which he was forced to admit in a court in Pattaya – claiming the girls were looked after very well.

It is not however something that he has so easily admitted in Koh Samui court, where he claims he is a businessman with an unblemished record but has been at pains not to talk about ‘Masquerades’

But to add balance I should immediately state that Hanks’ sister in Girvan, Scotland, has made her views known.

(Hanks has complained at my outrageous behavior at sending a reporter to interview her. It almost giving her a heart attack, he claimed)

He is a quiet man, Margaret McCulloch, 65, says, who rarely drinks so probably ‘would not qualify for the mafia’

She knew he ran a brothel adding: ‘I did not approve’.

This contrasts starkly with what he tells people he is. This quiet man has of course claimed many times that he knows Chinese mafia and even admitted to me he owned Masquerades. (He sold his brothel to two Chinese) but now I am hearing he has embellished his tale to include his participation as an adviser to the Australian television series ‘Underbelly’ – one of the country’s best produced factual crime series.

(I am not even going to ask the producers about this ) He certainly likes to look the part – as in the picture in the SUN story..  But its all about image; the image he wants to create locally, not the one for the courts.

Sharing  a coke? Noyes and Hanks with beer wallah in Shenanigans, Pattaya (the beer wallah bit is just a joke)

Clearly Hanks cannot run with the big boys and his role in Thailand has been very much the enforcer of Drew Noyes, current President of the Lions Club 310D Silom Branch, who is up in Pattaya court on extortion charges, or the runner for Brian Goudie, another man in the courts in Pattaya.

A DSI (Department of Special Investigations) investigation however put Hanks at the top of the tree in a racket which involved Russians visitors to One Stop Service Center in Pattaya offering short term loans to Russians at 60 per cent per month.

Hanks was not around for this photo-call – one of the Russian team under arrest

The DSI handed the matter however over to Pattaya Police – which at the time (but maybe not now) was a bit like handing the police a lottery ticket.  I am not sure Hanks has a work permit for racketeering.

He is on a retirement visa.  This may explain why though claiming to be a businessmen and running a furniture restoration company registered at the address of the ‘One Stop Service Center’ of Drew Noyes, he does not have any premises or materials for that matter.

Yes its another dodge. He does not even have any shares in it and sometimes forgets its name.

However the vitriol about Hanks coming out of both Melbourne and Auckland must be sair to bare
A house he owned ‘spontaneously combusted’ in the Cheltenham area of Melbourne after the local council ruled he could not demolish it is  alleged.

David Hanks, furniture repair – Photo-shopped by Weapon

Insurers may not go near him – not since he made an insurance claim for a stolen 4 x 4 which New Zealand police found locked in a garage under his control!

He has indeed been in the upholstery business but not that successful that he did not need his brothel income.

It was ailing and he sold it to his son-in-law and daughter.

His second daughter is in the US and married to a University policeman Jason Trumbower.

According to a story, now removed from the blog of fake lawyer Brian Goudie, he was assisting the Secret Service in the United States track down a reader to this site, Ally Cooper, for an alleged plot on Hilary Clinton!  A claim which he is being sued for by the said Mr. Cooper.

Hanks describes how Australian crooks who having killed their victims freeze the corpses so they are easier to cut up with a saw before dumping them in the ocean, as if he was an underworld authority.

Posted on Facebook by Brian Goudie. Officer Jason Trumbower ‘hot on Ally’s trail’ 

Like his colleagues, Noyes, and Goudie, he does however rather tend to embellish, but in the witness box as plaintiff he is tight lipped and comes has across much more as the defendant as he continually repeats: ‘That is nothing to do with the case. I’m not answering that,” or something along those lines

Hanks last turned up in court in Pattaya to stand by Noyes during his extortion trial. With him he brought his pregnant north eastern Thai girlfriend who has a permanent look of excruciating boredom.
He has a thing about Asian women, though there is nothing wrong with that. But some people are concerned about the ‘Asian Hottie’ he left behind in Australia….without a passport.

