In a bout of incandescent age fake lawyer Brian Goudie, aka Goldie, has gone on the net once again to describe a former girlfriend and managing director of a company he controlled as a ‘prostitute’.

In a blog on his casewatchasia.blogspot website he also calls her a criminal convicted of running an entertainment venue (HIS) that offered sexual services without a licence – and he says police are investigating her for prostitution.

There are certain flaws to his latest rant.

(1) The establishment she ran was none other than his ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub in the Jomtien Plaza on the eastern seaboard.  

(2) He had not paid the licenses but had put her in as the Managing Director of the owning company ‘Jimmy International’ which he had acquired from Ulster drugs trafficker illegally by getting him to sign a power of attorney on his deathbed. 

(3) There is no such thing as a licence in Thailand to sell sexual services. 

(4) Brian Goudie is under investigation for posting video and pornographic stills of this woman and ‘his member’ on the internet. He has admitted the material is his but claims it was stolen from his ‘dropbox’.  The admission has been removed from the net. But all Goudie’s posts are copied.

But perhaps most important of all is that people who read his casewatchasia.blogspot site do not know that the woman in question is in legal dispute with Goudie, from Falkirk, Scotland.

At the moment he is trying to pay off Barbara Fanelli Miller the 7.9 million baht he allegedly cheated from her while posing as a British barrister to get her son Greg Miller off charges of child sexual abuse charges. He needs her signature to be able to offer the company Jimmy International to Miller’s lawyers. She, not surprisingly has refused.

Mrs. Miller’s lawyers have now asked for bail to be withdrawn.

Greg Miller was convicted and jailed for 38 years but now a mistrial has been declared.

Goudie’s story is below. I have redacted the woman’s name.

By Caseywatcher
A woman described by journalist Andrew Drummond as ‘a partner in a real estate firm’ was recently convicted in Pattaya Provincial Court of illegally opening an ‘entertainment establishment’ that offered sexual services for money. (She is now the MD of a real estate business)

This picture is phot-shopped – by The Weapon

(Name redacted) has allegedly (not allegedly. He was there at the time) made a report to police that Brian Goudie called her a ‘whore’ last month, and investigating officers have now been informed (by Goudie) that (name redacted) has a criminal conviction for illegally running an ‘entertainment venue’ that offered ‘sexual services’ without a licence.

Police also were informed (name redacted) is currently on a suspended sentence for the offences.

(Name redacted) was convicted on 3rd September 2013 of running an illegal ‘entertainment’  venue offering ‘sexual services for reward’ contrary to law.

In black case number  9136/2556 red case number 9194/2556 (Name redacted) was convicted and jailed for month (suspended for one year) and fined THB 3,000 (USD100).(Red cases are appeal cases. This is not over)

Police have also apparently been asked to investigate whether or not (name redacted) previously worked as a prostitute in the Bullring Bar in Pattaya’s infamous ‘short time’ area of Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak an old stomping ground of Mr. Goudie)

Background: Brian Goudie left Scotland in the early 90s. Shortly afterwards Scottish police filed an arrest warrant for him and two others, who fled with him to Australia, on charges of fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland and a car showroom through a company called Oil Tech Pumps which was set up for the purpose and never actually traded.

In Australia Goudie (under the name Goldie) was convicted and jailed for six years for stealing from his employers (some AS400,000) a West Australia Mining company. Scottish Police decided it was too costly to go for extradition and abandoned the case there. After doing his time he later surfaced in Thailand pretending to be a former officer in the Royal Marines in Britain and also a British barrister. His activities were exposed by Andrew Drummond in the Scottish Sunday Mail. Goudie carries a letter from the Procurator Fiscal of Scotland. That letter states that the Scottish file has now been closed.


  1. Yet another example of the stooges slime. The double standards are astonishing.
    Hopefully a former bar girl who was recently promoted to secretary of a charity will realize that she to will be discarded when her usefulness is up. Likely to be threatened physically and verbally if she dare speaks out. By influential people, by the police, by the Hells Angels in Thailand and even by the army. Not in reality, but just wishful thinking. Claims to be friends/connected with them all, a name dropping fake. No one of any credibility wants anything to do with the slime once they become aware of the truth.
    These wannabe tough guys are only a threat to women and children. They run to police when faced by a broke, journalist with a one man blog. A one man blogger that is now one of the most popular English news sites in Thailand, with a readership and advertisers that one stooge used to wildly fantasize about. A blog that everybody in Pattaya reads. It has been a long time now since I have met an English speaking person in Pattaya who doesn't read Andrew Drummond. The influential Thais also are coming to realize they have been used and made to look like fools. They are not happy.
    Who is the least pathetic of these stooges? The wifebeating fake lawyer, the whore bashing pimp , the turd who posts porn videos of his exes on the net or the pervert up on child rape.
    They are losers in life, most expats who live in Thailand play golf, socialize and enjoy a fantastic retirement or semi retirement. These losers dress up as businessmen in cheap suits with fake resumes desperately trying to emulate the good life that they are so jealous that they can not have.
    In my opinion rapists should be castrated, and kiddy fiddlers executed. A waste of oxygen.
    Many others have tried over the years and failed but Andrew has the momentum now. One by one you will fall.

