The Vice Chairman of a branch of the right wing United Kingdom Independence Party said today that he had no choice but to flee the British local council elections because of his ‘dragon’ Thai wife.

David Watson, deputy leader of the Basingstoke, Hants, branch of UKIP  has since taken an apartment in the resort of Pattaya and had gone on FACEBOOK to announce that he had celebrated his arrival on Thai whisky and Chang Beer.

He replied today following allegations from his Thai wife Phattawan, 31, the daughter of a taxi driver from Buri Ram, that she had been ditched in the U.K. with her their two sons, aged 8 and10 and stepdaughter, 12, with just £100 to live off.

The UKIP has been accused of racist and is anti-immigration.

Phattawan had given timely interviews to the Daily Mail and Basingstoke Gazette on the eve of local elections where Watson, the Vice Chairman of the local party, was standing for election.

Phattawan (Solent News)

She said: ‘He just left. I want to find out where he is. I want him to take responsibility for the children.

‘All I know is he has gone to find his future life in Thailand.’

The couple have been married for ten years and her husband owned three properties around Basingstoke, two in nearby Brighton Hill, and one in nearby Popley.

Mr. Watson, who met his wife at the end of a her relationship with another Briton said however: “ I had to leave. There was no choice. My wife, who has become a dragon at the best of times, had made it impossible to stay. I left so she can reconsider her position.

“All she has been doing is asking for a divorce and a house and car and money. She did not want one house but two. But the money has gone and the houses are mortgaged and rented out to people on social security. At best she can get  the house she lived in which is worth £190,000 but is mortgaged for £150,000.”


He said a lot of his money had been supporting his wife in the courts. She had had several actions with a former British lover; the father of his stepdaughter. The case had not gone well, he said.

The boyfriend, whom Mr. Watson referred to as ‘The Stalker’, had won on Appeal. This had distressed his wife, he said, and she had had taken it out on him.

“It’s useless to argue with her. She won’t talk about the issues. The marriage is not over. But she needs  to think,” said Mr. Watson.

He said he did not know what had gone wrong with his marriage. But it had been fine until last August when she lost at the court case at the Appeal Court against her former British boyfriend. It was time to go, he said, police had been called to their house twice already. Once after, it is alleged, she attacked him. The second time, she called the police, after he called her a thief in a dispute over a ‘Mont Blanc’ pen.

There were also arguments about her alleged use of his credit card details on Paypal and things from the house being allegedly sold by her on E-Bay.

He said in turn would be sitting and thinking in the controversial resort of Pattaya, where he was one of the founding members of the Pattaya Expats Club and friendly with local newspaper publisher Niels Colov, from whom he was taking media advice, and ‘entrepreneur’ Drew Noyes.

An indication of the downturn of his marriage is an entry he made on Facebook during Songkran. He had been on holiday in Phuket and his wife had not enjoyed the excessive water splashing. Below is his report.

The United Kingdom Independence Party has been picking up a lot of votes recently at the expense of the Conservative led coalition government.

The party campaigns against immigration, and Britain’s membership of the European Union amongst other things. It’s candidates have also amongst other things been accused of ‘giving Nazi salutes’, ‘wearing a Jimmy Savile mask and blaming the Holocaust on the Jews’ and ‘caricaturing President Obama as a chimpanzee’.

Mr. Watson as a former leader of the Pattaya Expats Club will be well versed in political intrigue and is unworried by the recent publicity.  “Sticks and stones,” he said.

(English LanguageTip: The UKIP went into election in 2010 under the ‘Sod the lot’ banner. While ‘Sod’ comes from ‘Sodomite’, despite some criticisms of the UKIP, this was, of course,  a call to get voters to reject the other party candidates – not sodomise them.)

How the Mail ran with the story

Mr. Watson was told early today that he had lost the election to Liberal Democrat candidate Brian Gurden, but he had beaten the Labour and Conservative Opposition.

“I wantëd to win.  I would not stand if I did not.  If I had stayed for the election my wife would have caused more problems there.”

He has received the backing of his agent Phil Heath, who told the Daily Mail: ‘He is a good and honest man. Dave Watson and his family have personal problems.

