Handy Brian Goudie, formerly Goldie from Falkirk, Scotland

International con man Brian Goudie, having failed to take a case against Google in Bangkok claiming together with former brothel owner David Hanks the ‘right to be forgotten’ is now trying again in Kho Sami and claims that yesterday together with his lawyer he lodged new cases in the provincial court there.

According to his pseudo law site this fake lawyer is again taking the founders and the entire board of Google to court for allowing for offences against Thailand’s Computer Crime Act. Or is he?
It appears the complaints only come from David Hanks – an all-time sucker for Goudie’s schemes. So he will be footing the legal bills.

This would make sense because on the same day in Koh Samui Criminal Court Goudie turned up without a lawyer in a case brought against him by Barbara Fanelli Miller for failing to pay the 7.9 million baht he defrauded from her while claiming to be a barrister and advocate. He begged the court for time as he did not have a legal representative.

This is odd because Goudie obtained a work permit for a company called Alba Laws which is supposed to employ lawyers and thus be of benefit to Thailand. His last female lawyer left him rather hurriedly but may not be related to the fact that he put a picture up on the net showing his hand between her legs.

Hanks, from Girvan, Scotland

Hanks’ complaints against Google involve an unspecified website, at least not specified on his CasewatchAsia blogspot site, and make intriguing reading. He appears to be singling out one article in particular but does not say which.

‘The nature of this post is so incredibly disgusting that I am amazed that Google did not remove it. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen written anywhere – and is completely false!‘ – Hanks is quoted as saying.

Readers are therefore invited to speculate as to what this post referred to.

Did it refer to:

1. His career as owner of the Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Victoria?
2. His attempt to pass himself off as a lawyer to con American TV mogul Bill Monson?
3. His arrest at the request of the Department of Special Investigations for racketeering in Pattaya by lending cash to Russians at 60 per cent a month.
4. Comments about his baby face.
5. A night out in Pattaya Soi 6 (Yodsak) with Brian Goudie, Jerry Weinerth and Mike Mitchell, a friend of Bill Monson.

Brian Goudie is currently on trial in the criminal case of posing as a lawyer to defraud Mrs Miller out of  7.9 million baht. He was also jailed in Australia for six years for theft, and described by the Australian Appeals Tribunal as ‘not a man of good character’. No wonder he wants to be forgotten.

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  1. D…as I say…..there is no justice for the innocent…just the scum bag criminal gangs in this place…..What a farce of a country…

  2. ‘The nature of this post is so incredibly disgusting that I am amazed that Google did not remove it. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen written anywhere – and is completely false!'

    I'm guessing Google didn't think it was incredibly disgusting then. Perhaps Hanks' opinion is somewhat 'skewed' when it comes to criticism.

    I'm happy though that Hanks is financing another round of lawsuits against Google. I'm hoping the Thai authorities give him all of the attention that he and his compatriots deserve.

    Is there anyway you can get a copy of the latest complaint and the complaints Goudie claims that have been filed in the US? It would be fun to post those up just so we could see the "disgusting" material Hanks is claiming Google failed to remove.

    I'm guessing Hanks has a high threshold for disgusting though, based on the current company he keeps and the businesses he's owned in the past.

  3. Is the Thai justice system so incoherent that a vexatious and frivolous case dismissed in one court can be lodged in another where the only difference is one of geography?
    If so, then it's an apt metaphor for the entire system.

  4. I have to conclude that these characters know what Google is, but they don't have a clue as to how it actually works.

    If they are actually wasting their time filing these lawsuits — which I doubt — they should know that it is an impossible task.

    Everything that is posted about them online gets indexed by Google — EVERYTHING. There is no remving it all.

  5. I remember I was due to appear in the County Court in Australia. I thought it was the next day and was in bed. The policeman who was in charge of the case (who I knew well) rang me and asked where the hell I was. He said the judge had called a break and given me 1 hour to appear or a warrant would be issued and they'd have no choice but to arrest me and take me straight to jail.

    I raced to the court where the head judge of the County Court proceeded to tear me a new one for turning up without legal representation. He made it clear the case was too sophisticated for me to have no lawyer and he wasn't going to tolerate any attempts to delay the case. He said if I turned up again unrepresented he would assume I was taking the piss and it would go against if found guilty. He was a real hard old bastard but I respected his bluntness.

