Two rich kids, who were charged in connection with a vicious attack on an Australian student in the Green Mango Club in Koh Samui and who then signed a fictitious lease for an apartment on the island to show they were not a flight risk,  were given their passports back anyway by a Koh Samui court today.

Ryan Wang

Chinese-Americans Raymond Tony Chang, junior, aged 18 and Ryan Yun Shang Wang, also aged 18, were given permission to leave to attend the beginning of the first semester of their respective American  Universities – Cornell and Purdue – and undertook to return to Thailand by September 3rd.

They were also asked to put down an additional 120,000 (US$3,769) baht bail each.

The attack took place on Koh Samui when several different international school groups were holidaying after graduating from their respective schools.

Wang and Chang had graduated from the Shanghai American School. Jack Hansen-Bartel, a scholarship student, had just graduated from NIST – the New International School of Thailand.

Annie Hansen, mother of Jack Hansen-Bartel, who was severely injured in the attack and had to have bone and skin grafts in treatment which will last another year, said she was shocked by the decision.

Jack Hansen-Bartel

“An order was made that we would be notified of any changes of their bail conditions so we would be able to appeal but we have not been informed. These boys previously sought bail so they could study and also attend their grandmother’s memorial service. But pictures show that Raymond was gallivanting around South Africa.”

On their return to Thailand they were asked to surrender their passports.

Raymond Chang is the son of Raymond Nobu Chang, a high flying executive and former CEO of several companies, who is due to attend the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, Mass.

#RaymondNobuChang has rented a house in nearby  Lexington.

(In 1996 a Raymond Nobu Chang gave $300.000 to the March Fong Eu Aaa Committee. March Fong Eu was the first Asian American ever elected to State Constitutional Office in the United States. In 1966 she was elected to the California State Assembly campaigning against pay toilets (on the basis woman had to pay and men did not). She quit politics due to poor fund raising in 1987 and because her millionaire industraialist Singaporean husband failed to be frank about his business interests). She went on to become US Ambassador to Indonesia – wiki)

Chang had earlier told the court that in 2000 Fortune magazine had tipped him to be one of the 25 next generation future Global leaders under 40.

A document obtained by this website shows how Raymond Chang and Ryan Wang signed a lease agreement to rent an apartment on Koh Samui from the Thai law firm Limcharoen*, which has featured on this site in the past.

The document was dated June 8th – a day before the attack on Jack Hansen-Bartel. But checks at the address show no apartment. The address is actually the address of the offices of Limcharoen Legal.

But then again they might not want to rent a real apartment for three years when for the next three years they are meant to be at university in the U.S?

On bail and on safari in South Africa – Raymond Chang

Further statements made by Wang and Chang in order to get bail show how they claimed they had rented property here because they loved Thailand so much.

Jack at his graduation from NIST

It appears they changed their plea in the latest application to simply state they needed to go and study now.

The National Council for Peace and Order said it was monitoring this case because they wished to support foreigners as well as Thais and re-assure the mother of Jack Hansen-Bartel there would be transparency.

The two Chinese Americans are claiming that they went to the aid of a damsel in distress a New Zealand-Japanese girl who had graduated from the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo. They alleged Jack Hansen-Bartel was molesting Miss X who had been a holiday girlfriend of Wang.

Raymond Nobu Chang – heading for camera

However visual evidence obtained by this site shows quite a different scenario with her intertwined with Jack.

Jack claimed he had no further interest in the girl after an earlier confrontation when Wang literally grabbed her off him stating she was his girlfriend.

“I had no idea she had a boyfriend and she had not told me. I left very quickly to join my friends. The attack came later.”

 This young woman who is now studying at Fordham University, New York, is a key witness in the case.

.Mrs Hansen said tonight that she was considering what steps to take to ensure justice for her son.

* Directors of the legal firm Limcharoen which is on the British Embassy lawyers list was the company which took over the Emerald Palace in Pattaya, the previous owners of which had taken cash from buyers and then mortgaged the property to the Kasikorn Bank. Limcharoen told the buyers they had to buy off the bank loan. Many did but those that did not and whom we connected with lawyers have been winning their cases in the courts and getting their property title deeds.


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  1. If they don't return, hopefully arrest warrants will be issued but this has the feeling that the file will get lost in the system like so many others…will the Ncpo take any notice….

    1. The FBI or US Marshalls would not get involved here for too many reasons to list. The most blaring is they are not going to use their resources to haul 2 students back to Samui to stand trial over a fight. Also, their father could pu up a lot of roadblocks to this ever happening.

    2. You are correct about the US Marshall, AD. They would enforce a court order. And I believe they will take any and all necessary steps once these fine young gentlemen are fugitives. Resources will not be an issue, The fugitives will be very secure on their flight.

      As they do with any American who commits as serious a crime as this overseas.

      America ain't Thailand.