‘He’s taken the decision to go before the election because it is urgent, including selling land to help out with the personal situation.

‘I always recommend to my candidates that they put family first.’

He added: ‘He will be away for a couple of weeks. If he’s renting a place for six months that may be for convenience in case he needs to go back.

‘If he needs six months to sort it out, I support him on that.’

Mr. Watson said today there was no longer any hurry to head home.

David Watson on the social circuit in Pattaya

Quote of the Week: “I was just recently talking to Drew Noyes. I told him that its only when you get exposed by Andrew Drummond you know that you have made it in Pattaya”. – David Watson.

Eeny Stannit 

And finally a follow up from the Basingstoke Gazette


  1. Anti-immigration politician with immigrant wife emigrates. They say the partner you choose is just the reflection of the inner character you conceal inside. Enter the dragon.

  2. Dave pays AD some sort of compliment bercause "expose" in the dictionary means "to make known something which is discreditable … to reveal guilt or wrongdoing". Unless Dave refers to the other meaning of "expose" – "to engage in indecent exposure". But that doesn't sound much like AD as he never wears a raincoat.

  3. He sounds like he has a good sense of humour, like his facebook comment and the Drummond one, well done.

  4. UKIP aren’t anti-immigration…they're for sensible controlled immigration and quite right they are….they're not a bunch of fruit cakes, clowns, Nazis or for that matter communists….the only people who accuse them of being racists and anti-immigration are….aha…the other stale political parties that lost out to them so spectacularly in this week in the council elections.

    1. "UKIP aren’t anti-immigration…they're for sensible controlled immigration and quite right they are"

      Too little too late and shutting the stable door are phrases which spring to mind.

      But as the European Politically Correct libertarians are quick off the mark to remind us "if it wasn't for multiculturalism Great Britain wouldn't be where it is today" and I find myself having to agree with them about that! :-))

  5. I agree 100% with 'Ally' and his comments. You should do a bit more research into UKIP Andrew before quoting the bad mouthing and propaganda from the 'usual suspects' – the political parties who have presided over the downward slide of the UK for decades and NEVER listen to the concerns of the average indiginous UK citizen.
    ALL parties have candidates who are 'less than desirable', not that I include Mr Watson in that group, though that seems to be the message of the article. I agree his quoting of Noisie is not a good sign but perhaps he doesn't know him as we do. Even if he does, he was only one UKIP candidate of MANY. I found your article a bit disappointing…

  6. The UKIP, like all parties solely founded upon protest and sentiment, has no constutuency other than among the less intelligent and thus their lack of any meaningful manifesto or doctrine, except perhaps an urge to return to an England locked into the mid 50s,is quite insignificant to many voters. Mosley had his day and I've no doubt so will Farage.
    Immigration has no material effect upon the controls and drivers of UK economics, society or how the majority would wish to disport themselves. Only about 7% of the population are not indigent and in truth most British folk live their lives without giving it a thought. The issues giving rise to UKIP's popularity among the lower end are inevitably hyped by the media and therefore engender reflex actions by politicians of all persuasions anxious to curry favour with any minority.
    UKIP has no policy save for the one that gave it its name and resolves to withdrawal from the EU, the largest trading bloc in the world and one which provides a successful market for 60% of all of Britain's manufacturing base.
    Quite why anyone with the meanest of intelligence would wish to leave such an organisation is mystifying but then the witterings of the loony minority has a rich tradition in Britain's democracy.
    If folk only stopped reading the Daily Mail et al the world would be a better place.

  7. You would make an excellent modern-day UK parliamentarian, Gerry. You obviously have no particular allegiance. Disconnection from your "less intelligent" is the whole problem. (How intelligent is that?) It makes the UKIPs, the Daily Mails and the BNPs of this world inevitable. Not that I suppose for one minute that the supposedly more intelligent are actually ever going to admit that they have been sweeping the UK's very real problems under the carpet for decades. This is a road to anarchy. (Which is perhaps precisely why you are following it.)Just be aware, however, that in that event, us less intelligent beings will owe you nothing.

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