    What Goudie, Noyes and Hanks are doing is farcial. They are just making the Thais look inept and ignorant. How many times have these clowns showed up claiming they have no lawyer? Given two of them claim to be lawyers and have legals firms this is farcical. Then there is the issue of them being vexatious litigants. They should be branded vexatious litigants and banned from bringing these frivolous cases to court. They are just wasting the courts time with their nonsense.

    Hanks is a total flake. Instead of retiring quietly to Thailand he has shown his true character by teaming up with these two other life-long fraudsters. He's obviously not too bright as the third string player of this group. As Andrew says he's a sucker for following Goudie as he's a total failure at anything he attempts.
    Given how he made his money I guess it's fitting it gets spent in Thailand. The fact both of these idiots think they'll succeed in action against Google only reinforces my belief they are either mentally ill or simply cretins. Or perhaps a bit of both.

  6. "Hanks alleges that a small number of individuals -around 4 or 5 he believes – have been using the blog and a number of fake Google profiles to engage in an ongoing coordinated campaign of abuse and cyber harassment."

    Says the anonymous person posting as "Casey Watch"……

  7. AD…does this make the second time in a row that Goudie has gone to court without a lawyer?

    At what point does the Thai legal system gets a clue that Goudie is just delaying as much as he can?

  8. Readers of this site will be relieved that the information on the net which caused our kind owner of safe sex rooms to squeal 'The nature of this post is so incredibly disgusting that I am amazed that Google did not remove it. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen written anywhere – and is completely false!' IS NOT RELATED TO ANDREW DRUMMOND.
    A fly has told me that Hanks is upset over comments posted on a one man blog that many assume is operated by a fake but very trustworthy American lawyer. The American fake lawyer is denying he did it but as usual his story is full of holes. He seems to admit it before remembering he has to keep lying. He fails to see that if you look at all the other things he posted at the same time, well it is obvious who set up the blog
    So we have a situation where Hanks is now suing google over something on a blog started by the American. You can not make this up.

  9. Other classic headlines dreamed up by the former newspaper publisher on this site include FANATICAL THAILAND SANTA LOSES ALL, Judge Rules Andre Machielsen Infected with Hepatitis, and Mental Patient Thor Halland Sought by Police.
    But the comments that have caused Hanks' hissy fit are from the first story. Why doesnt Hanks just ask the American to remove it. The American has so many fake blogs he has lost the password to access it.
    It alleges details of the way kind Hanks used to train his newly arrived girls for the safe sex rooms.

    1. Noyes is so transparent, it would take a forensic writing expert 5 minutes to link him to all these fake blogs. Hell, we can all see the same words and phrases used in every second post. Like Goudie and his 'under Thailand's tough Computer Related Crimes Act' line, they are like parrots repeating the same lines over and over. I wonder who they think they are fooling?

  10. So let me get this straight…..

    A known accomplice of Hanks in alleged criminal activity starts a blog. People post comments which are offensive, but the accomplice doesn't remove the comments.

    Hanks asks Google to remove the comments. Google enforces it's terms of service and refuses.

    Then Hanks, with the assistance of his buddy Goudie, who's another accomplice of Hanks, sues Google for the comments.

    I look forward to hearing this one in court, especially the bit where Hanks has to claim his personal and business reputation was damaged.

    Sounds like conspiracy to defraud Google would be a better claim.

  11. The comments he is upset about are probably bullshit. There are a few tit bits about women working without visas and being bought and sold between brothels which would be true. This is normal but the rest sounds made up. If you tried that on Thai women you'd get knifed. There was this wannabe gangster from Vietnam who kidnapped a few girls from a brothel near to Hank's but he was caught and has spent the years since in jail.

    The fact it is signed Tommy T shows it's fake. Goudie also tried this when he uploaded the porn pictures. He used 'a truthsearcher production.' I am Tommy T and I didn't write it. I have been to Hank's brothel and the night I went there he didn't even have 1 girl working for him. It was just a shit hole in a factory area catering to the local Viets and Cambos. I only went because a friend wanted me as a companion.

    Masquerades has been there a long long time. Whether Hanks was the original owner I dunno.

    I have enough contacts to find out the real Hanks story but who would bother? The guy's a nobody to me. There is an Italian guy who lives in Keysborough who is hard core cosa-nostra. Now he is a scary bastard. Hanks is a wannabe, if he had any real connections why did he join up with flakes like Noyes and Goudie? They are not exactly the Great train robbers. More like dumb and dumber.

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