The local obsession in Thailand with becoming as white as white can, which has now topped breast implants and flat nose eradication,  has been recently featuring a particularly tasteless advert which is causing a bit of a stir not least because of its racist connotations.

Its been kicking around so you may have seen it already.

The brown bear wants to be a white polar bear. Pity you’re not human,  says the white woman doctor, who then downs a glass of  Verena L-Gluta Berry.

Capping off the video is the doctor’s black father and family, who walk in to see how she’s getting along.

Of course racism works both ways, see below.

But  I am not sure the old Liagra advert below cannot be used in other deserving contexts other than Pattaya bar girls, realtors perhaps? Racism works in many ways, but I guess a few foreigners have been cleaned out by the ‘Pattaya Bar girls’ though, and probably the guy who posted it..

Above are links to a few stories about skin whitening creams and the advert is below

2 thoughts on “BEAR FACED RACISM

  1. Maybe it's time to further break the bounds of bad taste by noting that said doctor looks remarkably like our glorious muppet – as indeed do many of the current local advertorial actresses.

  2. It is of course a total waste of time trying to get most ordinary local femmes to look at this issue scientifically and objectively. And forget the farang tendency for something a bit less ghostly, as it is what the affluent or aspiring Thai male desires – even when he has been born to deflect a few solar rays himself. The lightening process is so extreme, that the victim then has to also add some rouge complexion to avoid being mistaken for a spook.

    Last night there was a Miss Grand Thailand World on TV, heavily sponsored by Wuttisak – that commercial haven of horribly doled up microskirted teenagers with ridiculous false eyelashes and scary white legs on stiletto stilts. I rush pass that shop, the assistants are so alien. One of the prizes was a course of cosmetic surgery. Isn't it just a bit of a contradiction – to find the best-looking women in the country and then send them off to a car customization/body repair shop? Not that you would ever expect local businessmen to understand. Looking beyond the next cheap & tacky advertising slot to some long-term quality is not what they have been brought up to do. Indeed, I half suspect that Miss Grand Thailand is a cheapskate's local alternative to Julia Morley's PR-conscious Miss World organization. It was so cheap, they couldn't even afford to give the singer a decent microphone.

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