RECAP -The Three Stooges

Drew Noyes, 59, currently on trial for extortion in Pattaya. Also with returned libel cases brought bu the author and Ally Cooper in Bangkok. Claimed to be a lawyer in Thaiand. Exposed by the Morning Star in North Carolina in 1995 prior to his departure to Thailand. Allegations included property and share fraud. Sexual harassment. Used to be the boss of the now defunct Pattaya Times. Claims to be the boss of One Stop Service Center in Pattaya – but has recently been taken off the list of shareholders leaving his ‘wife’ Wanrapa Bonsu in charge. Is being sued for 2.5 million for allegedly cheating Dutch National Theo van der schaaf.

Brian Goudie, also known as Brian Goldie: Career conman. He evaded arrest for a fraud on Royal Bank of Scotland by fleeing to Australia. However in Australia he was jailed for six years for stealing from his employers. He re-surfaced in Thailand as a British barrister and former Captain in the Royal Marines. Is charged with fraud and deception. He is accused of swindling a 76-year-old American woman out of 7.9 million baht. Case at Pattaya Provincial Court. An application has been made to withdraw bail. He is also accused of putting porno pictures and video on the internet of an ‘ex’ whom he calls a prostitute on his Casewatch.Asia blogspot site and of cheating clients of his company Alba Laws.
David John Hanks, charged with racketeering in Pattaya by running illegal money lending business to Russians. He has also claimed to be a lawyer. Former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Victoria, which specialised in ‘Asian Hotties’. He supposedly runs a furniture restoration business in Pattaya. But has no premises and is not even shown as a shareholder in his own company.

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4 thoughts on “A burned out house , a not so missing vehicle, and frozen stiffs cut up for disposal.

  1. Drew Noyes recently posted a video on facebook of a dog fornicating with a tramp on a dirty street claiming it was the oily carcass of one Ally Cooper. Thought another 5 million baht lawsuit may be coming his way.

    Drew has unfortunately brown-nosed his way into another club with the poor people involved obviously oblivious to his life long history of lying and frauds.

    Brian's blog has gone quiet, he's probably realized a cockroach has more credibility and popularity than him.

    David Hanks has revealed to one and all his character simply by association. He has said little and his past we don't know much about. Just the fact he has befriended the other two is enough for us to know his nature.

    I think Goudie looks like Fred Flintstone. Hanks with the red hair reminds me of an aging Danny Partridge but after his facelift he looks more like a lost brother from the Tracy family in the Thunderbirds.

  2. These 3 are just wannabe underworld tough guys. The underworld has it's on set of laws that includes not touching women and children and never snitching to the police. They handle there own problems.
    These flakey fakes run to the police time and time again to snitch on all, Hanks and Goldilocks were petrified recently when AD followed him in the car in Pattaya running to the police, Noyes got an ex employee deported after snitching to immigration and Goldie snitched on Ian Tracey for something he didn't do.
    Hanks has made his money with Asian hotties that he claims were looked after, but a google search will reveal another, ugly sinister side. Goldie who admits he likes young girls, posts pornographic pictures of exes on the internet after they dump his sorry ass and we have all seen the statement, circulated perhaps by a Danish ex pimp, from Drew's ex wife where she describes being bashed and spat on. And we all know about Black and Coke. And of course we have the upcoming trial of Brian Wright on child rape charges.
    Hanks has had that much work trying to improve his unhandsome man looks that he has been described as a cross between a Michael Jackson and a gay doll. Something like you would find late at night in Pattaya Soi 13 where the failed Cupids Gentle Mans Club was located.
    This group are fake everything including fake underworld heavies, fake soldiers, fake lawyers, fake furniture repairers. They have all been charged with criminal activities, but staunch underworld, there could hardly be anything further from the truth.

  3. Oh, I forgot. Drew Noyes has even snitched on AD to the head policeman of the CSD. Drew claimed 2years ago that this site was going to be closed down. There is nothing worse for a Thai than to lose face. Since Drew claimed this and it has not happened, and it is still on some of Drew's websites, I would imagine that this must be causing a loss of face.
    Good luck in all your upcoming trials. Prisoners love snitches.

  4. That's very interesting Weapon. Of course I don't have access to old fat dumb frauds Facebook's page, the coward blocking me when he realized I was suing him both in the criminal and civil courts. I think Dopey has enough to contend with….extortion, fraud, multiple criminal and civil defamation cases.

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