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February 20 2012

The reaction to this appeal has been bloody fantastic. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! We’re Getting There! Full Update within 24 hours
Not surprisingly Drew Noyes, who describes himself as the most assuring and friendly American to have made Thailand his home, is now finally trying legally to gag this site and break me.

While my lawyers were at court today to present a libel case against Noyes (over his false claims against me.)  I was informed that Noyes had lodged two ’emergency’ cases against me in Pattaya the same morning.  At least that’s how my lawyer described them.

The first is a case for libel.  The second is to close down this website.  For the reasons, that these cases are in Pattaya, and because Mr. Noyes claims to be personal friends of the Mayor Ithipol Kunpleum and the Chief Justice of Chonburi, with whom, Noyes says, he is writing a book, I have to take these cases especially seriously. I do not believe however that these respectable people can be au fait with the real situation.

But a Thai citizen, Andre Machielsen, who has been trying to get Noyes in court for libel in Pattaya last year, now has been told he has to wait until November until his case can go ahead.

Andre is of course the businessman and children’s entertainer, and former close friend, who says, Noyes, publisher of the Pattaya Times, accused him of being a drug’s trafficker.

But MY cases have been listed strangely ‘for judgement’ before I have even received any writ. Can this be right?
That means someone has falsely claimed to the court that I have received a writ and was ignoring it or Noyes has advertised the writ in some newspaper I never read, which is a good wheeze.
(I am sure I would have noticed in the Pattaya Times)
It’s impossible not to find me. I am legally registered in Thailand and have to be as a foreign correspondent.
But as the courts are responsible for issuing the writs this is of some concern.
I will react to the writs when I get them.  But of course I have to fight to stop that judgment right now. And hopefully it will not be just I, but WE.
This site does not pick on innocent people as you all will know.  Noyes himself has already been written extensively about in the United States. 
The officials in Pattaya seem oblivious to this.
The allegations about him in Thailand are pretty much the same.

But they have not stopped coming.

And of course, even though Noyes took illegal steps in the first place, it was inevitable that a person who claims to own a law firm and run the third biggest English language newspaper in Thailand would eventually go down this road.

This phoney lawyer has after all been the subject of the longest running saga on this site.

I am not concerned about my facts or indeed Noyes’ wild claims about this site. We support Thailand. We support improving its image. We believe people like Noyes are damaging it.  The issue is not about Thailand, but those abusing its hospitality.

But if I am to fight on, I need everyone’s help.  The first unfortunately is cash. I need your help whatever you can give.  Somehow I have to raise 100k (Thai) almost instantly. Whatever you can give will be much appreciated. I am here for the long haul. I have done it. I will do it again.

 I do know there are many out there who can give nothing, because you have handed it over in one scam or other.

And to the victims, and all those who have written, phoned, emailed, to say they wish to testify in court, well this is your day at last – get in touch.

Thank you too again for all those who have donated to keep this site running, and also to my American friends who are picking up the minutiae of what happened in the United States before Drew Noyes hit Thailand. 

If you are unfamiliar or unsure of paypal email me, provide your phone number, and I will give you details of either a local bank, Offshore Bank, or UK one if you are British. I am a foreign correspondent. I do not keep assets in Thailand.


Pattaya Mail story: So how did he help the Bank of Thailand ‘grope’ with the crisis. He came and opened the Zebra beer bar.

I will keep you posted on all developments.
Will this be the ride of my life as he suggested in this sms to me?
 Probably not. In my career Mr. Noyes is one of the least remarkable characters. But I am getting on it.
 Meanwhile here is a short recap of some of the finer ‘Noyes’ moments on this site.
The first time I came across Drew Noyes was when he turned up as the ‘American lawyer’ representing two American pornographers in Pattaya, Michael Strouse and Tony Poer whom I was writing some very strange tales about.
Noyes actually threatened that the Board Of Investment who had given Strouse privileges for his ‘software’ company would actually sue me. It did not happen, and in fact records show he no longer has a BOI registered company.
I duly noted Noyes, made a few internet checks, and discovered his strange biographies and made a passing comment as to their credibility.
Noyes actually kicked this all off with two stories in the Pattaya Times; one story, the first of two, claiming that I was being hunted by police for articles on this blog and a second story, printed only at first, in his Pattaya Times quoting the fictitious Scottish hotelier Mangus Evans calling me a ‘wanker’.
Meanwhile, after my reference to Noyes, my emails were hot.
I later wrote up the story of Andre Machielsen’s libel case against him, which he skipped to attend a judges’ seminar.

In one of the first stories I revealed how Drew Noyes had been exposed by the Wilmington Morning Star in the United States for ‘myriad’ lies and a number of bogus business deals. I also showed how he used pictures of himself with local dignitaries to aggrandise himself, recruited Filipinos to Thailand through a dating site, and falsely claimed to be an American lawyer.
He claimed to have spent 14 years in service of the King.
Noyes reacted by creating this fake Morning Star website below. The paper has since changed its name. He also told whoever would listen that the paper had apologised and the journalist fired

On investigating the Noyes’ Mangus Evans story my follow-up became quite a hit. It revealed his links to an internet warrior called ‘Dirty Dog’ who began issuing threats against myself and family.
Noyes reaction was swift. He had his picture taken with a CSD General saying I was being hunted.
I spoke to the General’s boss. He said no. What’s more the officers quotes had been ‘made up’ in the Pattaya Times.
And then came the complaints about Noyes thick and fast. Drew Noyes was dealing in National Housing Association houses for the poor and selling to foreigners and attempting to cheat them in the process.
+ A 74-yr-old pensioner was offered his house for just 200,000 baht (but he could live in it as long as he lived)
Luckily Joe McCluskey (left) was wiley enough not to fall for the scam.
+How the Filipinas he recruited he cheated and one he made a pass at which was rejected. Then they had to find their own way home.
We further revealed how the Filipinas stuck by their stories; how one contacted her Senator, and then how Noyes threatened them in a series of emails.
Below – reply from Rose to me and then Noyes retorts

Rose, You are a piece of trash and a liar just like Andrew. Andrew will turn on you in court and your name will be given to Thailand immigration and PI Labor. Also Kung and I will name you in the next police report. Maybe you can share a jail cell with the other liar? Send this to Andrew too, you nasty piece of shit
Followed by:
Go to church and confess your lies and ask for forgiveness for what you did to hurt our business and our family. When you lie, you burn in Hell. We give you one last chance to appologize for false statements. Take the opportunity, or prepare to defend your actions.

+How Noyes convinced foreigners to put their houses in his wife’s name rather than their own wives, or a company – and the losses they made. And how he reacted to one who complained.
Noyes to Stuart Furstman:

+How the ‘Pattaya Times’ consisted of articles lifted (in most cases stolen) from the net, to support his ‘news’ which invariably evolved around his business.
And of course this week 
+ How a native American Indian was conned into handing over 1 million baht for a share of the Pattaya Times, to discover of course that he had nothing.
Andrew Drummond has been a journalist and documentary maker for 34 years, having worked for the Reading Newspapers, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, News of the World (long before the newspaper turned) Mail on Sunday, Observer and Times.
Drew Walter Noyes, has umpteen versions of his own biography on the net.