It was late in Koh Samui’s famous ‘Soi Green Mango’ and the customers, several of whom have just passed out of school and awaiting University, are dancing away to the beat – when in the mayhem fell to the floor.

In just a few seconds he had taken three blows so vicious that three teeth had been ripped from his mouth and part of his bone had been ripped away. Jack had just graduated from the New International School of Bangkok (NIST).

It turns out his adversaries last month were two Chinese Americans who had just graduated from a prominent American international school in Shanghai.

Jack, it seems may not be able to take the place the has been offered at Monash University in Australia later this year. His face will, says his mother Annie Hansen, never be quite the same. His is undergoing corrective surgery.

His adversaries plan to take places at Cornell and Purdue Universities in the United States. But they’ve been nicked.

Here is a letter from Jack’s mum Annie, who is grateful to the local police colonel for his diligence in tracking down the culprits, who are now on bail.

“My son Jack and I are Australian nationals who have made Thailand our home for the past 15 years.  

For parents, Koh Samui is a location not often synonymous with safety, rather with recklessness and irresponsibility.  

In accordance with its reputation, I was obviously hesitant when allowing my son Jack to venture there for his after-graduation celebration, especially since he was going to be there at the same time the Full Moon Party was occurring.  

Although Jack is a very responsible young man, I am well aware there are others that are less inclined to act in the same manner in which my son conducts himself.  

All my initial fears were realised when at 3 a.m. on the third day of his vacation, I received a call from a hospital on the island. I was advised that my son had been brutally and callously assaulted. 

Green Mango

Piecing the story together later, from witness accounts and from my sons’ recollection of events when he regained consciousness, he had been attacked without mercy by two strangers, from behind whilst dancing at a well-known night spot.  

Poll.Col Stit Promutai formerly with
Economic Crimes Division in

The attack was all over in five seconds when the attackers then dispersed into the crowded dance floor area of the venue. No mercy was shown to Jack and he had no opportunity to defend himself. 

As the attackers had fled the scene, there was inadequate evidence for the apprehension of a suspect(s).  

But through the tireless efforts of Police Colonel Stit Promutai, Lieutenant Danchai Boontham and the rest of the officers from Bo Phut police station involved, we were able to locate and arrest two graduating students from a prominent American high school in Shanghai, China.  

Mr. Wang and Mr. Chang (full names cannot be disclosed for legal reasons) planned to attend university as undergraduates at Purdue and Cornell Universities in the United States respectively.  

Jack had completed the IB Diploma at NIST International School in Bangkok, and had planned to increase his work in modeling and TV commercials for three months before flying to Australia at the end of August to begin his course at Monash University in Australia, pending the release of his results this month.  

I was initially advised that the damage caused to Jacks facial area was consistent with the use of a weapon. He had emergency plastic surgery to reattach his gum that had been ripped apart from the top front gum line. It was not a clear tear but an incredibly jagged rip.  

Witnesses advised that it was two punches that Jack received to the mouth area and one punch to the eye. The damage to the mouth area was actually so severe that it was unclear the extent of his injuries until he was flown back to Bangkok to be examined by specialists at Bumrungrad Hospital. Jack had lost three teeth, part of his bone in the top gum area and gum tissue had been ripped away.  

After thorough and careful examination by three specialists that will all work as a team to reconstruct Jack’s mouth we now know that it will take over a year to repair his mouth to only 80% of that that it was previously.  

It has now been confirmed that Jack will require numerous bone grafts from a cadaver and gum grafts from his own palette in order to rebuild the top, front jaw bone area before the teeth implants may be inserted. 

Jack is an outstanding young man, is an avid volunteer with strong ties to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Operation Smile and was the captain of his high school basketball team. Jack had a bright future.  

Now that future is marred by the action of these two offenders. He will now stay in

Thailand to continue his treatment and university is out for at least a year to a year and a half. With the help and diligence of the Samui Police team at Bo Phut station, the Australian Embassy and the team of lawyers, we are at the preliminary hearing stage of a criminal case against the two attackers. 

Without the police’ diligence and hard work, without those people who stepped forward and who are continuing to come forward we would not have ever reached this stage. Although we are dealing with much heartache as a family as we assist Jack through each painful day of his recovery and the continuous surgery he faces we have hope and comfort from all the support that these outstanding officers have offered us. 

This story is a warning to all parents of course, but it is also a story of hope and gratitude in a police force that could have simply classified this attack as nothing more than a simple bar brawl and closed the case accordingly. We are still working on this case with their utmost assistance and even up until yesterday, they are more than willing to give hours of their time to our family and our plight.”

Comment: .Check here for updates. We have decided to monitor this case where possible.

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  1. I hope the evidence in regard to Wang and Chang is strong. If convicted they will never be allowed in the US. Hope young Jack fully recovers soon.

  2. I agree with David.

    However can't help but worry that the combination for "out on bail" and wealthy Chinese parents poses a significant flight risk. I hope that (both?) their passports have been seized. Though even that doesn't guarantee anything if the stakes are high enough.

    1. I, too, agree with David.

      Which of the following animals best describes me? A sheep, a lemming, two sheep.

      I am either 1) a friend of the victim and/or 2) unable to question this story.

      Please moderate me.

