Andrew Drummond on Pattaya Radio 105 FM

No need to go into any further details. You can listen to the interview, which lasts about 50 minutes.  Not much happens for the first five minutes though. That’s Tommy’s promos, which I did not hear, where he is inviting people to listen to find out whether I am a criminal, alcoholic,or failure. The only thing they appear to have edited was my mention of a local policeman. He successfully side-swiped my claim that the Pattaya media had totally failed the foreign community in the city.
Here’s the link: It includes stuff that did not go out on air:
(currently unavailable)
And below is DJ Tommy. We spoke also about internet theft. This was liberated from the Misty’s a-go-go bar site as unfortunately the Miller Media Corp did not give me a publicity hand-out.
Tommy hammed up a bit and seemed to have to say a lot things like ‘ the opinions set forth in this interview do not necessarily represent those of either Pattaya 105FM nor the presenters & broadcasters’ in the naive belief that this phrase can get one out of a libel or slander suit, but once we’d got over his rehearsed bit of Noyes drivel ‘I hear you’re a drunken, has been hack, living in a tin hut near Bangkok’, it went okay. The ‘Fat Controller’ may have been having kittens though..

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  1. Most disappointed!! I thought you'd be slurring your words and have a broad ""Billy Connolly' Scottish accent.. You actually sound quite sensible.. I'm outta here!

  2. I may have misunderstood the beginning of the interview but I thought old Tommy was a tad antagonising and disbelieving, but that might also just be down to his style of interviewing.
    I hope the ex-pat residents of Pattaya and more importantly the authorities are now beginning to take note to what’s happening in paradise.

  3. Time you had your own ""Radio Caroline"" show Andrew, you wouldnt be short of guests!

    You came over very well!

  4. Interesting publicity pic Andrew.

    I would not have got away with that at Reuters and I don't think he'll
    be doing the Today Show on BBC Radio 4 anytime soon.

  5. Years of NOTW training paid off there Andrew with that pic. But Mrs. Dee has vowed to stand by me as its obvious that i wasnt having any fun :).. ( Pic of Mr & Mrs Dee grimly holding hands outside their tin shack showing solidarity to follow..notice of intent to divorce to also follow 2 weeks later)

    Thanks for coming on the show, you came across very well and despite the fact that we ""did it telephonically"" it was so interesting that I forgot to play the international news, so will probably get fined! Sorry i appear to interupt you on occasion, that really is the fault of not being able to ""see"" you. If the BBC calls with a job offer I will let you know. Meanwhile you are welcome on 105Fm any time. Cheers.. Tommy

  6. Tommy Dee: Sorry Tommy. I just presumed that you was you and your wives on a night out. Yes more than happy to come on any time if we can wake up the community there a bit.

  7. Good interview Andrew.Nice to hear His Masters Voice at last.Mr Dee looks exactly as I imagined.Obviously laid off from some obscure local radio station in the U.K. And with wedding and Jewish coming of age party bookings in short supply he has fetched up on the golden shores of Pattaya.To spin all the platters that matter.What lucky listeners we are.Any relation to the famous Dave Dee also in the music biz.What is it with Public Entertainers and their names does anyone believe that was the one they were given at their baptism.With Mr Colov employing ex members of Bucks Fizz as serious reporters the Pattaya media need to look further afield than the summer season at Butlins when it comes to finding their staff.As for having a pop at you and your C.V.Those who are about to rock (the boat) salute you.Now where did I put my Brotherhood of Man CD.

  8. It came across very professionally and showed you were in control of the facts……Many of the questions had already been aired on your blog of course (eg the old chestnut of your being sued for libel; when the reality was you won on appeal on grounds of public interest)

    Well interviewed and well responded

    I would have preferred a Scottish accent though !!!

  9. Andrew, you were great. The interviewer appears to have been trained at the Niels Colov school of broadcast journalism. Regardless, in the interest of fair and balanced coverage, I think he should invite Drew Noyes and Richard Haughton on his show. I am sure you wouldn't object.

  10. Thoughts about Tony Blackburn's lifelong career in insincerity spring to mind. Having met quite a few topflight radio DJs, John Peel was about the only one who even vaguely impressed me. Most of the Radio Caroline crew were distinctly false and obnoxious.

    One wonders, Andrew, if you enjoyed your interaction with TD anymore than John Peel did when confronted by Tony Blackburn on 'This is your Life' – a cheery but rather unconvincing hugfest after years of slagging each other off.

    I listened to the whole 50 minutes and you came over quite well. TD managed to sound completely hogtied the whole way through, although he genuinely seems to have enjoyed the encounter.

  11. I would just like to say thankyou to Andrew and Tommy for a great interview ,nice to hear what people want to hear !! the facts!! keep up the good work !!!!! Butlins rocks !!!!

  12. Oh WOW! loved that pattayascam video, that was funny.. but relevant to this topic, nobody should be having a go the radio presenter – let's try and put things in perspective – it ain't Radio 1, it's a local radio station for a very limited English Speaking audience, 90% of whom are probably unaware that English Radio stations even exist in pattaya. I enjoyed it, and I will listen more now I found these podcasts.. but in the car, the reception sucks! They really must do something about that.