    I have used no names in this post. But you read this site daily and you know who you are. You are not tough, you are slime. You are all now facing criminal cases in the courts largely thanks to Andrew Drummond, not because of Andrew Drummond, but because of your own actions.
    Thank God for the internet, and thank Christ for Andrew Drummond.

  2. I'm in……90,000 you say…….I think it would be money bloody well spent, little outlay for maximum reward?
    I hope you read this Brian! 😉

  3. Actually the papers are all prepared. The problem is Goudie has so many people chasing him for money now, as has Noyes. Lets see how the criminal case pans out as Goudie I guess will soon have to meet police on this one.

  4. I would love to be a fly on the wall overhearing the conversation between the Wee Scrout and the MD of the "Real Estate Business"

    Wee Scroat with look of desperation on his face: I need you to sign these documents in order to sell the property?

    Comfortable looking Thai Lady MD: Oh really, why's that Blian?

    Wee Scroat with increased look of desperation on his face: Because I need to sell the property in order to use the money to keep myself out of jail.

    Even more comfortable looking Thai Lady MD: What property is it you want to sell Blian?

    Wee Scroat with colour draining from his face: The property I placed in your name for safe keeping.

    Relaxed and contented Thai lady MD: You mean my property?!

    Wee Scroat who know's he's being bent over and shafted: Well you remember that was our agreement, and I have been so very kind to you, I expect you will keep our agreement.

    Thai lady MD with look of extreme pleasure on her face: But Blian, you gave it to me, its mine – I want to help you I do, but I keep thinking about how careless you have been with those photos.

    Desperate wee Scroat beginning to beg: But teelak, help me out here, I will pay you back, I promise.

    Thai lady MD with business like look on her face: Exactly my point Blian, if I have learned one thing from you it is we must be sure to payback. This is your pay back Blian.

    Defeated and Dejected wee Scroat: You F#*&ing B~%$#

    Smug looking Thai lady MD: But Blian, you taught me everything I know!

  5. The biased baseless reporting on this site is absurd.
    These attacks on successful businessmen and civic leaders, who have done more to help Thailand and it's people than a negative blogger who is always making Thai people look bad, are fabricated and no doubt this will be censored along with the hundreds of other posts that decent people have posted here over the last two years.
    Firstly, running safe sex rooms in Melbourne is a legitimate business, licensed and approved by the government of Victoria, Australia.
    Lending somebody money to save and/or grow their business is common in Thailand. No big deal, between consenting business people. No one is forced to borrow money and everyone is aware of the lending rates. It is normal for short term unsecured loans to attract a higher than standard interest charge. That, is life.
    This so called extortion case, a term not used by any Thai law enforcement and a term that was made up by Andrew Drummond has not been brought before the courts.Has nobody ever heard of Innocent Before Proven Guilty? Guilty, like Drummond was found to be in a case years ago and AGAIN last year. When the evidence is presented to the courts justice will be served. Some people stand up for what is right and if a clinic is using fake, dangerous products, should they not be exposed? No, well not on this site anyway as they are advertisers. It is a huge conflict of interest that only naive, unemployed and gullible readers lap up day after day. Really, these people need to get a life. They should be playing golf or something enjoyable, but are bitter because they can not afford it.
    Again the term child rape has never been used by the authorities, it is just another fabrication made hear. Again Innocent until proven guilty. The age of consent in Thailand is 16, but in reality and practice many young women are married at an earlier age. This is Thailand, not a western country. Things are very different here and there would not be a town in the country that doesn't have a karaoke bar or 2 to entertain the local single men. Often when a foreigner is involved the parents see an opportunity to cash in. The young woman wants to be paid more. It is not a moral issue, but a financial one. Thai women often look younger than there years to western eyes so it is the responsibility of the bar managerand not the customer to make sure everybody is so called legal.
    Lastly who is to say that the woman in the home video did not post it herself with the intention of extortion and if that failed, to try and to sue an innocent businessman. Where is the proof that it actually was the accused, and not somebody else. Of course there isn't any. Like all the other false allegations that are constantly posted on this blog.
    I will post this word for word on other more well read sites to show how Drummond twists and censors anybody who is not a sad follower of this unemployed blogger so everyone can see how he manipulates his readers and his handful of advertisers with his lies against those 100 times more successful.