    3. If we're talking extradition, it's a legal possiblity. Are Chang and Wang U.S. citizens? If so, extradition for this kind of offence would be pretty unlikely. If not, and the Australian diplomatic core became involved, and Thailand requested it, it's a possiblity. Not holding my breath, though.

  2. This is a small price to pay for their freedom, I suppose. Having already been admitted to their respective schools, I wonder if this is a violation of their student code of conduct. Are they avoiding a "small problem" only to create a bigger, longer-lasting one?

  3. I took a few minutes this morning to shoot a few emails to the following addresses.

    I included a link to this news story and the following explanation:

    I am an American living in Thailand. You should be aware that an entering freshman was recently involved in an extremely violent incident here. His name is Raymond Tony Chang. I would strongly recommend that you reconsider your offer of admission to this man. I am sending you a link to a recent news story.

    I hope young Jack is doing better…

    1. Don't know what US Immigration has to do with this. As reported they are Chinese Americans. Also, don't see the US universities getting involved either. This is an incident that happened on a island on the other side of the world. They still have not been convicted of anything.

    2. Agree about US ICE, irrelevant. But campus violence is a big issue among both the institutions and student groups. These men are clearly a threat to anyone around them. Oh, I will add the respective campus "violence against women" student organizations to my email chain, they need to be warned about these fellows. They might even be tempted to to give them a less-than-welcome reception, and can be very persuasive with the universities in these sorts of matters.

      Not to be impertinent, but isn't your view similar to some of the UK compatriots of Lee Aldhouse? They scoffed at the idea that he would ever be extradited back to Thailand for justice.

    3. US Immigration does indeed take a look at situations like this, where charges are pending in another country. If the alleged crime involves "moral turpitude" then entry would likely be blocked. For some other matters, including assault, it is up to the consulate which issues the visa, and one of the factors to be considered is the likelihood of the individual returning to face the charges.

    4. Tom, if you read the story they are US citizens so how can they be denied entry.

      David, I agree that there has been a rise in a number of campus groups over the years. Like it or not these 2 have not been convicted of anything. Maybe the unis can deny them entry until the matter is cleared up. I don't know.

      As to the Aldhouse case one resulted in a murder charge whereas in this case there is no death. Also, per Mr. Drummond's latest story they are still having difficulty with this case. And I'm sure the Aldhouse family doesn't have near the resources these 2 kids father has. In this case if the 2 return to the US and just blow off the charges and a Samui court enters a guilty verdict against them and puts out a warrant for their arrest I just don't see the US Marshalls getting involved in a fight between high school students. The US Marshalls would know that the father would hire a high powered law firm to stop the extradiction and I think I don't see them wasting their resources or time over this. If it was murder or drug charge then possibly.

  4. I'll be forwarding the same message to the university president, registrar, student conduct and campus security. Once the alleged perps become fugitives, all the above will be made aware of situation. Then a letter to the editors of the local newspaper, the campus newspaper editors, the alum association and the FBI.

    As you can tell, this really grinds my gears.

    Best of luck to Jack and Ms. Hansen.

  5. Lying toe-rags. Adding fraud and contempt of court to an actual bodily harm seems a bit excessive. Daddy must have been desperate to get them out of the country and on with their successful lives.

    Message to Tony and Ryan:
    Real men do not run away from responsibility for their actions. Stand up, state honestly what you did, apologise to the little guy the two of you big guys badly beat and take the punishment. Or skulk in your frat house, knowing that you will never be real men.

    Message to Jack
    Take your beating as a lesson on situations and people to avoid, put the cowards behind you and live your life.

  6. Dodgiest lease agreement I've ever seen with some even dodgier-looking witness signatures.

    I hope this all works out well for Jack in the end and that the alleged attackers do indeed spend some time in Thai accommodation, albeit not at their lawyers offices.

  7. How about putting Wang seniors address in the US . A pic of it was published,but an address would be nice,sort of "glad to be home theme" note to the scumbag

  8. Can't say I'm surprised. A few people must of had an earn here. I doubt they'll be back, another Thai gold mining story. The police and officials got the gold and Jack got the shaft.

  9. From Graeme – by email:

    Limcharoen Legal on its website lists its Partners and Associates. For Thailand and its Offices there is no mention of Kris Limcharoen who signed the “Lease” on behalf of Limcharoen Legal Samui Co.Ltd. Yet the address is Limcharoen’s Samui Office and one of the witnesses is Kanchanok Rodkliang who is listed as an Associate on the Limcharoen website. The actual “lease” itself is, in my view, so poorly constructed such that ,if Liemcharoen Legal did produce this “Lease” then Limcharoen Legal should not be on the British Embassy Lawyers List. Perhaps Christian Glanville, CEO of Limcharoen Legal, could clarify/comment if he is happy as to the legal background and construction of this legal document by his Samui Office. Failing any comment I will be contacting the new British Foreign Secretary with my views which have always been well received in the past.

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