Flying Sporran Attacked Before His First Investigation

Breaking News: Flying Sporran attacked – see below

Starting this week investigations on this website will go out under the ‘Flying Sporran’ banner. Anyone who has travelled the road from Fort Augustus on Loch Ness in Invernessshire towards Auchterawe and the vitrified fort will know all too well the dangers of flying sporrans from the local ceilidhs.

Usually in this area the sporrans flying about are Frasers, Camerons, Grants and MacDonalds but the one depicted above was a flying ‘Drummond of Perth’ sporran captured near Culloden Moor, Inverness, where the Earl of Perth conducted the last stand of the Jacobites against ‘Butcher Cumberland’…and lost.

Meanwhile our campaign highlighting the activities of a publisher in Pattaya is being put on hold to allow a more varied selection of material up on this site….the only proviso being….unless.

This is also because a video has now been put up on Youtube by Pattayascammers  featuring the publisher singing ‘Come Fly With Me’

Obviously some effort has been made into putting this film-cartoon together and while it is not my production, and not a road I might have taken, it appears to have drawn heavily from many stories here.

So now there is a surfeit of stories out there.

Flying Sporran Illustration: Colin Cotterill

Screen grabs: pattayascams


Crime-writer and cartoonist Colin Cotterill who drew the ‘Flying Sporran’ illustration appears to have been the subject of an attack from the Tennessee ‘G-Mail kid’.

Last night he appeared to be the victim of one of Drew Noyes’ flying emails and accused of being a ‘criminal’ for assisting this site.

I cannot confirm that this email is actually from Noyes because he is now writing from ‘’. But the tone and language is much the same. And if someone has tried to emulate him he has got it picture perfect.

The writer says he has Colin’s photo and for ‘joining him (Andrew Drummond) in his internet campaign he will be contacted shortly. Not only would he pursue Colin legally but also would do ‘what any Thai would do in the situation when we see you.

What? Shake his hand?

I have known Colin for, well yonks. He of course has nothing to do with the content of this site. He just kindly drew a flying sporran at my request.

Colin speaks fluent Thai and Laos and is an award winning crime writer and cartoonist. His homepage is here and there is some more bio here.

We first met in Phuket where he played a prominent part in the fight against child sexual abuse in Thailand.

I did not see why he should be harrassed so I asked him if I should take down his name.

He replied: “No. Never heard of him. Keep the name up!”

WANTED: Lots of wee flying sporrans in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Isaan, Koh Samui, everywhere.

22 thoughts on “Flying Sporran Attacked Before His First Investigation

  1. DN looks rather like a … thumb puppet in that pic. Is it genuine? I see a whole new fad, a' la ""Where's Waldo?"", Photo-shopping him in different situations..

    The video is an hysterical masterpiece, who created it? We must invite add them to the Drummond appreciation party next ..How about in Feb? btw Wonder if Pattaya Times will be sponsoring Pink Polo this year.

  2. Very apt Andrew as you continue in to investigate the bad guys as Chief Inspector Drummond of Old Scotland Yard.I know we can rest assured you will put all of your Braveheart into the good fight.And will continue to rightly take the moral high road when comes to keeping those who dwell in the lowlands from getting away with anything Scot free.Do not let anyone knock you off Kilter.What ever cabers are tossed your way remaining Jocular is the next best thing to enjoying a Highland Fling.Have a Wee Dram to celebrate the Flying Sporran taking to the skies.You deserve it.Cheers Big Man.

  3. Noyes is just so inept. ""Someone will be contacting you""?? Is that how he intimidates folk in Pattaya, do you think? Implicit thuggery dressed up in quasi legalese drivel only a child of 10 might find credible.
    The man is truly a buffoon.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the YouTube expose. The Frank Shinawatra ditty was excellent. Wasn't the chap who used to do "" Mack the knife "" at the Checkin was it?

  4. LOL ""We will peruse all legal recourse"". Does he even know what he is saying? I would suspect that if he actually perused any legal recourse it would be his first attempt at perusal. OH Noes! The thought of someone perusing legal action is frightening. Almost as frightening as ""This is more serious than you can imagine"". Sounds like Dean Farber is considering ""double secret probation"" for the boys of Drummond House. Thanks for the laugh Andrew.

  5. No Pattaya times available. Popped in to my regular Sunday drinking hole where i usually pick up a free copy of the copied free paper. They had a few old versions. Is it still being printed? Westerby,read the latest Noyes article regarding the King on the website. It too looks like it was written by a 10 year old but then the writer lists the kings important achievements over his long reign as calling up Americans like Drew Noyes to help out during the Asian financial crisis so it must have been written by Drew.Delusional fantasist, we all know what he was selling in the beer bars of soi 2 and duck square. Drew, dispite your denials we know you read this site daily. Could you please tell us all what you actually did to save the financial crisis. Also we would all feel a lot better if you could produce a copy of your diploma for journalism at Duke or Tenesse or wherever.A picture of your skydiving would reassure us as well.