  13. Excellent comments Hang the DJ.Panic on the streets of Pattaya indeed.I envy you your encounter with the legend John Peel.May he rest in peace though I should imagine he is probably enjoying an interesting debate with Jim Morrison and Joe Strummer as I write.As for Mr Blackburn just poptastic mate.I look back with anger as to just how willing we were to put up with such unprofessional broadcasters working for a Radio Station the taxpayers were funding.As the Who rightly sang won't get fooled again.Maybe that is why Lee those from the old school fellow pupils with the Hairy Cornflake DLT and millionaire Noel Edmmonds get some stick when they attempt to relive their imagined glory days here in sunnier climes.Mr Colovs masters of The Wheels of Steel in particular are still recalling their nights hanging with out with Freddie Star and other medallion wearers at Stringfellows as they balloon chase with their glorious leader to the latest Pattaya envelope opening.Locally known as the Locust Lads for their ability to devour any free buffet of its contents in record time they seem more keen to be in front of the nearest camera lens than out of sight in the DJ Booth.If only they were as good at spinning the discs as their boss is at putting a favourable spin on any reports involving himself.As regards your interview Andrew you were wise not to appear in person as I hear there was a crack snatch squad of black shirted F.P.V.OAPs lying in wait choke hold at the ready should you of decided to favour a face to face interview on the day.I think we can imagine who had offered to supplement their pensions.Perhaps the lure of the Yankee Dollar.To respond to Dave D the only Rock I ever saw at Butlins was of the tooth decaying type.The staff seemed somewhat glum as well.Maybe I am biased but being a Red Shirt seems to be way more fun being a Red Coat.All together now children oh yes it is.

  14. Ah you are THE Jeff Savage, then. The problem is Jeff, you need a broader splatter with your blunderbus. 😉 For every stuffed shirt against the redshirts, there is a up-and-coming one within. I hate the whole damned lot of them without exception.

  15. wow, a lot of interest in this one 🙂

    Local radio does, I believe, have a growing presence here as pretty much everywhere. Unlike the more stablished local radio stations in Pattaya, 105FM began live shows only 10 months ago which gave me a ""clean sheet"" to start with and the opportunity to try and not be ""kiss butt radio"" that is so easy to do but annoying to listen to. Sometimes we get it right 🙂 and for some reason i manage to entice guests who might not be on every station. AD was a great guest (not because this is his blog BTW) but more so because he is experienced in media and can express himself. That alone made the interview actually fun, and somehwat challenging as of course it was done ""live"" and not with the benefits of either pre-recording and moderation and editing. Local radio here is never going to make anyone rich or ""get them on the BBC"" so when we started we started with one objective, if it aint gonna make us rich, lets make it fun and interesting.

    As our audience seems to expand ( not to millions as ""tommy"" claimed in the interview) we might just be doing something right.

    ""tommy dee"" was created more as a parody on some local media folk who take themselves seriously here , ""his"" jingles all put him down and he screws up on a regular basis, even playing ""records"" is beyond him sometimes. Then again, Febuary 1 last year was me debut on the wireless!

    The girls in the picture assure me they are ladies.

    Love & Peace


  16. "" Girls.. Ladies. "" It's all in the language.
    The young woman with he overdone eyeliner and little-girl hair bow being massaged with T. Dee's left hand looks like she is very drunk.

  17. Tommy Dee of Pattaya 105FM is either very naive or has been living under a rock in Pattaya for many years, perhaps both. Some of the questions asked of Andrew were downright embarrassing exposing the radio announcers lack of knowledge on pretty much any subject connected with Pattaya. My god – where did they get that man from?

  18. Can Mr Dee let us know if he was at Mistys as his alter ego parody.I will try that one on my long suffering spouse It was not me dearest heart pictured with a bevy of local beauties but a made up chap I use for purposes of satire in my place of work.That will fool her no problem.Hope The Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has an empty bed in the ICU.

  19. Can Mr Dee let us know if he was at Mistys as his alter ego parody.I will try that one on my long suffering spouse It was not me dearest heart pictured with a bevy of local beauties but a made up chap I use for purposes of satire in my place of work.That will fool her no problem.Hope The Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has an empty bed in the ICU.

  20. Think this is getting personal now. The picture I put up as a joke I am not reading anything into it.

  21. Andrew with the greatest respect as a long standing expert member of the media you must know more than most one picture is worth a thousand words.Obviously you and Mr Dees wife seem to be alone in not reading anything into it.I should imagine Mr Dee will perhaps in the future be a bit more wary when the local paparazzi attempt to snap him out and about on the Pattaya social scene meeting and greeting his attractive local female fan base.

  22. I am amazed that anyone would imagine that that still pic is any more than a continued parody of ""superstardom"". For the last 10 months I have poked fun, continuously, at the so called ""stars of pattaya"". For the record, and for those whose sense of humour has been amputated, here is the link to the actual video, from which this is a still. IT WAS A JOKE. Unlike many here I dont pose for pics, attend envelope openings or squeeze into pics with local heros. I do the job FOR FUN. the mistys video was a SPOOF!
    Link is..

    love & peace TD

    PS.. this was done months ago, the missus still loves me 🙂

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