    1. We don't do successful businessmen Somchai – only scammers if you are referring to Noyes, Goudie and Hanks.Hanks was running a brothel. We do not dispute that brothels are legal in Victoria.He was lending cash at 60 per cent pcm and according to the DSI report people were beaten up if they did not pay. The term extortion seems to have been 'made up' by the Thai press too. Drummond was acquitted years ago as you know. The recent 'conviction' was for allowing a libelous post on this site. It is being appealed and will be won. If you are referring to Drew Noyes investigating the Thonglor clinic out of his public duty this is in contradiction to his defence which is that the cash he was given was for advertising. In any case the clinic was not exposed. Sex with underaged children is child rape. Whether parents offer their children is neither here nor there. Thewriter of this letter is quite sick. You can post this letter on all your sites Drew. It only exposes you for what you are. Who are these successful people you are talking about. The ones who are all up on criminalcharges?

    2. That's cant be from Dopey…..if it is then he's had help with his language skills, punctuation and grammar, however it does repeat some of his more commonly used clap trap and bilge such as….."successful business men" and "blog", I feel the Bam Pot has been employed to write this one…after all….we know he isn't that bright……..are you Dopey???

    3. Mr Somchai seems to be confuse the term 'respectable business and civic leader' with 'career fraudster and lifelong conman.' Gate-crashing functions and diving into photo opportunities with people in power or wearing a uniform does not make a person a 'civic leader.'

      The scenario he paints with Thai teens being sexually active is true, but it usually involves a Thai man of 19, 20 or 21 years of age. Not some bloated farang deviant old enough to be the girl's grandfather. We call that a pedophile or child molester.

      Also Asian women are held in bonded labour in many Australian brothels. They are moved from state to state to avoid law enforcement and many of the girls are required to pay off a huge loan they were given for passage into Australia. Their passports are secured and they are held like prisoners working all day and night to try and pay off their debt which carries huge interest.

      Joining Civic groups where your goal is to find victims to defraud is not a 'successful businessman's' actions. Being a career gate-crasher and brown-noser is not a 'civic leader' either.

    4. Somchai really needs to be locked away. Only a sociopath could not see or care about the harm he is causing. Only a sociopath would keep trying to put his side of the story forward not realizing nobody believes his lies anymore and not realizing public opinion is the opposite of what he is trying on.
      And he was the president of a children's charity. Not to be trusted around children or money, let alone both. Sick thieving pervert loser you are Somchai. Sue me. I know we are supposed to keep it civil, but it is difficult with comments like these.
      Usual problems with spelling. Here, not hear. He can not do anything correctly.

  6. Some people share the same evil traits. They are frauds and dishonest. They are liars and abusive towards women. They steal when placed in positions of trust. They slander people but complain when others expose their dirty dealings.

    They snitch and rat people out. They brown-nose and suck up to anybody in a uniform or with influence. They run like frightened rats when confronted and prey only on the elderly or vulnerable. They are social parasites, roaches, bugs that need stamping on. They are unnecessary items in our society.

    They cannot hold together a proper relationship and associate with other lower forms of life like themselves. They breed uncontrollably, regardless whether they can provide for their offspring or not. Their children must suffer from having a deadbeat as a father who is never around and spends his time with other deadbeats.

    These people create fiction as a resume, lying about who they really are. Making friends with people with the intention of defrauding them at the first chance. They are greedy, lazy, parasites who need to be crushed like the roaches they are.

  7. Thank you Somchai for your input, it demonstrates perfectly the mindset of foreigner criminals in Thailand.

    This is Thailand so the rules are different. Well yes, in some respects they are, but:
    Sexual relations with underage girls – In Thailand (it is alleged) Thai families marry off girls younger than 16.
    Thais are alleged to do these things, so regardless of what the law states foreigner sickos say they should not be singled out (They claim foreigners are only singled out to be stung for money anyway).

    Money lending – Well its against the law in Thailand without a licence, but its alleged Thais lend money without licenses, so criminally minded foreigners claim they are allowed to do the same.

    I can't find the word extortion in the Thai dictionary, so its impossible to commit extortion in Thailand.

    "who is to say that the woman in the home video did not post it herself with the intention of extortion and if that failed, to try and to sue an innocent businessman" – There's that word extortion again – Make your mind up Somchai there either is or is not such an act in Thailand.

    Innocent businessmen – Well yes, I agree with you innocent until proven guilty.

    But of course Brian Goudie has been found guilty, he has served time for theft.

    As for Noyse, well he has a case for attempted extortion before the courts – We all eagerly await the verdict.
    If he is found to be innocent of the charges against him I shall be amongst the first to offer good wishes for his return to other matters in life.

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