  3. Wow, such a heartbreaking tragedy. I can't believe monsters Wang and Chang, Chinese-American lowlifes whose thuggery thrives in a place as "[reckless and irresponsible]" as Koh Samui, would assault Jack, an "outstanding [and responsible] young man" utterly unprovoked! No chance that this is your run-of-the-mill bar fight, as Jack "had no opportunity to defend himself". One as "responsible" as Jack, who hangs out with role models such as Knife Party, will never participate in this type of behavior. He must have been a calculated target of Wang and Chang, in order to pull off this "[brutal and callous assault]" and "[disperse] into a crowded area".

    Even more impressively, the two criminals managed to cause so much damage in "five seconds" with a combined bodyweight of under 300 pounds! Such animalistic behavior, typical of what you would expect from future students of Purdue and Cornell. Ivy League scum, always "less inclined to act in the same manner in which [Jack] conducts himself".

    This objective and unbiased article has really opened my eyes at the horrors of Koh Samui, God knows I will never set foot there. I hope Mr. Hansen a speedy recovery, although recently surfaced pictures suggest he's doing well, in fact, looking quite Handsome-Bartel. Although Monash University may be uncertain, his modeling career seems bright as he.

    -An unaffiliated party who sympathizes with the parents but doesn't appreciate poor journalism

    P.S. moderating this comment will be further evidence of your pure, unbiased writing. Godspeed.

    1. No Bob. I will let this through. What you clearly missed was the headline and the note that we will be following this case. However I do not think it will be along the lines you suggest – which are merely wide speculation. There is much more info to hand. I would be delighted to hear how you came up with the bodyweight figure of 300 lbs between them. Is this a guess or did you weigh them before the first and only round.

    2. True, the actual article is merely noting this case.
      However, presenting the bulk of the article from one side presents a bias issue, causing problems such as sheep 1 and sheep 2 above taking it as fact. It should be noted that the instigation is conjecture alleged by one side and I am merely pointing out the inconsistencies in a fun and easily digestible manner.

      Let's hope more light is shed on this topic in the future.

      As for the 300lb elephant in the room, a little research & fact checking never hurt anyone.

    3. My guess is you are a friend of the prosecutor.

      Am I shaming the victim? No, merely pointing out inconsistencies in the letter. If nobody has noticed yet, I was not at Soi Green Mango, so unlike many other people, I did not post conjecture on what happened. The sarcasm was a tool to highlight the ridiculousness of the alleged events. It infuriates me that this biased article is able to circulate, coloring peoples' opinions.

    4. Guessing wrong again. You might want to declare your interest Bob. It seems to have gone unnoticed by you that Wang and Chan have been charged. Do you see a conspiracy?

  4. I believe there is much available on this case Bob Jacques including videos, statements, bail applications, outside influences, and would you believe GPS info. Fun? Poor journalism. Ah yes I get it. But the journalism has not begun. If you are regular to this site you will realise it is not a site where people can freely make unsubstantiated claims.
    Feel free to add your twopence worth though.

    1. And, as I said, the parents of the Chinese Americans have an opportunity to reply and do things openly as opposed to, perhaps, the Chinese way. I believe the mother of the Australian will accept the verdict of a court of law.

    2. Ah, so the bodyweight issue isn't really an issue.

      What is, though, is that this article isn't published as a "letter to the editor", akin to the letter published in the Samui Times (http://www.samuitimes.com/letter-editor-brutal-attack-praise-efficiency-samui-police-force), but as a news article. If you possess evidence (videos, statements, etc.) why not discuss it? Do they all point to what the mother suggests? Highly unlikely. I do not know what happened, but the story above definitely does not paint a complete picture.

      "The parents of the Chinese Americans have an opportunity to reply and do things openly as opposed to, perhaps, the Chinese way". Wow, I'm actually amazed at the audacity. For anyone who understands why you can't just say stuff like that, skip the next two paragraphs.

      "The Chinese way" you refer to (I suppose) is how the the defendants left the country on bail, like any sensible person would? or is it on how they did not send a slanderous letter to many news sources making claims on the integrity of the defendants? Or how they chose not to reply to said letter? Is this letter even worth considering? Anybody who reads this article will understand that it is biased at best, but the only reason I commented is for future sheeple (read: comment 1 and 2) not to blindly accept portrayed events as facts. This, and the reason mentioned above "What is…news article" is why I didn't comment on the Samui Times article.

      Let's not ignore the fact that you just insinuated that the "Chinese way" involves shady practices. That, in and of itself, is offensive to the Chinese. This article and your comment have painted the defendants as spoilt, irresponsible, wealthy, Chinese children in congruence with peoples' perceptions of their behavior. Does your evidence indicate that they are the rich, slippery weasels that you portray them as? If so, can you also discuss it above?

      I'm pretty sure everyone involved would have to accept a verdict in a court of law; that's how the legal system works. By the way, if so, why publish the letter in the first place? As a "warning to all parents"? That their children would be assaulted out of the blue?

      Lastly, stop double posting; it looks like you're talking to yourself.

    3. Ah 'Bob'. If you believe the letter was slanderous the parents can sue. On the contrary I can say the 'Chinese way' just as I can say the 'Thai way' or 'American way'. It is not a racial issue as you seem to suggest. The insinuation is yours. I am sure many people will be delighted if Wang and Chang return for the court hearings. It would appear they admitted the assault in the police station.
      If that was the case then its merely down to what the alleged aggravating circumstances were. As to whether they are spoiled, irresponsible etc I do not know. I would have thought the point of the articles was pretty obvious by the way. I hope you're not an advert for the SAS – Shanghai American School.

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