  6. The photo of Drew stalking Yinglock appears like somebody desperate to be seen, like children who jump behind a news reporter to get on TV. Noyes has often been accused of using his newspaper to get photos of himself with people of 'influence' to then use to trick people like old Joe in believing he is 'credible' as well as on internet dating sites in an attempt to get laid.This photo looks like another attempt at this but you would be wrong in thinking that. Drew 'reported' writing about himself in the third person as usual that ""Then Drew Noyes presented his name card to Prime Minister elect Yinluck and congratulated her on her party's victory and asked if she would continue supporting the growth of Pattaya by high speed rail development and expansion of the Pattaya U-Tapoa International Airport to which she replied, ""Yes, I love Pattaya and believe in its growth as a positive event for all of Thailand."" Ok, who believes Drew actually spoke to Yinglock and got that response and who thinks he made up the quote as he did with the Pattaya police saying they will close this site down. Did Yinglock really say she loves Pattaya? Liar,liar pants on fire.He really has a problem spelling her simple name. Drew it is not Yinluck or Yinglock, it is Yingluck stupid!

  7. Obviously, Noyes is one of the legion of Thai expats who either can't, or don't bother to read very well. He has mistakenly attached your Flying Sparron cartoonist to the latest You Tube offering and is now threatening,.. er, what is he threatening?
    "" To do what any Thai whould do.."" telling us quite plainly his real opinion of Thais.
    I agree, his behavior has moved beyond two-bit conman and offers evidence of a real pathological disturbance.

  8. Peter: I cannot link the pattayascams film as it is remotely possible I may be breaking the law by doing so. Will tidy up my site but eventually all investigations, which will include scams will go under a new title 'Flying Sporran'….but then you won't read the other stuff!

  9. Dear Andrew, thanks for the hard work exposing Drew Noyes, etc.Your columns come under General news,other,investigations and tv.There is room for another column on the page. It could be called Conmen or similar.I request this as I visited your site a week ago but missed half the stories the first time. With the stories spread out like that I am sure i am not the only one. Great work.Also a direct link to the latest pattayascams masterpiece would be helpful for us older folk who are not computer savvy.

  10. I am no expert on Scottish folklore, but there must be a curse on any scallywag who attacks the Flying Sporran!

  11. In the celebrity anagram stakes, I don't we can do much better than the single-letter shift to create Rewd Noyes. It sums him up completely. All wind & piss!

  12. Fair play to Colin, you should never give in to bullies who use the Internet and e-mail to make veiled threats, including childish ones.
    However it does seem unlikely that Mr Noyes would choose to start a yahoo email account to launch attacks when he already has a perfectly good email. Apart from a similair style, lack of judgement etc. do you really KNOW it was Mr Noyes?

  13. Good point Jules, but Noyes is already implying through his recent daft article that there is Email hacking going on after Drummond revealed the emails to the Phillipina girls, I believe he is trying the same ""email hacked"" trick with his libel hearing… A businessman like Noyes wouldnt get much repeat business so I don't think he would be too worried about dropping his gmail account… except of course when Yingluck wants to get in touch him after reading his business card. Drummond is right to point out though, that the sender can not be verified.. his Gmail account of course could be 100% verified.

  14. Shameless Freak,
    Yingluck was actually saying she loves papaya, not Pattaya.

    Reminds me , watching that cool vid again, (lots on it, everytime I catch something new,) and the British announcer mispronouncing Pattaya like BBC always does.. Funny.

    OK, AD,
    WTF is a Flying Sparron

    Good spot ! No Yes. NoYes Can't believe I never caught that before.

  15. Seems Les Edmonds is still working at the Pattaya times newspaper. Dec 1-15 issue features a review of a Indian restaurant in Pattaya that Les did. Expat and Ned Plfug will not be happy. Les continues to shrug off any responsibility in helping the Noyes deceit machine.He said he 'parted ways' but Drew also says he is a lawyer,serios problems with the truth at the Pattaya Times.Time to come clean I think. Playing both sides?

  16. Les said Noyes has a stockpile of his stories. However as Noyes pointed out the Brit guy is still taking the the bent baht, re-writing from Bangkok. It does not take much brains to realise this is a massive loss leader and its one investor is truly screwed.
    (Noyes has claimed five investors. Not true. But the one investor a Red Indian, sorry, native american fell for it I gather) I would be on the warpath.

  17. I see Pattayascams has pulled the film or closed down his/her youtube account. Still it was great fun.

  18. Where's it gone?, knew I should have downloaded it.. maybe the Youtube police have them in custody.. and are arranging extraordinary rendition to Pattaya, so that he can serve his time in the Pattaya Times Jail on Threppasit road.

  19. Its gone rather quiet on the Noyes front.
    Where is that **************t now??
    Has he been spotted recently?


  20. DEATH TO THE (Ok,ok, sorry Andrew) Extreme Lower Digestive Tract Disorder To The Enemies Of The Flying Sporran!! (now that really could cause a rewd noyes…)

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